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Comment Re:whose fraud??? (Score 4, Insightful) 158

Although I doubt the $500m figure on a competitive bid or such pricing basis, at least they are not quoting billions and trillions....

The figures given are meaningless as there's no way to actually know, they're chosen for propaganda value.

They're going after Kim & co. because they have fewer millions to fight back with and fewer US politicians paid off than YouTube/Google who host far more copyright-violating content than Megaupload. As we've seen demonstrated over and over again, if you've got the money and connections you can get away with anything in the US, the Rule of Law means squat.


Comment Re:1984 is not a utopia (Score 1) 94

Google -> My Account -> Go to Activity Controls -> Voice & Audio Activity -> Manage Activity

If you have it turned off (PAUSE), then you should have nothing listed (I hope). If you turn it on, you'll start accumulating data there and you can delete stuff. What happens is it normally wants to note activity of you using the "OK Google" service, but it will log a lot of false positives.

I find bits of conversations with wife, meetings at work, other people at the bar, and more. Theoretically I had to agree to turn this on, but I don't remember doing it, I thought it worked on my phone out-of-the-box, but maybe I did turn it on and didn't realize the implication?

At this point I have to trust Google that when I delete things that they actually delete all copies of it.

Comment Re:Just another mindless attack (Score 1) 497

What they forget is no one cares what phone Trump uses to tweet from. As long as he has a second phone to keep the classified stuff secure, who cares if he also keeps his personal phone?

FWIW there are document preservation laws he needs to comply with, too.

I know I'll get modded down for being honest here, but I don't care.

"FWIW" is no worth at all. The document preservation laws you mention concern official papers, communications, etc. They do not cover non-government-related, non-classified/non-TS public statements and commentary published openly on a public website. Trump could have 100 phones, tablets, etc etc and post all over the 'net and not be breaking any laws or security protocols.

You lot on the left suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome are just being pathetically disingenuous and disgustingly dishonest and hypocritical with your Alinsky-ite 'accuse your enemies of exactly what you, yourself do' tactics. It's no wonder people are abandoning the left/Democrats in droves. They can't stand the smell any longer.

But hey, that's what got Trump elected! Keep it up! You'll gift the conservatives control of all 3 federal branches and the entire federal government along with the public's backing to repeal/abolish every leftist initiative instituted in the last 60 years! Good times!

For those who claim to be anti-gun, you sure love your high-caliber, fully-automatic footguns, LOL!


Comment Re:that's it. the end game. (Score 2) 378

Instead of an income tax, it could be an operate tax. $0.10 per hour of operation. So little that manufactures might agree to it, but since you'd likely want to operate your robots around the clock that's about $16/week. Not enough to support any poor old ladies, but these sorts of social programs aren't usually setup to depend on a single source of tax revenue.

That said, if I had a business and money to spend on lobbyist I wouldn't let the government place taxes on using my own property.

Submission + - McDonald's Re-Engineers Straw Using Fibonacci Formula To Let You Enjoy Shamrock (

schwit1 writes:

According to the company, the straw will have to deliver the chocolate and mint flavor in equal ratio whenever you take a sip. It appears that the traditional straw is incapable of such feat, so JACE and NK Labs were brought in.

"It was a puzzling assignment but one with an ambitious goal," Seth Newburg, principal engineer and managing partner at NK Labs, stated. "From a physics perspective, it's actually quite difficult to deliver a proportional amount of both chocolate and mint flavors with each sip."

The engineers were able to develop the Suction Tube for Reverse Axial Withdrawal (the STRAW), which is claimed to be capable of showcasing the marvel of fluid dynamics. It is a J-shaped affair that was built with the help of the Fibonacci sequence, an integer sequence attributed to the mathematical genius Leonardo Fibonacci.

Don't get too excited McDonalds ordered only 2,000 of the STRAWs. "Mathematics is the language of nature."

Comment Re:1984 is not a utopia (Score 1) 94

Other than Amazon, Google, individuals that have compromised your laptop, computer, phone or voice actived IoT device? Probably not the government, unless you've done something to get on their radar.

Google is at least nice enough to let you view the logs of everything they've recorded. And currently you can delete them, until the terms of service change.

A lot of privacy laws in the world, including many states in the US, apply primarily to government agencies. While laws usually aren't nearly as strict for individuals or private business. As we continue to see a consumer protections fall away, we'll also see less privacy protection.

If anything is magical, it's that you think there will be more protection going forward.

Comment Re:How to get 8 years of Trump (Score 0) 905

I think we should get Ivanka for 2024

Nice, but I think Melania would be even better, with 'the Donald' as 'first husband', LOL! There would be blood shooting from eyes on the left!

The left might even vote for her since she has a woman card.

Not a chance...the left only honors the 'woman card' when it's being used against opponents. Conservative women are not really 'women' to the left and it's fine to treat them in ways they'd scream about if it were one of their women instead. They don't even consider any possibility they might be wrong, it's a totally foreign concept for them. They view anyone who has different opinions as stupid and/or evil, and so that just reinforces the notion that opposing ideas aren't even worth listening to, and they reason since they are facing evil and/or the irredeemably stupid, the ends justify the means.

It's a dangerous and contagious ideological psychosis that spreads among those ignorant of history and/or indoctrinated by the authority figures in their upbringing and education which has killed uncountable millions around the world.


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