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Comment Re:Effective solution (Score 1) 11

In most colleges computer science classes. The first hour you can normally get a print out of text. An input that save the variable. Then prints the variable. Most of the class is just figuring out the ide, or getting the syntax right.
You won't get into if conditional and loops and mathematical processing until hour 3 or so.

Then you get into nesting. That is where students who didn't have any coding experience struggle for the first time.
1 hour is a joke. Back in my days where schools had 8 bit computers we were taught how to code in elementary. As coding was an important aspect in computer literacy. Then when Windows 95 came out the computer training got really stupid and just showed how to use Office.

I know the government wants to make coding the next blue collar job but it takes a lot of knowledge and practice to perfect the craft.

Comment Re:American fasting diet? (Score 1) 62

The daily recommendations for caloric intake is 2000 calories. This is for average person who probably doesn't exist. But still it is a good baseline.
1000 calories is a fasting condition for many people as it is usually the amount of calories you burn all day just surviving. If you actually get out of bed and do stuff you will burn more calories. At the gym for an hour work out I can burn about 900-1300 calories.
The thing is you probably eat more then you think. Unless you measure every item you eat and record its calories. You are probably eating more calories then you think due to having bigger portions adding additional sides, that snak you may have during the day. You may still be slim but chances are you are taking in over 1000 calories.

Sure a person can survive for a long time on 1000 calories but the body is on starvation mode so it will try to limit your activity to prevent you from burning good body parts.

Comment Re:pointless (Score 1) 119

If you like it. If you can use the feature immediately even with old content and if it won't create a compatibility war. Go ahead and get it if you can afford it and you think it is worth the price.
Asking if one should get a luxury item will just get a bunch of no from people who didn't get it and a few yes from the ones who did.
At this moment curved screens, 4/5k displays, uber video cards.... are luxury items that most can do without but we all want to splurge on something nice if we can.

Comment Re:Only? (Score 0) 135

Japan's problem is their inability to let the failures go down in flames and fail for the good of the rest of the economy and of the society.

Japan is the place were you go to when you want to get funny money for trading/shorting, that's the place you go to borrow Yen to do all this insane trading. Japan is the place of the suicide economic policy, the kamikaze of policies (the one that USA is also following), the policy destroying the currency for the purpose of bailing out horrible failures just to keep them going due to political expediency and not due to any form of sound economics at all.

This in turn leads to economic stagnation, falling birth rates, depression, etc. All the good stuff that the central bankers together with the government love to give its people.

Comment Re:installed by a contract third-party IT speciali (Score 2) 34

As an independent IT specialist myself, you can't believe the boneheaded clients that will either demand an uncomplicated "no password" policy, fail to follow directions or too cheap to update or go in and make these type of setting themselves after the fact.

Could easily be that the IT contractor set it up for a particular IP range and then the customer wanted to do something from home or allow remote workers, saw the bill and said "removing this line makes it work", became the office IT fixer and then at their next employee review "I saved the company $15000/year in consulting cost".

There are plenty of idiots in IT, but the cheap-skate know-it-all customers are way worse. I think computers and "IoT" devices should go back to defaulting to a command prompt only accessible by serial cable or local terminal and bring nothing online unless explicitly configured.

Comment Re:Well yeah (Score 1) 320

That's actually a good argument for the Universal Basic Income. No punishment for seeking independent income, no way to cheat for it since every citizen is entitled to it.

Part of the depression of government dependence is probably related to various bureaucrats lording it over you and the knowledge that if you manage to make a bit of money independently, you could lose all support and end up on the street.

Comment Re:Well yeah (Score 2) 320

That's why we need a safety net that makes it more or less OK if robots take your job.

Don't forget that they can even indirectly take your job or at least cut into your pay. Imagine if robots take 25% of the jobs out there. Some small fraction of those people will then be applying for your job, and they'll probably be cheaper than you.

Comment Re:Call me crazy... (Score 1) 79

Apparently that's part of the solution here. That's why the specs aren't bigger.

Personally, I could use a bit more storage, but it seems fine as-is. I don't need a phone that can do CFD in the background, I just need it to communicate. Voice, text, email, some light web browsing, and an SSH client. It should be fine for that.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 240

If your statement applies to a 27 year old man, it applies to an 80 year old woman. Both in this scenario would have bought a self-driving car from an auto manufacturer. I chose her as an example to highlight for you the absurdity of expecting the end user to have the engineering expertise necessary to be liable for not choosing their mass market self-driving car carefully enough.

But if you prefer, what failure of expertise might a 22 year old liberal arts major show in choosing a m,ass market autonomous vehicle would attract liability for an engineering failure?

Perhaps the real reason you're upset is that your argument hinged on an unreasonable expectation of the consumer's engineering knowledge.

As for your comment about DRIVER error, that would be the autonomous system designed by the auto maker. It would not be the person who punched in the address of the university and pressed go before cramming in an extra 30 minutes of studying for the exam.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 4, Insightful) 240

In general, liability goes to the entity that could and should have done a better job avoiding the incident. So tell me, if an autonomous vehicle crashes, who could have done a better job avoiding that, the manufacturer that marketed the car as safe and their development team, or the 80 year old lady who bought the autonomous vehicle because she was no longer allowed to drive? What is it that you think the lady could and should have done better but failed at to attract a portion of the liability?

Comment Re: The US ranks with Mexico? (Score 0, Insightful) 99

Nah, it's because the rich don't want to pay Americans what they're worth. They'd rather import illegals to work for $5/hour cash and ignore the labor laws, safety laws, overtime laws, etc. It's pure selfishness as well as disgust at the vile deplorable American people. It ain't ordinary folks who benefit from illegals.

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