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Comment Re:It's not a touchscreen if it doesn't have a scr (Score 1) 51

Cool. Can it simulate nubs on the F and J keys? If it can't then your hands can't find their way back to where they need to be and, your ability to touch type is now lost. I agree that the artificial learning part is pretty cool but, cool doesn't trump useful.

I understand that this laptop isn't meant for power users but, frankly, widescreen laptops weren't meant for power users either. How many power users are still using a laptop with a 4:3 aspect ratio? How vehemently did they object (Hint: A LOT)? I'd be happy to let this slide as a toy that no one will use for real work but, when I see a modern day ThinkPad, I'm inclined to believe that the Yoga series is a staging ground for things to come.


Comment Re:Security isn't hard (Score 1) 213

You can also use something like firejail ( for this. I'm not involved in the project but, it's very simple to use compared to something like SELinux. It comes with a number of pre-configured profiles for major pieces of software and, by default, things like Firefox can only see a limited view of the filesystem. For example, by default, Firefox can see ~/Downloads but not ~/Documents. I haven't noticed any performance or stability issues with it so, it has been a welcome extra line of defense.

Comment Re:Ubuntu Is Dying A Slow Death (Score 4, Insightful) 90

I dunno if that's true these days. Unity definitely caters to a specific workflow but, that workflow is not new and has been around a lot longer than Unity or Ubuntu (It's actually reminiscent of NextStep). When Unity was first released, it was admittedly unusable garbage. These days it just has some minor quirks. There is also a Unity Tweak Tool that can help you fiddle with things until it feels more natural. It's not without faults, to be sure. But, it's gotten back to the point where I could recommend it to people. After many years of boycotting vanilla Ubuntu, I've switched back to it and have no complaints at all.

Comment Re:stability where? not for servers (Score 4, Informative) 90

The funny thing is that the upgrade path was significantly broken by systemd. On a clean 16.04 machine, you can type "/etc/init.d/foo restart" and it works fine. It's just a wrapper to the correct systemd command. If, however, you upgraded your system from 12.04 to 1X.04, the upgrade process probably didn't correctly update the scripts in /etc/init.d. So, now you are stuck on a system that may or may not respond the same way that your new machines respond. Even though they are running the same damn operating system.

Systemd... The gift that keeps on giving...

Comment Re:Wheels (Score 2) 242

The primary advantage of young engineers is that they are cheap and disposable. That's not to say that young engineers are necessarily bad engineers. I've met plenty of 22 year old rockstars that I've enjoyed working with and have even learned from. But, when you explicitly state that you want to hire young engineers, it can actually be re-phrased as, "We want a cheap, disposable workforce that, hopefully, with time, will throw enough shit at the wall that some of it might stick".

Comment Wheels (Score 1, Interesting) 242

It's also a lot easier to poorly re-invent wheels when you are young. I understand the sentiment that he wants young people willing to take chances but, this isn't some startup company catering to a hipster internet fad. This is an initiative to produce real world, useful products that have a potential to kill people or cause millions of dollars in property damage from fires. It would be ludicrous to focus on getting young engineers for a project like this.

Comment Re:Why wouldn't you? (Score 1) 140

I don't have a smartphone but, I live in an area where there is no coverage (Welcome to the United States). When people come visit me, their smartphones die within hours because of the lack of coverage. If the rational behind open Wifi is to locate people who can't make phone calls because of damaged infrastructure, those phones ran out of batteries long ago.

Comment Re:Democrats too (Score 1) 77

The entire system is corrupt to the core, I agree. But, it's been rigged in such a way to resemble a sporting event and people will blindly pick a side and then vehemently defend it. I really don't know how to convince people to vote in their best interest. They are completely fixated on voting for "their team". It doesn't matter that said team doesn't represent them, has no interest in representing them and would happily throw them into a tree grinder if it meant they would get re-elected.


Comment Re:Nope, no wealth inequality here (Score 3, Insightful) 176

Sorry but there's no way one person should be allowed to acquire so much personal wealth that in the list of the worlds 191 countries by GDP, he individually is the 68th richest.

Using the word "allowed" kind of implies that there should be laws against becoming rich. That's a terrible idea. The real issue is that society has become so tilted in the favor of the rich that individual humans have more wealth than many countries. Don't hate the ultra-rich person, hate the world that created them.

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