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Submission + - Sony Demands Press Destroy Leaked Documents (washingtonpost.com)

SydShamino writes: In an effort that may run afoul of the first amendment, Sony, through their lawyer David Boies (of SCO infamy), has sent a letter to major news organizations demanding that they refrain from downloading any leaked documents, and destroy those already possessed. Sony threatens legal action to news organizations that do not comply, saying that "Sony Pictures Entertainment will have no choice but to hold you responsible for any damage or loss arising from such use or dissemination by you."

Submission + - Exploiting Cashier-as-a-Service Providers (futurity.org)

SydShamino writes: Researches at Indiana University and Microsoft found and exploited flaws in the communication between web stores and third-party cashiers (Amazon Payments, PayPal, Google Checkout) to order items for free, or at prices of their choice. "We believe that it is difficult to ensure the security of a CaaS-based checkout system in the presence of a malicious shopper" said the study co-author. The identified flaws have been reported and fixed, but they feel that more, similar flaws are likely given the complicated nature of many web-based transactions.

Submission + - New British Government Vows to Strengthen Liberty (cnn.com)

SydShamino writes: Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg of the new British coalition government has announced a litany of proposed reforms designed to strengthen individual liberty and privacy, on several topics often championed among Slashdot readers, including: elimination of unnecessary laws to stop making "criminals out of ordinary people", elimination of the national identity card program and new biometric passports, removal of restrictions on the right to peacefully protest, restrictions on schools taking fingerprints without permission, curtailing of anti-terrorism legislation that allowed for detention of subjects for extended periods without charge, replacement of the "first-past-the-post" election system with an instant-runoff system, new regulation of the use of surveillance cameras. "Britain must not be a country where our children grow up so used to their liberty being infringed that they expect it without question," Clegg said.

The Conservative Party of the governing coalition is said to be less receptive to these reforms; hopefully some of them can be enacted before the coalition fails.

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