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Journal StalinsNotDead's Journal: Hiatus 11

I am writing this to officially state that I am taking a reprieve from Slashdot and other sites. Mental and physical health have been in decline. And although I have never been what one would call a regular poster or commenter, I thought I would take a few moments to say farewell, for the time being. I've un-flagged the notifications for new journal entries so I won't know when people write them. But after my diagnoses, both physical and mental, I need to simplify things and reading Slashdot regularly was an item to be removed (as is regular computer use). I will miss many of the ranting and raving of virtual lunatics and friends as well as the coherent conversations that would sometimes come between. Then everything got really difficult to do on this site. I'm not abandoning it per se. I'm just taking a break. I contributed very little to it anyway.

I hope this message finds everyone in relatively acceptable health. And good luck to you all, even the assholes.

To Stoolpigeon: Sorry I was never able to come through on a meet-up. Sociability and follow-through are just not strong points of mine. If you're still in the Orlando area you can try to arrange a meet-up if you'd like. But I seem to recall that you've since been removed from the area.

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  • My 'dot activity has waned as well since Update 2: Taco's Boogaloo. Which is a shame, since this is one of the few places on the 'net that felt homely.

    Good luck with the recovery, your treatment sounds quite nice to an office jockey such as myself!
    • I am still getting messages for replies to journals. I want to keep in touch, I just couldn't deal with the X number of journal entries to read and I 've since given up on the front page. (In fact, calling it the front page is similar to calling it the outlook from my perspective, just prepend MS to it and you get the idea)

      The primary anti-psychotic (they're not going the anti-depressant rout) has a commercial. It listed side-effects. Some were doozies.

      "So Doc, how many in the test group did suffer from spo

      • You're not joking. I swear to Allah I once heard one of those commercials list one of the side effects as Tuberculosis.

        Glad to hear things are on the up. I'm still self-medicating. It's not perfect, but recent applications of willpower seem to have ameliorated my own...outlook.
  • Definitely good to look out for health, and if giving up slashdot and other sites furthers that goal it is a small sacrifice. (very small since this new slashdot went live).

    • See my previous response for details, plus I adore (and agree with) your signature. Although I can't drink because of some blood-thinning medication and I'm slowly reducing tobacco consumption. I feel like a traitor to the cause, but I need to outlive my mother. After that, it don't matter much really. People can deal with it, she can't.

  • I'll patiently await your return, as I'm sure everyone else will (unless slashdot pulls a Charlie Sheen and roles out a "web 3.0" interface).

    Take care.

    • See my response to Captain Splendid for more details.

      As long as it has tiger-code running through its veins, I'm fine with Slashdot pulling a Charlie Sheen.

  • I sent you an email.

  • My own slashdotting has been dying out, too. The latest affront, I mean design change, just seems to make doing anything here all the more difficult. But I do wish you well, hope your health continues to improve, and maybe when you come back they'll have fixed everything!
    • See my response to Captain Splendid.

      But they did improve one thing. I was able to write every response to this journal without "slowdown cowboy" crap.

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