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Comment Twitter and Scala (Score 5, Informative) 245

Quote "I can't answer that, but I did attend lately a session by Raffi Krikorian, who was VP Platform Engineering at Twitter and one of the people responsible for introducing scala at Twitter.

He was asked about scala, and said that if he would have to choose again today, he's not sure he would go with scala.

The argument was that scala introduces a big learning curve for new developers. Because of its complicated language features it can become hard to read. So at Twitter they are trying to not overuse the complexities of the language, so the main benefit they get from it are lambdas. Which is now basically available with Java 8. So the overhead of developer training might not be worth the benefit."

Comment Re:So why use these large cloud services? (Score 1) 161

I was working with a customer today that was using opsworks to provision into us-west-2, and it was failing as well. Did the issue show up on the dashboard? Nope. Were they impacted in a DIFFERENT zone than what had the issue? Yep. As much as they would like to say, there were issues across the board as a result of the dependency on us-east-1.

Comment Re:TFA inaccurrate (Score 1) 198

I think you are correct, although the real looser here is Azure customers. In AWS, they now recognize the hyperthreading factor, which is offset by removing the cpu scaling factor. For Azure, they see the cores as full cores, and still remove the scaling factor, so I believe it is Azure customers using Oracle that will see a doubling of license, not most AWS instances. If you happen to use one of the few instance types in AWS that doesn't use hyperthreading (which I can't even find documented), you will be shafted as well. The wording of these license documents are very vague, and the new document should include some specific examples to clarify the use of this, using real instance sizes. The fact that they don't IMHO is on purpose, to spread confusion.

Comment Re:there is such a thing... (Score 1) 133

The tyranny of choice. Even with Maven, trying to find the right package to use can be a pain. Want to find a generic serializer that works better than the built-in serializer? That will be half a day of searching, testing and validating (for anybody who cares, I chose fst). Fewer libraries of better quality make more sense. In Java, you have libs such as the Apache Commons and Google Guava libraries that cover a huge swath of functions, which I suspect in node.js is covered by tens of thousands of packages, often with duplicate functionality.

Comment Re:Source of information is questionable (Score 1) 560

I was keeping my personal belief vs. what you can take from this study separate. If it quacks like a duck, and all that, but if nobody else has looked at this, it IS POSSIBLE that he has found something medically interesting. We don't even know the ramifications of this result either, even if blood-flow is lower, could it be because the people are more relaxed, and that it is a perfectly normal level for people? That said, my personal opinion is that this is bogus.

Comment Source of information is questionable (Score 5, Informative) 560

The Amen clinics have been accused of using questionable techniques ( and others, just google for information on them). This isn't to say that the data isn't true, but this result hasn't been confirmed by replication of the results by other researchers or more accurate scanning methods.

Comment Re:happened to me (Score 1) 145

On a related note, there is the infamous (in narrow circles) issue of the serial consoles on old Unix systems. Many had an option to "press any key for boot menu" on the serial console. The problem was that the serial consoles would get enough static interference to occasionally detect a character while this option was available, and it would halt the boot process. On a datacenter reboot (usually due to power loss), a handful of servers would never come up because of this. It was far more reliable to require a particular character to be received to break the boot sequence, although there is a risk that even that could be triggered, but FAR less often.

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