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Comment Oh FFS (Score 4, Insightful) 360

My daughter purchased the new jackless iPhone. The misplacing of the adapter for a non-bluetooth pair of headphones has been occurring on a semi-regular basis. Its a terrible design decision. Not everyone wants to also charge their bluetooth headphones. Now, if they introduce a line of bt headphones that cost 20 bucks and don't suck we might be getting somewhere. Or at least include them instead of making it an upcharge.

Comment Makes sense (Score 1) 532

I am actually in this boat right now. Although it lists 45% developing for IOS, I need a dev platform I can target both Android and IOS on. I mean, sure I could scrape together a hackintosh, but its just so much easier to drop 400 bucks or so and grab a mac mini. Its unix, I can install homebrew, its fine.

Comment Re: Because It's the Only Thing That Actually Work (Score 1) 290

Um, that's the whole point of non-SAC mission aircraft honestly, either Navy or Airforce. Once you've eliminated the few hard targets or someone's laughable air force, you are supporting the boots on the ground. If you are an air marshal and bitching about some Army or Marine butterbar "bossing" you around on the radio, you shouldn't be an air marshal.

Comment Re: illegal autonomous cars? (Score 1) 398

Elon Musk must not fit into the correct mold for the new American Entrepreneur, which is odd considering he plays the political donations game like every other American billionaire. I personally cannot afford one of his cars, but if I was able to I can't imagine anything in that price range I'd rather buy. I'm just not much of an early adopter these days.

Comment Re:Yawn... (Score 1) 226

Interesting articles, and thanks for posting them, but I wonder about this from the OP article: “From the beginning I offered simple solutions,” Assange said. “Come to the embassy to take my statement or promise not to send me to the United States. This Swedish official refused both. She even refused a written statement This is beyond incompetence.”

If this is true, you do have to wonder. If Sweden is notorious for not extraditing on espionage, how hard would it be to give written assurance that it was only a rape investigation and under no circumstances would he be extradited anywhere?

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