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Wireless Networking

Submission + - F.C.C. Agrees to Open Radio Spectrum (

Strange Ranger writes: From the New York Times: Today the FCC "Over the objections of the nation's television broadcasters and other groups...set aside a disputed slice of radio spectrum for public use, hoping it will lead to low-cost, high-speed Internet access and new wireless devices.

A coalition of powerful groups, including broadcasters, Broadway theater producers and sports franchises, hoped to derail or delay the decision. They have argued that their own transmissions — whether of television signals or from wireless microphones used in live music performances — could face interference from new devices that use the white spaces.

...FCC commissioner Michael Copps echoing the views of other commissioners, added that the measure could lead to development of a new generation of devices that use the spectrum to provide Internet access. Commissioners said that such access could be more reliable than over Wi-Fi, which also uses unlicensed frequencies but does not reach as far.

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