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Comment Re:I'm Optimistic (Score 1) 816

Best thing about this: The Holiday Special is going to eventually be released now on DVD, then in a 'Special Edition'. Disney can also blackmail Ford into appearing in the reboot - "What's that, Mr. Ford? You're not interested in appearing? Very well. As an alternative, would you like to team up with Bruce Vilanch to provide commentary on the Special Edition?"

Comment Re:€ (euro) (Score 1) 868

I'm working on a payroll globalization project for Very Large Company. One reason employees want the option of cheques is to receive bonus/special payouts that they don't have to disclose to their significant other.

Cheques will be around for some years to come. Many of us will live to see their eventual elimination on 'security' grounds, though.


World of Goo Creators Try Pick-Your-Price Experiment 216

2D Boy, the independent game studio behind World of Goo, recently celebrated the game's one-year anniversary by offering it at whatever price buyers cared to pay. They've now released some sales statistics about how people responded to the opportunity. The average price during the sale was $2.03; the game normally retails for $20. According to a survey of why people paid what they did, 22.4% said it was all they could afford at the time, and 12.4% said they already owned World of Goo and were buying it for a different platform. (Yes, there is a Linux version.) Over 57,000 people took advantage of the offer, which was enough for 2D Boy to term it "a huge success." Interestingly, they also saw a significant increase in sales through Steam, and a smaller increase through Wiiware. They've decided to extend the experiment until October 25th.

Comment Odometer reading will not work... (Score 1) 792

At least for a state gas tax. You can't read the odometer and determine what percent of your driving day was in Oregon versus Washington state. Therefore a mileage tax wouldn't work.

They've been pushing for this in Oregon for a while now. As I understand it, the GPS unit isn't a black box, and a lot of time has been put into privacy concerns. I think one solution had it being read at the pump, and then immediately deleting its contents after being read. Very limited range transmission, it only recorded miles/location, and the location was just 'oregon' or 'not oregon'.

However, for a Federal gas tax, I have no idea why'd they'd want to implement GPS. Odometer reading would work just fine. Just have a tax applied to your tag renewal each year based on miles driven.

Either way, I hope they still have some differences in tax amounts based on vehicle size and weight. I shouldn't have to pay as much as a Semi Truck.

Comment Re:toposhaba (Score 1) 792

This is what we do for sales tax, and it seems to work just fine -- there are many cases where sales tax might not apply, and it's up to the purchaser to have the appropriate paperwork to avoid being charged. There are methods both to certify and exemption in an attempt to avoid being charged, and to obtain a refund in the case that tax was improperly collected.

It's also more or less the same system we have for income tax; the IRS assumes that all of your income is subject to taxation unless you provide specific evidence to the contrary.

I'm not saying it would be fun, but it's a pretty standard way to collect taxes -- assume everything is taxable and let individual taxpayers try to justify the reason that some of their activities should not be taxable.

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