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Comment Solution: Buy legislators. All of them. (Score 5, Interesting) 175

Captain Obvious Competition.


These companies already have your money, so updating a device that's already been sold is a needless expense. There's also a good argument to be made that updating a device hurts future sales. If your phone isn't updated, it will start to feel old, so you're more likely to buy a new phone sooner.

Yes. I have a high-end preamp-processor, updatable over the net. Plenty of bugs. Did they ever fix them, much less add new features? No. Did they release a new model? Yes. I have a high-end camera. Updatable over the net. Plenty of bugs. Did they ever fix them, much less add new features? No. Did they release a new model? Yes. I have a high-end radio transceiver. Updatable over the net. Plenty of bugs. Did they ever fix them, much less add new features? No. Did they release a new model? Yes. And so on.

The whole "we can update your device" bit is a scam (and often, so is the "we can update your software" bit.) The only way a corporation is likely to actually update hardware responsibly is if legislation forces them to. And good luck trying to get THAT in place when corporations outright buy the decisions of the legislatures.

Submission + - Free Speech Under Attack as Facebook Plays Judge, Jury, Executioner (

NathanBachman writes: Freedom of speech is under attack, and the perpetrator is none other the king of social media, Facebook. In recent times, the company, now a popular face of online censorship, has been shamelessly blocking accounts, removing pages, and deleting posts that either failed to strike a chord with the moderation team, or were brutally honest to the extent of becoming intolerable for the people in position of power. Will Facebook get away with playing god and silencing millions of pro-Kashmir, pro-Kurdishs, and pro-freedom of speech voices around the globe?

Comment Minor crimes? (Score 1) 191

As long as you're not including things like "jaywalking" or smaller traffic violations in those crimes unless they show a clear pattern.

Now stopping people who are just getting into petty theft, drug crimes, petty violence etc is probably a good idea. At the same time though, giving the early offenders means and motivation to straighten their shit out before they become big offenders is probably a good idea.

By the same token, seizing the car of some rich shit who doesn't give a f*** about those parking/speeding tickets he's been accumulating might help prevent him from killing somebody in a vehicular homicide later on, while ticketing the shit out of a poorer person isn't going to help things at all.

Submission + - 2016 Hugo Award Winners Announced

Dave Knott writes: The recipients of the 2016 Hugo awards have been announced. Presented annually since 1955, the Hugos are (along with the Nebulas) one of science fiction's two most prestigious awards. They are voted on by members of the World Science Fiction Convention ("Worldcon"), the most recent of which, MidAmeriCon II was held this past weekend in Kansas City. Notable winners include:

Best Novel: The Fifth Season , by N.K. Jemisin
Best Novella: Binti , by Nnedi Okorafor
Best Novelette: "Folding Beijing", by Hao Jingfang, trans. Ken Liu
Best Short Story: "Cat Pictures Please", by Naomi Kritzer
Best Graphic Story: The Sandman: Overture , written by Neil Gaiman, art by J.H. Williams III
Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form: The Martian , screenplay by Drew Goddard, directed by Ridley Scott
Best Dramatic Presentation, ShortForm: Jessica Jones: "AKA Smile", written by Scott Reynolds, Melissa Rosenberg, and Jamie King, directed by Michael Rymer

As in the previous two years, the 2016 Hugos were subject to considerable controversy, as highly-politicized factions within science fiction fandom attempted to influence the awards via a concerted campaign that influenced the nomination process. Those actions once again proved unsuccessful, as the nominees put forth by these activists failed to win in any of the major awards categories.

Comment That only works two ways (Score 1) 87

Those only work in one of two ways
a) Domains which a company has the SSL keys to (presumably ones they own), in order to detect malicious attempts such as SQL injections etc etc. They don't do much about encrypted outgoing traffic if it's permitted. Alternately, the SSL may be terminated at the security device and non-SSL traffic passed to the webserver etc. Again, this does nothing for 3rd-party sites and/or connections going out from desktops.

b) Companies which generate a non-legitimate global SSH key which is trusted for all domains and is loaded (by policies etc) in to the load browsers. E.G. a cert which applies for *.com; *.net; etc etc. Outgoing SSL actually connects to the appliance which has the master key for the non-legit cert, which basically performs a MITM and then proxies the SSH connection to the outside site. You have to have some pretty strict policies and browser-restrictions to really make this work, and frankly it has some pretty ugly privacy violations because it's faking out *all* SSL from potential attack sites to your employees' medical provider.

Comment Re:580 Mhz CPU and DDR1? (Score 1) 124

Sorry if I want a little bit more to go on than a random Slashdot comment saying "We use DDR2".I did see that comment, but - having been burned before - tend to believe the actual product literature.

Nice deflection though. Rage on me for not reading the sheet correctly, get corrected in that I *have* done so, and then fall back to a 3-word comment made previously. If you want to believe that, feel free, but I believe you were attempting to tear-me a new a-hole for not having read the spec sheet, which I obviously did.

Comment Subsidies (Score 5, Insightful) 442

LMOL yes moron Uber competes with taxi service.

Sure. Any transport method that is used instead of another is competition. Walking, bicycles, private cars, motorcycles, skateboards, Segways, busses, subways, jitneys, hansoms, taxis, limos, Uber... all competitors that reduce opportunity for the others.

Anyway, the story is that Uber's earnings will be garnished to subsidize taxis. I wonder, would people approve if their bicycles and cars and so on were taxed specifically to subsidize taxis and/or other transportation methods?

It's fascinating to see the "this business has a right to exist, workable business model or not" attitude arise in a new space, and to watch the politicians be bought and sold accordingly.

Comment Re:When it stops moving, subsidize it... (Score 0, Flamebait) 442

If we all had smart-phones 100 years ago, today's taxi regulations (and the various boards enforcing them) would not have been created. Which means, it is time for them to be abolished.

I am so with you. No more smart-phones! BURN THEM! BURN THEM ALL!

Soon, teenagers might begin speaking to one another again; dress in ways that attract the eye; undertake outdoor activities other than "find that Pokemon"; and play games that develop co-ordination of more than their hands, develop whole-body muscle-tone, maybe even ask each other for dates with, you know, actual speech and eye contact. Maybe even kiss!

Nah, never happen. Bring on the VR hoods and nerve stimulators. Soon, "my teenager's in the cloud" will be a common parent's lament, and the most common teenage problem will be bedsores. :)

Comment Re:580 Mhz CPU and DDR1? (Score 1) 124

Yes, I also mentioned section 2 (main features). Perhaps you could take the time to read that one instead of screenshotting the "Maximum ratings" section.

The PDF file states that there are two models of the "MT7688", there's a "MT7688KN" and a "MT7688AN". As I mentioned, only the AN model is listed as having DDR2. The KN has an "N/A" in that row.

Other sections of the spreadsheet - such as ratings - would apply only to the features available on the given model.

Now back to the kickstarted, where they link the PDF in section "What SoC is used in the Omega2?" and clearly state "The SoC is the MediaTek MT7688K"

So yes, if the Omega2 was using a MT7688AN, then the DDR2 ratings might apply. Since the SOC is supposedly a MT7688K, no DDR2, and that section of "Maximum ratings" (what you screenshotted) does NOT apply.

To summarize

* NT7688 has two models (AN/KN)
* PDF covers BOTH models
* Kickstarter says Omega2 has MT7688K model SOC (assume this means KN)
* PDF says no DDR2 in KNmodel, only in AN
* Other sections provide ratings for DDR2 but likely only apply to the AN variant that actually has said parts

So thanks for the "goddamn screen capture." Perhaps next time you could include some reading comprehension and actually look at the section I noted before you blow your top, it probably would have taken less time. While your at it, please take your Ritalin and calm down a bit.


Comment Unfortunately not the subsidiary sites (Score 1) 133

There are a lot of shitty "news-like" sites out there. That is, sites that act like news and have staff that do "reports", but that often ignore any sense of journalistic ethics. OK, to be fair, a what would have once been considered "real" news agencies are the same way.

One of things about Gawker and its ilk, it's all about the clicks, and the clickbait and controversy. This resulted in a lot of "articles" that were little more than veiled attacks or flaming rhetoric. Sure, it got a lot of comments, but very little that was valuable or informative. Every now and then there would be an intelligent article but it was like finding a lost ring in a septic tank. Unfortunately while might be dying, all those nasty little subsidiary sites appear to be continuing on to the new owners.

Comment Re:580 Mhz CPU and DDR1? (Score 1) 124

You mean the one they link from the section entitled "What SoC is used in the Omega2?", with the description "The SoC is the MediaTek MT7688K, and the datasheet is available here"

I sure as fuck did. As per "Section 2 - Main Features", the KN supposedly only supported 64MB (MB, what?) of DDR1, whereas the AN supported 2GB of DDR1/DDR2 at 193Mhz.

Comment Re:Ho hum (Score 1) 103

Yup, pretty much. I could see this becoming a nightmare of integration as well. Facebook login for the service will be a given, but I just cleaned up me feed of all the "game" notifications I was getting from the crappy web-games. Now I'll probably now to deal with lame achievement notifications etc because I'm sure FB will start incorporating those into their feeds.

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