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Comment Re:Most "automation" isn't, just like this. (Score 2) 322

The quality of care that is _available_ in the US is the highest in the world.

The quality and outcomes of care for rare cancers and other rare diseases is higher in the US. But our quality of care for regular stuff, like 95%+, is no different than single payer countries. And in fact, for many outcomes, we are lower than other countries.

Comment Re:I'm totally shocked... (Score 1) 606

Essentially, a minimum wage increase is a wage decrease for everyone else.

Instead of a thought experiment that sounds correct in your head, why don't you look at cities and countries that have raised the minimum wage higher and look at what happened? In every case I've come across, none of what you said happens. Often the exact opposite.

Comment Re:Translation (Score 1) 360

That really picks and chooses carefully to make him seem more consistent. The Daily show and lots of others have made similar videos where Trump is literally saying the exact opposite on dozens of issues.

And he was a registered democrat from 1990'ish to 2000'ish. I forget the exact years, but he's switched from Repub to Dem, back to Repub, as well as praised Hillary as an excellent choice for President during the 2008 primaries.

It was right after Obama got elected that he started becoming conservative (in his latest incarnation of it), talking about the birth certificate and all the crazy stuff. It was obviously to build 'street cred' with the conservative primary voters.

Comment Re:Translation (Score 1) 360

This is an extremely poor time to cast a protest type vote. The supreme court has one vacant position right now, and likely 2-3 more coming up soon.

Trump has already mentioned some names of possible nominees. They are very conservative, and likely to be approved if the house and senate remain in Republican control. And given it is a lifetime appointment, a vote for Trump is a vote to swing the supreme court hard right for 30-50 years.

So just be aware of what you are voting for when you vote for Trump. It isn't a powerless position at all. Executive orders alone are very powerful. And the timing of this election will shape our country's legal system for decades.

Comment Re: The DNC overlords always get their way (Score 1) 644

Uh, no.

Dems controlled House & Senate for first two years

People like to say that, and it is technically true. But technically true did not amount to complete freedom to pass any liberal law they wanted. Ever heard the term blue dog democrat? Or just one guy named Joe Lieberman?

That blue dogs and lieberman are why single payer healthcare wasn't even on the table to begin with.

Comment Re:Gary Johnson it is, then (Score 1) 644

No, he's voting for the candidate he feels best represents his views. Which is precisely what we should all do, no matter which candidate that is.

That is a nice ideal, but it is really a bad idea when 2-3 supreme court seats might be available in 4 years (one right now of course). Wait until scotus gets restocked with younger judges, then protest vote all you want.

Comment Re:Gary Johnson it is, then (Score 1) 644

This is a really bad time to protest vote. There is one vacant supreme court nomination, and possible 2-3 more up within 4-8 years.

That means if you get someone like Trump in office, the supreme court might be extremely far right wing conservative for the next 30-50 years.... Trump already released lists of judges he thinks might be good, and it is horrifying.

Comment Re:Headline is misleading and a little clickbaity (Score 1) 474

I bet we would have a lot less CEOs who only think about quarterly profits, and jump ship every few years because they get multi-million dollar bonuses, if they made 2-5x what a worker makes instead of 200-500x.

A CEO would be a lot more responsive to the lives of everyday workers if he/she were closer on the economic rung to them and a lot more likely to be invested in the company long term.

Comment Re:I Know Where The 22,000 Went! (Score 1) 474

"Why is it society's responsibility to teach you job skills?"

It is better for you , if all your neighbors are highly educated and highly productive. It is better for you, if the society you live in is highly educated and highly productive.

By pretty much any metric (less crime, less need for gov. assistance, etc..) you want to use, your quality of life, your finances, etc.., will all be improved if you live in a country with a high level of education and production.

So while it might not be society's job to teach someone, it certainly is in society's best interest. Education should be free for anyone willing to do the work. And tax payers should fund it, because it is in their own self-interest to do so.

Comment Re:Folks, have your license and registration ready (Score 1) 293

No matter what the cop tells you to do, COMPLY, even if you don't think the cop is acting lawfully.

I was just thinking about that an hour ago. Comply now, sue later. Simple. And I would assume if you were a race that is often targeted by police, 'comply now, sue later' would be burned into your brain.

But it seems to me that the people who are not complying, are not rational people. This could be due to a mental illness or other factors beyond their control. At that point, the cop's training is the only thing standing between a harmless encounter and a deadly encounter.

And it is pretty clear that officers need more training dealing with the mentally ill. A guilty pleasure of mine is watching that show 'cops'. I think I lose brain cells watching it... but I do. It is so clear to me that tons of suspects are mentally ill, and the officer is treating them as if their brain is functioning properly. A lot of the time, it almost appears as if the officers are getting enjoyment from running mental laps around the suspects logic. "Why'd you run?", "I was scared". "you know you shouldn't be scared of the cops right?", "but I was scared". "Well now you've got a bunch of extra charges, so that was silly of you, next time don't run", silence. (Yeah, and I know 90% of the time people run it is to get rid of evidence.. I'm referring to the 10%).

Comment Re:It is Their Site (Score 1) 293

Why can Facebook decide to pull a video but a baker can't decide not to bake a cake?

Usually it's not the baking that's the issue, it's the delivery... But you have a good point..

If Facebook was pulling videos based upon the poster's expressed sexual preference he might have a good point. But as far as I can tell, they don't, so he doesn't.

A more correct answer is that certain things in our society get 'extra' protection, by law. Race, religion, speech, sex, and in some states, sexual orientation. Sexual orientation is not full protected at a federal level like race/religion, so it can be confusing when determining if what someone is doing is illegal or just being a jerk.

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