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Comment Re:legal papers *are* sent ("served") by email (Score 1) 594

I seriously, seriously hope my sarcasm meter's broken, because you can't possibly be serious when saying something as reprehensibly stupid as "So, yes, there is a legal obligation to check your inbox on a regular basis". That's the reason you posted as an AC, right? Because you didn't want this coming back to your actual /. account?

Comment Nuts... I was hoping for Webkit... (Score 1) 556

At a glance, I thought that the article title meant that Firefox 4.0 was going to be based upon the Chrome browser, and therefore Webkit... no such luck, I guess. A browser which has full compatibility with the Firefox legacy of plug-ins, and runs on the Webkit rendering engine would almost certainly replace Safari as my default browser on both my Macintosh and my PC -- and I would hazard a guess that I'm not the only one who could say this. What's more, then the "browser wars" would effectively be whittled (back) down to a boxing match between Internet Explorer and Webkit, instead of this wild-and-crazy-free-for-all that's been going on ever since Netscape gave up the fight and sold out to AOL. Maybe then, the collective market share of all of these webkit-based browsers might drive web development more strongly to a "standards centered" philosophy of design and away from the "IE workaround" philosophy of design.

Ah, well. A guy can dream, can't he?

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