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Comment Re:It's about time (Score 1) 86

decent price? 16 bucks for a re-re-release on a system where you can emulate the original or probably the re-release too.

It's worth noting that Square Enix has been either making or at least publishing other full-fledged RPGs, and earlier in iOS' lifetime, there was Chaos Rings, which was about as high budget as the platform could hold at the time. From what I understand, it actually was well received, but surprise surprise, no one wanted to pay that much for a game on their phone.

They're not completely insane, though, so they haven't done anything other than cheaper ports or other kinds of games since (and more recent games are IAP-riddled in hilarious ways).

Comment Re:This app never seemed necessary (Score 1) 187

There is a way to "self censor" the app, which is to download it, mark it 1 star and give a crappy review. Enough people do that, and the app fades into obscurity.

Depending on how the store works, downloading to crappy rate it may just boost it's popularity, which gives it more visibility, not less.

At least, that's how it works on the Apple App Store (which I believe has popularity which uses downloads/time, and grossing which uses revenue/time). Not sure if Android's equivalents use that or just have lists that are just based of ranking alone.

Comment Re:Obligatory Steve Jobs quote (Score 1) 208

The 5 and 5s have the exact same dimensions so cases are interchangeable.

Same dimensions, not necessarily same button positions.

At least, the 4th gen iPod Touch I had doesn't have the same volume button positioning as the new 5C. Perhaps the 4/4S iPhones match the 5's, but the subtle difference in my case meant the case couldn't be closed without attempting to crush the volume buttons (which would be quite worthless).

Comment Re:Some people... (Score 1) 621

There isn't anyone better than the parent to decide what his/her kid can handle.

Is that so? I don't think you're as categorically correct as you state.

(Pardon the terrible wikipedia page; the point is in the concept, not necessarily the content of the page, and all Google is returning for me is Canadian pages that seem to be too Canadian-centric.)

Comment Re:No More Anoymous Moderating. (Score 4, Insightful) 276

Moderators should be identified.

I disagree. Moderators who must be identified would just lead to harassment of moderators. There's always going to be asshats who moderate stuff down they disagree with (and I doubt every asshat who does that being exposed for doing that would change their tune), but I'd foresee that exposing the handles of moderators would be like not allowing anonymous posting; it'd try to cut down on the problem, but also cut out a lot of moderation that doesn't follow the conventional groupthink.

Much like commenting, at least the choice of moderating anonymously should still be kept (at least for Slashdot's method). Similar to non-anonymous posting, though, non-anonymous moderations being weighted differently could be a possible avenue for improvement.

Comment Re:Guess that's why Valve is so behind Linux (Score 1) 369

How did the parent get to +5 Informative? The GP said...

almost all their newer games like Portal 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive weren't available on Linux

...which is two of Valve's five most recent games, and they're not on this list.

When the only recent games a company releases on a platform are a free-to-play game and a sequel, I think it's safe to say said company isn't taking the platform seriously.

Comment Re:Idiocracy (Score 1) 628

How about this:

It is illegal for a person (call him Fred) to drink while driving, but nobody would argue that giving Fred (who is over 21) sealed beer to take home with him with the intent of him drinking them later, and then Fred choosing to drink the beer while in the car on the way makes you liable.

It's almost a perfect analogy of the original scenario, and it shows how this DOES in fact, strip the actual person responsible of their moral responsibility.

Except this isn't a perfect analogy.

The judge ruled:

that a person sending text messages has a duty not to text someone who is driving if the texter knows, or has special reason to know, the recipient will view the text while driving.

The key is "if the texter knows, or has special reason to know, the recipient will view the text while driving." As in, you know or have reason to know that you are putting the recipient at risk.

So the perfect analogy would be as you describe only if you add the knowledge that the gifting person knows Fred has a history of drinking and driving and knows that he will do so with the beer you've provided, or that Fred mentioned he will drink it as he's driving.

Knowledge that the risk is (or almost certainly is) increased is key. This does go hand in hand with reducing the responsibility for a given party to less than 100%, but it is not the completely stripping it that you have stated.

Comment Re:The Marine Corps Called... (Score 1) 160

Well clearly it requires materials and effort.

But when the first caveman skinned a bear and sat on it he didn't make anyone else's arse any colder.

Except for... you know, the bear.

For some people, that doesn't matter. For others, there's concerns about the long-term that may not be obvious; for example, the survivability of the bison... I mean bear.

Comment Re:Their Game, Their Content (Score 1) 297

If a video of somebody playing a game is a good, or even adequate, substitute for that game, I think that it's fair to say that the game must really suck, badly.

Some games aren't trying to be good games, or at the very least aren't defined by good gameplay. The Uncharted series is a good example; a lot of people don't care about the gameplay, but the story (and it's execution while playing) is considering quite enjoyable. Watching a video of a game will never be a perfect substitute for playing it, but it can be good enough for some people, and that shouldn't speak poorly of the game itself if it's trying to be entertainment outside of just being game-y.

Comment Re:Playing the race card again (Score 1) 1078

Erm, there may be a whole host of differences, but there's no point ignoring the fact that:
- it's pretty easy to find lots of pairs of cases where the circumstances are very similar, but the punishments are different, and the black kid gets the more severe punishment

If it's so easy, why do we get stories like this one that compare non-violent punished case to resulted-in-death non-punished case? If we're supposed to compare apples to apples, we've got some really different fruits here, at best.

Comment Re:Fantastic. (Score 1) 261

With all the negative PR that this whole mess is generating, wouldn't Microsoft want to publicly contradict what he said if it wasn't true?

But then anything they don't publicly contradict you'd know (or at least rightfully assume) is true. That's why companies don't want to comment on speculation or rumor; they have little to gain for positive news and much to lose for negative news.

Comment Re:The Stupidity, It Hurts! (Score 1) 1006

Can't let people hurt themselves, now can we?

Not when there's sufficient risk they will cost others, yes (stealing to support habit, health insurance costs, psychological issues for friends/family).

In theory, letting people do whatever to themselves is fine. In practice, connections run deeper than that.

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