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Comment Re:Fat Hatred (Score 1) 446

I'll pipe in as well. After doing my research, I found the Ketogenic Diet and it was fantastic. I lost 100lbs in a year (from 299 -> 199)

I'd highly recommend reading 'The Ketogenic Diet' and 'The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook' both by Lyle MacDonald, particularly if you have a scientific interest in it, as well as a nutritional one.

In response to your question, I did not feel like I lost any mental faculties during it. The first week was fairly difficult, hungry and all, but after that, it's pretty easy. Best of luck!

Comment Re:I'm ready to check out now (Score 1) 813

I'm in the same boat as you.

And so far on this topic, not one person has stated that they'd want to live SHORTER.

I would. I'm a social introvert. Shy, self-conscious, without a spouse or kids. Another x hundred years of the same doesn't appeal to me in the slightest. In fact, another 20 - 30 doesn't really appeal to me.

Comment Re:Assumptions ... (Score 1) 192

That actually happened in town here.

Some enterprising criminals phoned around to a 'borough' at the south end of town, and managed to convince a good number of people that they were calling from Emergency Services and wanted their assistance testing the 911 system at a certain time. Needless to say, at the specified time, 911 operators were flooded with fake calls. As is policy, every 911 call has to be responded to, so suddenly all police and emergency services were stuck in the south end of town.

The criminals then took the opportunity to rob the Costco at the north end.

As far as I know, they were never apprehended.

Comment Re:utter pointlessness (Score 1) 1165

Two things here. First, you're paranoid. Second, you should always pick up your brass.

Have you ever fired a semi-automatic .22? It's not uncommon to go through a brick (1000 rounds) or two in a few hours. Most ranges don't even require you to pick up your casings - they just have a broom so you can brush them out of the way.


Submission + - Redesigned cooler reinvents tuberculosis treatment (

sarfralogy writes: "It started with a basic soft drink cooler, a need for easier management of tuberculosis and $150,000 in innovation support.
A big challenge in managing tuberculosis is keeping the medicine cool, in addition to tracking and monitoring dose administration. These challenges can be life-threatening, especially in less-developed countries, where refrigerators and fancy cooling devices are rare; ice must be trucked in on a daily basis to keep medicines at controlled temperatures. A redesigned cooler with the ability to keep the medicine cool and record when medicine is dispensed is aiming to solve both these problems.
The design of the cooler is simple and practical — common characteristics of a scientifically sound experiment or innovation. It’s nothing more than a standard soft drink cooler but the team from MIT's Little Devices Lab equipped the cooler with the ability to sound an alert when the temperature inside the cooler becomes too high and transmit data wirelessly using a cellphone transmitter whenever the cooler is opened."

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