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Comment Re:Completely inexplicable... (Score 2) 618

I'll leave the science out of it, this a purely ad hominem response; the fact that you think that you can boil this argument down to a fucking paragraph makes me severely doubt you.

If I'm going to go the scientific route, I should doubt, "the science" up until I can replicate and understand the experiments that lead you to this belief. Unfortunately I'm a lazy, overworked developer who has about zero chance of actually doing that. So I'm going to have to settle for picking a side in the culture war. Religious authoritarians or anti-establishment philosophers. I know which side I'm on.

Please god, don't boil me alive.

Comment Re:This looks like a typical straw man argument. (Score 3, Insightful) 476

I initially had the same reaction that the guy was getting pedantic about a term like "Retina display" which is obvious marketing bullshit.

But as I read the rest of the summary (not the article, mind you) I realized that he was picking apart the claim that Jobs made that the screen resolution is higher than that of the retina. Which I think is fair game to critique.

Comment Re:Strongly typed language? (Score 1) 299

Here is a great resource on these issues and might help you use some of the language you are using correctly:

I understand that static versus dynamic is a fairly binary valued property, but my understanding is that strength of type systems is real valued.
There are 2 axes to strength:
1. If you have a type system (you outlaw certain programs), how well is it enforced? Are there ways to get around it? (Yes/No)
2. How many and what type of behaviors do you outlaw in programs. On this axis a lot of trade offs can be made. Do you allow automatic coercion? Do you allow generic data types to be expressed? If so, are covariant and contravariant type parameters allowed? etc... (Subjective 0.0 - 1.0)


Submission + - Five AJAX frameworks reviewed

prostoalex writes: "Dr. Dobb's Journal reviews 5 AJAX frameworks: Dojo 0.3.1, Prototype and Scriptaculous 1.4, Direct Web Reporting 1.0, Yahoo! User Interface Library 0.11.1 and Google Web Toolkit 1.0. Each framework was tested in two basic scenarios — writing a "hub" (titled collapsible link list frequently seen on sidebars of many Web sites) and a "tab panel" (horizontal tabbed navigation bar). During the process, Dr. Dobb's Journal reviewers noted that "Dojo provides more features and HTML widgets than YUI and Prototype" but eventually "settled on the Yahoo! User Interface Library"."
The Internet

Submission + - Digg's "Boston Tea Party"?

Seismologist writes: Forbes.com is running an article about the recent user base revolt that occurred on Digg over 'the' HD-DVD encryption key which of course can be followed in this or this Slashdot article:

Digg.com has become one of the Web's top news portals by putting the power to choose the news in the hands of its users. Just how much power they wield, however, only became clear Tuesday night, when Digg turned into what one user called a "digital Boston Tea Party." When the site's administrators attempted to prevent users from posting links to pages revealing the copyright encryption key for HD-DVD discs, Digg's users rebelled. Hundreds of references to the code flooded the site's submissions, filling its main pages and overwhelming the administrators' attempts to control the site's content.

Submission + - Response to CLF Mercury Levels

theNetImp writes: The Consumerist has written a response to the the article linked to the other day from this slashdot article regarding the safety of CLFs. "

A woman in Maine broke a CFL and, rather than carefully cleaning the mess up herself, she called Home Depot. They told her not to vacuum, and directed her to call Poison Control. Poison Control directed her to the Maine DEP, who then sent an agent. The agent told her to call in a toxic waste team to give an estimate. Naturally, they told her it was going to be around $2,000. She heard that number, walled off the bedroom and alerted the local media.

Enter Fox News, where Steven "Junk Science" Milloy a well known, self-appointed "Junk Science expert" and global warming denier, writes an editorial extolling the dangers of CFLs to you, me, and our precious, precious babies.

Submission + - Texas High School Suspends over Counter-Strike

Phi Kai writes: As found on the GamePolitics.com main page, a 17 year old High School Student was arrested and suspended from school for creating a Counter-Strike map based on the school. The student's map was brought to the attention of the administration the day after the VT shootings. The map has evidently been available for months prior to this, but was only brought to light after the shootings. The student in question is of Asian decent and the Asian-American community in the area is rallying around the student. Read more at GamePolitics.com or just check the Google.com results.

Submission + - Book as College Graduation Present?

tigersha writes: I am the boss of a young lad who worked for me for a few years as an intern. He is about to graduate with a degree in computer science and I would like to give him a book as present. Does not have to be CS. Any suggestions?

Journal Journal: Orkut quietly removes https login

When I tried to access my Orkut account on Monday morning, I got an "Unable to Connect" message. I just assumed that they were having some temporary problems. When I couldn't login on Tuesday, I thought maybe the company had tightened down the firewall, so I tried later that evening from home with the same result. So I did a Google search to see if anything had been reported, and found a Wikipedia entry. Other than that, it seems very few people noticed this security problem.

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