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Comment Re:Finally (Score 1) 366

Wow, your "real world example" for "what does systemd solve" is literally a webpage that shows you how to disable the systemd built in firewalld and use the old iptables way of doing things. I think you might have given an ideal example of how most people deal with systemd and its ever growing host of half-baked replacements for established tools: Route around it whenever possible.

Comment Re:Finally (Score 4, Insightful) 366

What is the deal with binary logs? I know AIX has them but why Linux? What's next, all the config files are stored in a flat binary database? Brilliant!

This sounds like a great idea. I propose we call it The Registry. We can even make tools to convert the binary into an almost-human-readable format. It will be glorious.

Comment Re:The problem is depth perception (Score 1) 57

Really what's needed is lidar. Lidar can build a 3D image that would actually be suitable to let the game AI roam around in. No one is going to do proper self driving cars without a serious lidar solution. The ones available right now (mostly Velodyne) aren't that great but, the stuff that's in the pipeline is pretty fucking amazing. You can even get doppler information out of newer lidar approaches and that's like the greatest thing since sliced bread for self driving cars.

Comment Re:Dumb (Score 2) 230

My guess is that it's a result of the endless race to see who can pump the most watts into a sub-ohm coil with the cheapest cells they can find.

By people who wouldn't know an Ohm if a Volt kicked them in the ass.

Comment Re: Dumb (Score 0) 230

Actually, there was a story on Slashdot a few years ago (maybe a decade ago) that was about the Navy using Windows on its newest Battleships. We were collectively in shock but, apparently they have done a good job of covering up the hours of downtime from Patch Tuesday. Make no mistake though, North Korea will strike on a Tuesday and every sailors screen will read: "Windows is updating. Do not turn off your computer".

Comment Re:Dumb (Score 1) 230

Maybe the Navy is also concerned about the health effects of nicotine vapors

Yes, I'm sure this is the reason...

or the effects of the vapors on sensitive gear.

The navy is concerned about minuscule amounts of water vapor on ships? We are totally fucked. Next you'll tell me they are running Windows on their battleships...

The Navy doesn't want vaping, and they don't have to justify it to you or anyone else.

They certainly don't have to justify it to me but, if I were knowingly sending kids off to their potential death, I'd sure as fuck let them engage in a calming activity that in no way affects their acute performance.

Comment Dumb (Score 5, Insightful) 230

Why not, I dunno, sell government approved vape pens in the commissary? From what I've read, most of the incidents with vaping are from people trying to "soup up" their vape machines. This amounts to banning Honda Civics on base because a few ill informed morons cause them to ignite by modifying them in ways they don't really understand.

Comment Next step (Score 1) 80

These little ARM boards are great but, I'd love to see some super cheap ARM/FPGA boards become available. Something like a Zybo but in the $50 price range with just enough FPGA fabric to offload tasks that the CPU is abysmal at. The RPI brought embedded computing to the masses and it's been great but, a $50 ARM board with an FPGA could bring some flavor of High Level Synthesis (and AXI) to the masses. That's whole new level of nerdiness and enables a proper next generation type of hobby embedded stuff.

Comment Re:Wait, what? (Score 2) 177

I keep reading stories that millennials are also woefully unemployed. It seems odd to try to court people who would literally work for peanuts. Not to mention the fact that co-working, the latest buzzword for "not valued enough to have an office", is basically the most miserable work environment I can think of. You only need one loud overtalker and productivity effectively drops to zero.

But, yeah... gig economy... millennials... open office... buzzword, buzzword. Hell, why not have a mandatory skinny jeans policy so we don't hurt the feelings of the younger guys.

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