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Comment Go in the morning! (Score 1) 370

I still like the theater on one condition: I go to morning showings. I took a few hours off work and went to Episode VII the day after it was released at a 9:30 a.m. showing. It was me and about four other people in the theater. The evening and afternoon shows were sold out for at least a week solid. (No, I'm not interested in debating the merits of Episode VII. It was one of the rare films I just wanted to see right away.)

Eliminating the crowds eliminates 90% of the nuisances. And it's nice giving a film your full attention now and then, even if I only do it a few times a year.

Comment Re:Should Work The Opposite Way (Score 1) 82

You can get a decent pair of them for $30 or so. I have a pair that I wear at the shooting range. They are outstanding. The only downside is that if it's a windy day it can get pretty annoying with the wind noise in your ears. (more expensive pairs probably have solved this, but I'm cheap.)

Comment Re:Driverless cars - questions (Score 1) 112

Very good questions. Likely answers below:

Yes, but you'll probably get some sort of ticket for doing it if you get caught.
Yes, but you'll probably get some sort of ticket for doing it if you get caught.
Yes, but you'll probably get some sort of ticket for doing it if you get caught.
Yes, but you'll probably get some sort of ticket for doing it if you get caught.

Eventually as the cars get proven I would guess that regulations will loosen up, however right away I'm sure we'll be expected to keep fully alert while 'not-driving'. I predict that it will be 'all the responsibility, twice the boredom' of normal driving initially.

Comment Re:Action movies are boring. (Score 1) 332

You are exactly right. And in addition to that, the stakes are so fricking high in every movie that everything becomes meaningless. If they're not working to save the entire earth, they are working to save the universe.

I remember watching that 'Captain Phillips' movie with Tom Hanks and thinking 'Wow, that was pretty intense,' and then thinking 'Wow, that was all about saving one dude. What a concept.'

Comment More actually... (Score 4, Interesting) 270

10 years ago my son was two. All diapers and chasing kids around... no time for anything. When he was about six I showed up with a PS2 and a copy of lego star wars 'for the family'. Not to mention an undisclosed Star Wars Battlefront game for me (though he and I were playing two player on it before long. I told my wife 'they guys in the white are robots, so it's OK. He's not shooting people' ).

Now he's got an xbox and I play it when he's gone or in bed. I grab a used game for $10 every now and then and get obsessed with it for awhile. I find it's a good way to unwind without killing brain/liver cells.

Comment Re:This happened a long time ago (Score 1) 218

Yep -- had a 'born again' high-school classmate who posted that on facebook, saying something to the effect of "If this isn't proof, I don't know what is."

I try to stay out of religious conversations on FB, but I did feel the need to post "1. That's Photoshopped. 2. It's not showing what you think it is showing. 3. you may want to research the inspiration for that photo, though I take no responsibility for what you find."

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