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Comment Re:The nature of the Trump-fans is pretty obvious (Score 0) 220

but it was fundamentally a waste of money to deal with the scumbag local Democrats.

What makes you think it was Democrats? Most of the people I know loathe Trump regardless of their political affiliation. It's the "Those Other Guys did it" mentality that is really destroying the country. I actually think Trump as president would really help the country. Not in the short term and not because I'm a Republican, but because I'm intelligent enough to understand that when he brings the country to the brink of collapse, people will finally start to take notice and participate in their government. Long term thinking. It's in short supply.

Comment Re: sure! (Score 1) 299

It all seems aimed at a (not impossible; but not necessarily plausible) medium-size disaster; which will somehow be big enough that the 'stash of supplies in the basement' crowd is doomed; but small enough that your bunker isn't going to be plundered by local militias and there will be a society worth living in waiting for you when it's time to open the door again.

I think this pretty well summarizes the issue that most preppers seem to not understand: If you want to ride out a freak temporary crisis, you can do that pretty cheaply and without turning it into an overriding paranoia/lifestyle. But, in the case of a fundamental collapse of society, what's the point? Your choices are A) Die like the majority of people. B) Live in complete isolation and hope that you don't literally lose your mind before you run out of food/water. C) Be at perpetual war with the remaining humans in a resource scarce environment. Preppers seem to focus on B and C without understanding that such an existence would be so miserable that A is almost certainly preferable.

Comment Re:Simple (Score 2) 87

Don't read the drivel that passes for news these days and you'll only have a couple of articles to read a day at most.

What kind of un-American insanity is this? You *need* to be bombarded with poorly researched, misinterpreted, patently false information on a daily basis. Usually it's better to ingest this information in the form of "experts" yelling at each other but, if you've already seen all of todays yelling matches, you might as well turn to the authority that is churning out 1440 news articles a day. I mean, otherwise, how do you know who to fear/hate/love? HOW?!

Comment Re:I'm confused... (Score 1) 284

Even if one considers the ICANN handoff to be a terrible plan; that still leaves the "and a state would have standing to block this why exactly?" problem unsolved.

This is actually a pretty easy question to answer. Just bring up a map of red vs. blue states. It has nothing to do with "we have the authority to do this" and everything to do with "screw you, you pansy Democrats".

Comment Re:$3 per package, eh? (Score 1) 237

Selling the service to other companies in addition to delivering your own stuff might work albeit not immediately profitable.

So, basically, the real world equivalent of the original AWS. "We have a shitload of extra computing power, wanna rent it?". Except now it's, "We have a shitload of extra delivery power, wanna rent it?".

Comment Re:IoT is an unnecessary security risk. (Score 1) 115

How... then would the vendors sell a phone app to naive users to change their thermostat settings when they're on vacation?

They shouldn't. None of this should be happening. What should be happening is that vendors should be selling "IoT-enabled" routers that are highly secure and will generate a VPN connection package for a device type. I run an Untangle appliance and it will literally generate a unique Windows installer package for a VPN to your home network. And it's very easy to do. There is no reason why it couldn't generate a VPN package for any device you wanted to use outside your home. In fact, I would say that if you are connecting to random wifi networks without initiating a VPN to a more trusted network (like your home), you are doing it wrong.

Comment Re:Only when it costs them money. (Score 1) 115

There is actually a fourth option: Turn the IoT devices against their local LAN. Pretty innocuous in the grand scheme of things but, if you discover that you can't watch Netflix when you have your IoT lightbulb plugged in, it might make you wonder about the value of IoT devices.

(Also, your 3 options made me literally laugh out loud).

Comment Re:IoT is an unnecessary security risk. (Score 5, Insightful) 115

If you can't see advantages and demand for controlling your house from your phone, regardless of if you're home, then you're very short sighted and not a good futurist.

Bullshit. There is a safe way to do this: Don't let any of the devices have direct access to the internet. None. Put them on their own dedicated wireless router, connect that wireless router to your real router and then set a firewall rule that doesn't allow anything from the IoT router to route outside your LAN. If you want to check the status of the devices when you aren't on your local LAN, VPN into your house and check them.

You don't need to trust shady vendors that don't give a shit. You don't need to open a billion insecure ports in your firewall to expose devices. Consider the devices 100% insecure, configure your network in a sane way and setup a VPN or use an SSH tunnel.

Comment Re:Can we use a VM for all programs? (Score 3, Informative) 171

You could do this on linux if you wanted. Using a tool like firejail, you can run all your software in lightweight sandboxes (linux namespaces). It comes with custom profiles for 100+ desktop/server applications and it's easy to write more. I wouldn't recommend converting all of /usr/bin to run under firejail as this would certainly cause issues but, I run all my desktop applications with it and it's worked well.

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