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Comment Re:This is why i didn't buy day 1 (Score 1) 62

Back in the day, we rarely had these problems with first day console released hardware. And when we had them, it was using bleeding edge technology (original Gameboy LCD screen recall). Where the hard break from this trend ended and began was after the 5th generation and beginning of the 6th generation consoles. It continues to this day. Software follows a similar pattern, but more egregious with the advent of the Internet; with the idea it can be patched later with quick delivery. In fact, auto-update is now expected in apps. But there's no excuse for sloppy electronic engineering and manufacturing; not in the year 2017 FFS!!!

Comment Re:Support the Union (Score 1) 104

Wait, you are comparing a situation with some government wanting to steal from a company to a situation involving 2 private sides (employees and the employer)? I guess you don't see any difference but it does exist. It is not 'US workers', it is AT&T employees and it is a private contract issue, not a case of racketeering.

Submission + - Quicken Bill Pay is No Longer Safe to Use (

Bruce Perens writes: I don't usually make security calls, but when a company makes egregious and really clueless security mistakes, it's often the case that the only way to attract their attention and get the issue fixed is to publicize it. This one is with Quicken Bill Pay, a product of Metavante (not Intuit). It's from personal observation rather than an expert witness case, and the company has been unresponsive through their customer support channel.

Comment Re:Support the Union (Score 1) 104

Wrong. The main reason for the trade deficits is not that the USA 'controls' the reserve currency but the inability of the USA manufacturing to produce enough either to cover USA consumption or to pay for it with a balanced trade. USA is in enormous debt because the world subsidises its consumption. Reserve currency does not prevent the need to pay for consumption, that is just a silly excuse that will cost USA its entire economy.

Comment Re:Support the Union (Score 2) 104

If any of what you are selling had any merit China would have been worse off today than it was 40 years ago, the people there would have still been poorer than dirt. What you are selling is garbage though, collectivist garbage, which is why China brought hundreds of millions out of complete poverty by drastically reducing collectivism, not by growing it. USA is on a completely wrong path, has been on it for over a 100 year stretch now, it is a path of diseased collectivism and it is murdering, slaughtering USA economy.

Comment Re:Support the Union (Score 0) 104

Actually every single person that is not tied to the government in USA is suffering and it has nothing to do with 'corporate greed', it has to do with the collectivism (same type of collectivism that spawned the disease that are unions). If there were or there are any productivity gains in the USA (real productivity as opposed to inflation caused by the governments living on borrowed - actually on stolen money), those gains are despite the collectivism not because of it. Real productivity in the USA is negative, which is why the country is running half a trillion USD a year in trade deficits.

The culprits of the economic destruction are not in the companies, they are found in government offices and they operate on the ideology of 'helping' you.

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