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Comment Re:Everyone here hates both candidates (Score 1) 482

Yeah, but it's not like he would have gotten elected. He was actually a pretty good speaker during the debates, and I think he would have done a lot more to get through to people. In an environment where Sanders and Trump have had so much appeal, having a little color ain't such a bad thing.

Comment Re:Hillary is Unfit to Lead (Score 1) 482

We should do what Australia does and voting should be compulsory. If people were forced to go out and cast their ballots, perhaps they would put some thought into who and what the issues are.

If those people aren't interest enough to vote now, what makes you think they will "put some thought" into the issues when you force them to vote at gunpoint?

If anything, I'd rather less dumb people voting. We have far too many of them as is. If you don't know who controls the house, senate and executive branch, you shouldn't be allowed within a quarter mile of a voting booth.

Comment Re:Just another CEO mouthing off... (Score 2, Interesting) 921

16% isn't that much for fast food, really. A $2 sandwich goes up by about $.30, that really isn't that much. People don't flinch at that kind of price fluctuation on gasoline any more, why would they change their habits on food over it?

I already have. I used to get the Asiago Ranch Chicken sandwich from Wendy's every week. They raised it by almost a buck, earlier this year, and now I go to Chick-fil-a instead (despite the lines).

Comment Not Sure Liability Will Ever Be Worked Out (Score 1) 381

So who's at fault when they crash? Are they going to seriously insist that people stay alert and ready to take over, if things start to go wrong? People barely do that now with traditional cars. And I can't imagine companies like Google assuming the burden. Given how litigious our society is, I think this will remain a pipe dream for a long time to come.

Comment Re:Why do libertarians support him? (Score 2) 281

I know a lot of libertarians and very few of them support Trump. Like almost none. I know more Democrats who support him, than libertarians. The only small-government case that could be made for him, is that the Democrats and Republicans hate him so much, that they won't likely vote to expand executive power, while he's in office, and may even move to finally curtail it.

Comment Not Sure What to Do (Score 4, Insightful) 192

I have serious privacy concerns over Windows 10, but I do run it on my gaming-only box, figuring there isn't too much to harvest anyway. I also have a Win 7 and Win 8.1 machine which I've been reluctant to upgrade because of this. Especially after watching Windows 10 wipe out my privacy settings and restore the defaults.

That being said, Windows 10 is so much faster at starting up and coming out of sleep and will likely be the only version receiving updates in the future. I would love to upgrade my other boxes for free, but I just can't bring myself to do it.

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