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Comment Re: The other campaign (Score 1) 445

It's completely possible. We'll almost certainly see either the House or Senate flip to D in 2018, the extent to which it does so depends a lot on how much different President Trump is from Candidate Trump.

Assuming the general public is as sympathetic to the Progressive cause (it isn't) we could easily see a huge groundswell of Dem support in the coming years. Even more Dem's if the Electoral College is neutered (e.g., with the proportionality movement in the States), as we would likely see candidates campaign mainly in the population centers simply due to the cost effectiveness of doing so.

I, for one, can't wait for the situation to develop where your vote only matters if you're in one of the major Swing Cities. This is clearly better than having swing States because reasons.

Comment Re:Sequestering (Score 1) 186

This presupposes that we have transitioned to renewable energy, and that extra energy for such endeavourers is available. It looks like we're on the road to doing that - a theoretical factory getting its power from solar panels could make more panels than it needs for replacement, and there's a lot of opportunity for rooftop solar and panels in other places.

Assuming we can afford some extra solar panels and that we have reasonable automation, could pumping excess plant matter back into the ground help?

Unless you use renewable energy to make the biochar. You know, like what this thread is about.

Comment Re:The other campaign (Score 1) 445

It's only going to bolster the arguments against the Electoral College so we can have an electoral system that favors the urban vote instead of the rural vote. Hello permanent Democrat majority. Unless of course the Republicans decide they want to pander to the urban voter too, I suppose with Trump as president anything can happen.

Comment Re: The other campaign (Score 1) 445

Yeah, well the Progressive wing is gearing up to kick start a left-wing version of the Tea Party. They're already trying to get Progressives put into positions at the DNC, and will have exactly the same devastating effect on party unity that the Tea Party had.

They've astroturf ready, I've little doubt charming fellows like Soros will be dumping funds into these groups. I personally can't wait. Don't especially care if they win or lose, but watching the wingnuts try to take over will be interesting indeed.

Comment Re:What does Cyanogenmod still offer? (Score 1) 49

That idea sounds great, but it doesn't work with the current paradigm of "It's our phone, you're just paying us for the privilege of using it."

That's the most toxic aspect of the current mobile device environment. Doesn't even matter if you buy the phone outright, many carriers/handset makers choose to use permanently locked bootloaders or otherwise obfuscate the process of installing a custom ROM.

Add to that every device has wildly different drivers/hardware supported only by the handset makers themselves and you have a very unfriendly environment indeed for custom ROMs. Half of your phones whizz-bang fancy features might not work in CM because they're mostly implemented by the stock ROM. The camera in my LG G3 is garbage in CM, all the fancy features are in stock and the stock ROM is fucking awful.

Comment Re:My state/county can barely afford asphalt (Score 1) 168

The claim isn't that advertisement doesn't work at all, it's that as the amount of advertisements goes up, the efficacy of advertisements go down. Presumably there will be a point where there will be advertisements on every possible surface that people ignore completely.

It's kind of an arms race. Marketing companies say "Oh no, our advertisements aren't as effective as they used to be. Better add more."

Comment Re:Interesting tactic (Score 1) 93

In Trump's case it's less bad publicity than incessant media smear campaigns. That aren't working. You can almost see the fear in the eyes of the pundit class as Trump continues to win despite their best efforts, proving that their ability to define reality is wearing thin, that their role of king makers is coming to an end.

Comment Re:Right (Score 1) 34

If they did it's because they know the US is the one doing the spying. Nothing short of the complete dissolution of the entire US government will stop the Espionage Industrial Complex now, they've got their hooks in deep and with the Big Data fetish in Sillicon Valley there's no shortage of new opportunities to gather more and more data.

Comment Re:..but for the US government (Score 1) 34

Why do you think they're pushing it? You think FaceBook gives a shit about government surveillance? They're one of the biggest parts of the espionage industrial complex, after Google of course. This FaceBook basic shit is all about outsourcing foreign data collection to the individuals so the US spy industry doesn't have to work as hard.

Comment Re:Of course (Score 1) 34

Yeah, that's why FaceBook is working with the US security apparatus to push this shit in all these countries. It will give them prime and easy access to all that juicy foreign data. Obviously they wouldn't want the local governments to get at the data, it's not for them, it's for the US espionage industrial complex.

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