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Comment Re:We fucked up. Bad. (Score 1) 51


A thousand times this.

Since their competitors have failed to voluntarily participate Samsung will take it to Washington next; lobbying Congress and the FCC to erect a (another?) battery safety bureaucracy complete with $250k certification fees and a special "fast lane" process for the well healed. Never let a fuck up go to waste.

Comment Re:Probably a minor oversight. Will likely be fixe (Score 5, Interesting) 225

Microsoft has actually done a good job with Visual Studio Code.

If you're willing to completely dismiss performance concerns then yes, great work. On the other hand, if you care about performance, and memory usage, it's pretty hard to do worse than VSCode without including including something like Eclipse or Intellij in the survey.

Comment Re:No Crime (Score 1) 226

I don't know what 'violently protesting' means

I don't either. The thing is our mutual ignorance of the meaning of that bit of media speak isn't terribly relevant. The rioters have actually been charged with crimes; Felony Rioting, specifically. Here is the actual statute:

And perhaps the most relevant part of that is:

If in the course and as a result of a riot a person suffers serious bodily harm or there is property damage in excess of $5,000, every person who willfully incited or urged others to engage in the riot shall be punished by imprisonment for not more than 10 years or a fine of not more than the amount set forth in 22-3571.01, or both.

So any riotous trustafarian that texted any of their follows in a manner than that appears to incite or urge is a felon. Just yelling or holding a sign can get you there; all the prosecutor needs is some evidence. That's where all the phones come in.

Some folks got use to having their way with no push back under Obama. As these rioters and others (Dakota Access squatters, for instance) are learning, the worm has turned. The next Ferguson is going to be very different.

Comment In other "protest" news... (Score 0) 226

The "March for Science" is floundering as various grievance groups push their diversity agendas into the fore. The event's "official diversity policy" is now on its forth revision amid the resignations of organization committee members.

Some are concerned the event will — much like the vaunted Women's March — have conspicuously white optics. Others are concerned the March for Science is losing focus as sundry aggrieved interests try to attach themselves to the imprimatur of "science." In all likelihood they're both right.

Comment Re:Why isn't Uber being sued? (Score 2, Insightful) 360

If you're gonna demand proof all the time

Yep, pretty much. Proof or fuck off. The tyranny you'd inflict without due process is unacceptable. And if you either can't be bothered to capture the necessary proof or the facts are too subtle to detect then I'm not interested in your plight.

if getting by on your looks is NOT how you want to live

Lots of unattractive women that can't rely on their looks are richer than me. They get by just fine.

And for the record, zero evidence surfaced in this thread. Susan Fowler made an evidence free blog post. The rest is Internet sperg. At least Vandermeyden filed suit; her claims will be tested.

....being subtlety, constantly, subconsciously (on both sides!) told by society that your purpose is to be ogled, and then come back and tell me that you are not frustrated with how pervasive and draconian it feels....

Do you know what paradise is? It's when you're forced to invent new problems because all of your actual problems have been solved.

Comment Re:Support High Speed Rail (Score 1) 408

Get used to it. There is zero chance CA HSR doesn't turn into a boondoggle of heroic proportions that will fill news cycles for most of the rest of your adult life. A horde of pigs are stacking up to get their snouts into that trough and no one in CA government has the slightest interest in moderating the abuses to come, or even that they're supposed to be trying.

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