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Comment Re:We knew that (Score 2) 202

That's not true. Definitely not true. The "cloud" hasn't weakened encryption because WhatsApp and Signal (more Signal than WhatsApp) use an open-source protocol that is zero-knowledge through transit. The guys running the servers don't know the contents of the communications. (I believe that WhatsApp collects metadata but Signal does not.)

Google's Android and Apple's iOS are not being deliberately bugged with back doors. For fuck's sake, Android is open-source. It is possible to compile Android from the source code to make sure there aren't back doors. Apple patched iOS ten days after it learned that a private spy company had compromised iOS. When the FBI wanted to force Apple to hack the iPhone, Apple went to court to stop them, and finally forced the FBI to pay a private company to break the phone.


Comment Re:Remember (Score 1) 70

Why would I use Telegram if I were concerned about security? It has a closed-source, roll your own crypto system. WhatsApp and Signal use OpenWhisper.

Anyway, WhatsApp might have security vulnerabilities or backdoors but the reported "backdoor" isn't a backdoor. It's a design choice, and there is an option for security-conscious people to see when a new crypto key is generated.

Comment Re:One additional symptom (Score 1) 297

Well, he's referring to medical evidence that loneliness has been associated with a 30% raise in mortality, and posters in this thread are saying, "Yeah, but who benefits from this study" or "I feel great without friends." It's like saying, "Yeah, my grandfather smoked two packs a day and he lived to 100 so smoking is fine." A normal reaction to anecdotal evidence would be "that's bullshit."

Comment Re:A new golden age (Score 1, Informative) 324

Trump's Taiwan excursion was heavily planned after months of lobbying by Bob Dole and other registered foreign agents of Taiwan. Oh, and the Trump Organization sent someone to investigate a potential billion dollar deal to develop land in Taiwan while this was going on. But no conflict of interest there!

Comment Re: 75% of california's poeple are brain dead (Score 1) 393

Well, to clarify, they shouldn't build nuclear reactors and desalination plants. The geologically-more-stable midwest should build nuclear reactors, and then use that power to fuel coastal desalination plants. I've thought it reasonable that, if there are supposed security risks associated with nuclear reactors, then some of those fears could be assuaged by locating newer, LFTR or other breeder-style reactors inside the security perimeter of military installations, several major of which are conveniently located in the midwest.

Comment Re:We aren't paid well (Score 1) 587

The purpose of government is not profit. However, to a certain extent, the government must compete with the market to attract employees, so the wages do tend to reflect the market. That the government offers less than the market is because of its other benefits as an employer, primarily extreme stability.

Comment Re:breaking news (Score 4, Insightful) 190

What are you even talking about?
These systems have been around forever, SpaceX is (once again) doing nothing new or special. They only work when there is forewarning, and that is unlikely to be had during a fueling mishap. This isn't a cartoon or action movie, you can't just outrun an explosion in progress by jumping fast and wearing cool shades.

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