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Submission + - Wasserman Schultz won't Speak at Dem Convention After Wikileaks Revelations ( writes: CNN reports that the head of the Democratic National Committee will not speak at the party's convention next week, a decision reached by party officials Saturday after emails surfaced that raised questions about the committee's impartiality during the Democratic primary. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, whose stewardship of the DNC has been under fire through most of the presidential primary process, will not have a major speaking role in an effort "to keep the peace" in the party, a Democrat familiar with the decision said. The revelation comes following the release of nearly 20,000 emails. One email appears to show DNC staffers asking how they can reference Bernie Sanders' faith to weaken him in the eyes of Southern voters. Another seems to depict an attorney advising the committee on how to defend Hillary Clinton against an accusation by the Sanders campaign of not living up to a joint fundraising agreement.

Comment Re:Original gummy fingerprint tests beat most scan (Score 1) 97

For non-phone devices, you could probably at least come up with something that requires a finger-shaped input (e.g. requires finger inserted, pushes a button at the end to toggle the snapshot) and maybe a heat-sensor.
That might not exclude warm gelatin, but at least it'll beat a laser-printed print affixed to the end of a pencil etc.

Comment Re:Thank you Democrats? (Score 1) 322

In the Canadian system, a big advantage of the common electronic system is when you move between physicians (which is pretty common because a disadvantage of our system is a lot of patients without a family MD).

Went to the clinic for an issue and it got worse late at night? ER doctor can see the clinic's notes

Went to the specialist because the ER doctor sent you there? Specialist can see your info and any previous/conflicting prescriptions or possibly related issues

Got a prescription from the specialist? Your regular doctor can see what you're taking


Comment Dictaphone (Score 1) 322

This has been a thing at specialists for a long time, except instead of scribes with laptops they often had some sort of "dictaphone" or recording device. Doctors gives a narrative while checking patient, which is then sent to somebody who plays it back and records what was said.

A lot of clinics still do this, although now the recording devices are a little more advanced or could just be an app.

Comment Hardware (Score 1) 108

They can still do hardware, but I'd suggest addons to other systems rather than a whole console line. Perhaps custom controllers, or if they're going to hook up with more VR games, a decent VR system consoles (although a Nintento AR system would be cool), an addon for smart devices, or a VR "ds"

Comment Re: XBox 1: jumped shark, shark ate it (Score 1) 107

Bullshit, eh? Do you remember MechAssault? One of the most popular games for the XBox. Online community, many-person gaming via the XBox live servers, worked very well without anything even remotely resembling this kind of hurry-up-and-wait nonsense. Even downloads of new terrain and/or game types (which you chose to do) weren't much of a challenge. The Live interface was much easier to use, too. It was mostly about gaming, not about trying to turn the machine into some kind of Rube Goldberg nightmare.

Next, why should I want to leave a multiplayer game disconnected from the network?

Your position is either that I shouldn't be able to multiplayer-game, or that it's justified that if I do, Microsoft puts a huge time and convenience penalty on the experience, or that there is no significant inconvenience. I don't buy any of those arguments.

Sorry, I've seen the many-hours of no-gaming downside. It's real. It sucks. Not interested.

And hey, did you know MechAssault and MechAssault II both still work offline? I mean, hell, if I have to stay offline in order to keep Microsoft from ruining my day, I might as well do it with one of the most awesome games they ever produced. :)

Comment XBox 1: jumped shark, shark ate it (Score 4, Insightful) 107

No. I've seen the XBox one in action. Hours for updates, insert game, hours more for updates... it's a terrible system.

Sticking with the older gear. Because you can actually play a game when you stick a disk in.

The console makers have completely lost sight of the customer.

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