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Comment Re:Long overdue (Score 5, Insightful) 157

Totally agree. NMS is really just the current culmination of years of rot. The whole industry is rotten - especially when pre-orders started becoming a big thing - with promise big and under-deliver being a common theme.

Of course, one could say that about a lot of the software industry in general, not just games. At least with games there are ads and demos which misrepresented the end-product that one can use as evidence.

Comment Reality TV (Score 1) 391

The best way to get volunteers for this these days would probably be to make it into a reality TV series.

Producer You understand that you'll be locked in with 25 others with no chance of ever returning home and a 0.05% chance of living more than 2 years past landing
Guy: but I'll be on TV, right?
Producer: *sigh*, just sign this disclaimer here, and here.

Comment Re:Good basis for comparison (Score 1) 134

I'm pretty sure that trying to sell a video card on Amazon for over $2500 - that I can still find in stores for $100 - is *not* due to them being an approved supplier.

I assume you're not referring to the bidding thing, because obviously that's an eBay thing and doesn't apply to non-auctions.

Comment Re:Well duh (Score 1) 134

Must be country-specific, or they've changed it in the last week. Here (Canada) it's lress. I was going to say $25, but it looks like the bastards just cranked it up to $35 since I last ordered anything a few weeks ago.

Of course the item prices in Canada all seem to be near-double that of the US in many cases too (even accounting for exchange).

Comment Like p*dobear (Score 1) 356

My understanding is that in the early stages, the bear was inserted into pictures to show people that "anyone can see this picture and might be 'enjoying' it for other reasons"/ It was anti-perverts using it as a warning against posting your kids private pics online

Later PB pretty much got adopted as a mascot for perverts.

Comment Good basis for comparison (Score 1) 134

I usually hit Amazon early for two reasons
a) They often have product spec sheets that I can look up.
b) It gives me a basis for comparison.

However I've noticed that for a lot of stuff their pricing algo's lately are way out of whack, especially for older stuff. For example, a slightly older video card which is going for $100 on eBay or stores (where available) is listed on Amazon at $2500, presumably because they're harder to come by but there's still some demand. For $2500 I could build a whole rig including the latest gen card.

Not that others aren't a mess as well. I regularly see people caught up in eBay bids for used stuff that exceeds the price I could buy it new.

Comment Where no cable has gone before (Score 1) 150

McCoy: Good God, man!

Kirk: I don't care how you do it, Bones, just fix the damned video.

McCoy: I'm a doctor, not a damned cable monkey!

Spock: Fascinating. This router has no jacks.

Chekov: It's a couragous router. Inwented in Russia.

Uhura: This is not a federation signal. I can't make anything out of it, sir.

Sulu: Faraday shields up. It's good to be Takei, bitches.

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