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Comment Re:Actually not too worried (Score 1) 153

I think the Slashdot community as a whole has very little experience in "deciding what to do as a deposed leader of a country". Personally, I'd fly to Buenos Aires and just vanish. Women, wine and great food. They also have a sketchy history of letting "undesirable" people into the country. Though, someone should warn Erdogan that if you overstay your tourist visa for long enough, they will kick you out. Nazis? Sure, no problem. somenickname? NOT WELCOME.

Comment Re:Actually not too worried (Score 1) 153

I don't know enough about Erdogan to condemn or condone him. I do know that Turkey plays a vital role in world politics and any kind of chaos there, at this point in time, is going to have very far reaching implications. And probably not positive ones.

At the very least, there is now a German comedian who is breathing a sigh of relief. And maybe Boris can print some t-shirts with his poem about Erdogan fucking a goat without retribution.

Comment Holy shit (Score 4, Insightful) 153

If this is a genuine coup, the repercussions are going to be felt across the world. A lot of people might think that Turkey is some backwards country adjacent to Europe but, it's basically the bridge between the Middle East and Europe. It's a modern country with an advanced military and very close ties to almost all western countries. Middle Eastern immigrants almost inevitably travel through Turkey and their policies (for better or worse) play a huge role in determining how that happens. Chaos in Turkey is a BIG FUCKING DEAL. It's practically the worst possible place to have a coup.

Comment Re:wrong premise (Score 1) 200

I don't have mod points so, I'll symbolically +1 you. The need to "diversify the workforce" basically implies that there was racism/sexism involved in the hiring of the current workforce. That's probably not true. Companies generally hire the applicant most suited to fill the job. If few or no females/minorities apply for the job, should the company withhold hiring an ideally suited white male so that they can meet some diversity requirement? It's insanity.

The other thing I find bizarre about this "diversify the workforce" initiative is that it seems to only apply to tech jobs. I don't see people outraged that white females account for the vast majority of nurses. I don't see people outraged that their car mechanic is almost inevitably male. Both of those professions can be paid as well or better than a tech job. Nobody gives a shit that those workforces aren't diversified. The most qualified candidate got the job and that's the end of it. You can't make your workforce diversity mirror the population because the people going into those professions don't accurately reflect the population.

It's the same in technology. Most of the workforce is pale skinned white people because it's mostly nerdy white people going into that line of work in college. You aren't going to change that with a "diversify the workforce" initiative. There are literally not enough non-white/non-males to meet the requirements. It's like trying to pound a square peg into a round hole.

Comment Re:collectivism = death (Score 2) 227

I don't necessarily agree with your argument but, I do *very* much appreciate the manner in which you have presented it. The tactical use of "fuck" and "shit" is commendable. Just the right amount of grammatical correctness with a healthy dose of genuine anger. We need more... oh, shit... you're a Martian. Nevermind.

Comment Re:If this is the new /. (Score 1) 227

No, it's a sign that technology, government and society have collided in such an incompatible way that a technology site has become political. I'm actually kind of shocked that you can claim to be "a very political person" and not be able to understand this. Technology *IS* politics. And vice-a-versa. Putting your head in the sand doesn't change that fact.

Comment Re:Translation: (Score 1) 227

20 years ago, your post would have been modded "-10 Conspiracy Theory". Now it's basically fact so, it's kinda hard to know what to do. The majority of the public can't understand the manner in which their rights are being destroyed so, they can't really vote to protect them. I love to blame the government for our unfortunate and deteriorating situation but, really, it's ignorance that has caused it. In democratic societies, we've *always* had the ability to mold our government to do our bidding. We've just lost the will.

When the politicians are no longer beholden to the people, you get the society that we now have. And, it's going to get worse. A lot worse. I don't care if it makes me sound like an insensitive asshole or a conspiracy theorist: I'm stocking up on popcorn.

Comment Anonymous Cowards (Score 0) 199

I think it's interesting to see how many AC posts have been modded up on this article. I'll go ahead and post some inflammatory shit under my normal username:

I think it's utter bullshit that so much of societies time is being wasted on things like gender equality emojis, workplace diversification statistics, LGBT issues, etc (all things posted on Slashdot this week). You are going to have people that are extremely polarized on any of those issues but, those people will not, under *any* circumstances, change their view. NEVER. Really, all this SJW stuff does is alienate the majority of society who are effectively neutral and maybe even mildly supportive to begin with.

If it weren't for SJWs, I don't think I would have ever formed an opinion on anything that they stand for. Because I didn't care. I judge people on their merits and not their gender, race or sexuality. But, with the advent of SJWs, I feel a great resentment towards almost anything they say. I'm a middle aged white man. That doesn't make me guilty.

Comment Re:How to improve Slashdot: eliminate moderators (Score 1, Interesting) 135

An interesting experiment would be to make down-voting cost 2 moderator points instead of 1. The idea being that it would make interesting/insightful posts "stickier" by making them harder to down-vote based on agenda. I have no idea whether it would work or not but, at the very least, it might give casual users more expanded comments to read by default.

Having said that, getting rid of moderators is pure insanity. Community moderation is part of what makes slashdot an interesting site.

Comment Not surprising (Score 4, Interesting) 135

Anyone who has worked in the finance industry on the tech side of things has probably seen eye-searing levels of problems like this. It's clusterfucks all the way down. It always surprised me that something that seems like such a natural fit for software was always, without fail, so riddled with glaring bugs that it's almost unfathomable that you are the first person to notice them. At a lot of shops, the bugs are so ingrained in the process that they can't even be fixed. Working in the finance industry certainly doesn't inspire confidence in the finance industry.

Comment Not an entirely bad thing (Score 1) 205

As cheap manufacturing countries start directly competing against their customers, the cost of using those countries for manufacturing will increase tremendously. At some point, knowing that you are likely to be competing against your own product (but cheaper and possibly built with slightly substandard parts) will make it more cost effective to build your product locally. It's kind of surprising that the governments of these countries aren't bending over backwards to try and prevent these counterfeiting/knockoff operations because it seems like the economic impacts for those countries could be devastating.

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