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Comment Re: Pac-Man on the 2600... what could have been (Score 1) 157

I've always thought that the reason the 2600 port of the game was so crappy (as well as the one for Ms. Pac-Man) was to keep them from killing kids' desire to still put quarters in the arcade machines.

And there is nothing in that demo or what I'm reading as the ingenuine-ness of the original programmer, there, that makes me think otherwise, now, frankly.

Comment Re:im not sure what to make of this (Score 1) 126

I've been around billiards and played billiards all my life. I love it. And I would not consider it a sport. It is a game. Games can require a measure of physical skill and still be games.

Here's as close as I can come to proof: take money out, and leagues, and "pro" anything out. Did it ever occur to you while playing Pac-Man that it was a SPORT? Are you going to a billiards match, or are you going to shoot a GAME of pool? Give me a break.

Comment Warning for Questionnaire Respondents? (Score 2) 107

Just curious: When we have these question/answer paired stories on Slashdot, does anyone at Slashdot ever bother to *warn* the respondent that Slashdotters are going to eviscerate their responses if they come across as a corporate shill and fail to seem like a regular, conversational human being?

It seems like something like this needs to be added at the top of the questions they receive: "Be real, if there's something you can't answer at least try to be funny or sarcastic, and don't seem like a marketing drone."

Comment Re:What on earth (Score 1) 234

I was 4, born in '75. My dad was a nuclear reactor operator at H.B. Robinson, and I *definitely* remember Three Mile Island because of the uproar it caused with him and his friends / coworkers. I'd allow I'd have remembered if I had been 3, so I believe the above poster. So tthhhhpppptttt.

Comment Re:Simulations are limited by imagination (Score 1) 173

Of course, since this IS actually the best thing the autopilot can do for its own survival and the survival of others of its own kind - since any failure that can actually be blamed directly on it might result in the humans deciding to build different autopiloting devices or just do away with them altogether - then this could be taken as a sign that the AI works really, really well. ;)

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