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Comment Re:if everyone is using off peak hours (Score 3, Insightful) 331

You're exactly right ... the power used by businesses far exceeds the amount used by even busy households. Corporate ACs in 20 story buildings use far more electricity than people running appliances at night in their homes. Peak will remain peak, and even in the worst case, 'smart' enough grids should be able to distribute the load across the 'down' cycle, instead of everything running at 2am on the dot.

Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 1) 162

Meh. 15k drives, multi drive arrays, there's no reason to overclock CPUs anymore, and there's no reason to overclock hard drives. More cores scales better than overclocking, and more spindles scales WAY better than overclocking.

Orgrimmar:DATA admin$ df -h | grep disk7
/dev/disk7 18Ti 238Gi 18Ti 2% /Volumes/DATA
Orgrimmar:DATA admin$ date ; dd if=/dev/zero of=test.bin bs=16k count=10240000 && du -sh test.bin && dd if=test.bin of=/dev/null bs=32m ; date
Thu Jun 30 22:47:45 PDT 2011
10240000+0 records in
10240000+0 records out
167772160000 bytes transferred in 240.477549 secs (697662466 bytes/sec)
156G test.bin
5000+0 records in
5000+0 records out
167772160000 bytes transferred in 139.259221 secs (1204747226 bytes/sec)
Thu Jun 30 22:54:06 PDT 2011

Server has 8G ram, so some of that may be in cache, but certainly not all of it. Extrapolate as needed.

Comment Re:I want my mp3 player to play music (Score 4, Insightful) 351

You may not be the intended audience. If you have to carry a bare bones phone because (for example) you have one provided by an employer, or you cant have a camera (security reasons), or you don't want to upgrade and lose your ancient awesome phone plan, carrying an mp3 player that also doubles as a browser / calendar / email client / GPS / everything else is convenient and awesome.

If you just want it to play music, it's way too expensive and a waste of money.

Remember: not everyone just wants music.


Replacements For Adobe Creative Suite 3 Apps? 270

Gilmoure writes "With rumors of Adobe not supporting Creative Suite 3 applications on Mac OS X 10.6, I was wondering what Open Source apps folks would recommend to replace Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Dreamweaver? If the apps can work with the native file formats, all the better but if they provide the same functionality, that's still good. I have several designer friends that are looking forward to the speed boost of OS X 10.6 but don't want to go through the Adobe upgrades so soon after the CS2 to CS3 upgrades. Especially when Adobe's already working on CS5."

Submission + - Largest Heat Shield Ever Built for next Mars Probe

Embroidered Patches writes: "Curiosity, the next Mars rover from Mars Science Laboratory, will be equipped with the largest heat shield ever built for flight to Mars. Measuring 4.5m wide, the heat shield is not only larger than that used by the last rover, but is larger than the shield used by NASA's Apollo spacecraft. The article at Space.com describes the 3800 degree Fahrenheit environment the shield will encounter as it descends to the surface of the red planet."

Comment Re:Cue the other subjects (Score 2, Interesting) 677

Personally, I put the blame less on fundamentalists and more on decreasing importance of education in the home.

There are dozens of examples (single mothers with multiple jobs and multiple kids who just don't have time to parent, illegal immigrants raising kids that accept no-skill jobs as manual labor as sufficient for a lifetime instead of working to get an education and work in a skilled field), but the basic problem is that kids don't believe that they need a real education to live.

Comment Re:That's a nice budget you got there (Score 4, Insightful) 418

4 coders ignores the fun parts defining requirements, assigning tasks, testing, QA, regression testing, all the fun things that the first group neglected that caused it to be unfinished.

Sometimes youngsters look at a task and go "That's easy, I could totally do that in 2-3 months". Then there are people who have done it who stand back and laugh at them for being naive.

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