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Comment Re:No sex between rulemakers. (Score 1) 126

I mean if there is a sexual assault, then there would be illegal activity and the victim is likely to try to sue them.

I know it seems a bit silly in some ways, but because the app helps people arrange car pooling and has a reputation and vetting system in it, lawyers will try.

Also, they probably don't want to put people who don't want to go on "dates" with random strangers off using their service.

Submission + - 1 Patient, 7 Tumors and 100 Billion Cells Equal 1 Striking Recovery (

schwit1 writes: The remarkable recovery of a woman with advanced colon cancer, after treatment with cells from her own immune system, may lead to new options for thousands of other patients with colon or pancreatic cancer, researchers are reporting. Her treatment was the first to successfully target a common cancer mutation that scientists have tried to attack for decades. Until now, that mutation has been bulletproof, so resistant to every attempt at treatment that scientists have described it as ‘undruggable.'

Comment Re:sorry, it's not that simple (Score 2) 345

Greenie here. We need fusion and should develop it. What I object to is it being used as an excuse to delay transitioning to clean energy. Eventually it will work and be great for special applications like spacecraft and some kind of role on the electrical grid, but realistically even if we had a working design today most of the world wouldn't be able to build and operate it, not to mention the yet to be determined cost.

There are similar safety issues to fission, mostly to do with managing and storing waste, but they are lessened by the fact that you don't need a limitless supply of water and can thus build the plant in a safer location. Still needs massive regulation and oversight of course.

Comment Re:Enforcing rights (Score 1) 101

No, the issue is not even free speech really, it's that everyone should have access to some kind of platform in healthy democracy.

Even publicly owned spaces usually have limits on behaviour and speech, which are necessary for everyone to enjoy them. Even if you could day what you liked in any public space, you wouldn't because freedom of speech is not freedom from consequences.

Fortunately there are places like 8chan where pretty much anything goes. You might be frustrated that the most popular platforms don't allow your particular speech (although Twitter will tolerate pretty much anything other than harassment and child pornography) but you are not being silenced. Also remember that no one has to listen to you either.

Submission + - Google Global Cache coming to Cuba

lpress writes: The Associated Press reports that on Monday Eric Schmidt will be in Havana to sign a deal bringing Google Global Cache to Cuba. This will be a win for the Cuban people, Google and the Obama administration.

Comment Re:She won (Score 1) 498

The real problem is winner-takes-all politics. Half the people who voted didn't want Trump or his policies, but the other half gets to dictate for the next four years. Same with Brexit, 48% of people voted to stay in the EU, but some of the 52% of voted to leave seem to think that they have the right to force a "hard" exit.

It's pretty bad in both cases, because the normal balances that ensure everyone has a say and some kind of consensus is reached have failed. The Republicans control both houses and soon the Supreme Court. The Tories dominate UK politics.

Comment Re: She won (Score 0) 498

I honestly can't tell which side you are talking about now. Conservatives have started a list of professors that hurt their feelings recently, and often demand others be silenced so that they can speak free from consequences. They like to put restrictions on other people, especially other people's bodies.

Republican policies have made US healthcare some of the most expensive in the world... Is that what you were referring to?

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