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Comment Re:11 minute of action per game (Score 1) 227

I saw a baseball game in Tokyo recently and was surprised to find they seemed to keep up the pace a lot more. Even with all the crazy synchronized cheers, the pitchers kept pitching. The overall quality of the play didn't seem to be as high, though. Fair amount of unintentional walks and the foul balls were pretty wild.

Comment Re:Legit Question (Score 2) 44

And some of the bad programming practices we see today is the result of developers jumping from one trendy language to the next while never taking the time to become proficient in any of them.
This is utter nonsense. Either you can program or you can't.
And jumping form language to language usually makes you a better programmer as you tend to learn to look at problems from different points of views.

We don't need more languages Of course we do. I rather write 4 lines of code in a new language than 40 line sin C or 400 in assembler.
we need better programmers. No we don't. Most programmers are good enough. We only need _more_ of the good ones. Not better ones.

Comment Re:Whats the point? (Score 1) 81

Most people who charge at home, charge at night. So, without storage, solar panels don't help.

That's idiotic nonsense. Most people who charge their electric car at home, switch to peak/off-peak billing with their electric company. That means electricity used before midnight is insanely expensive, but solar panels can offset most of that daytime demand. And after midnight you can charge your car for a pittance.

Comment Re:Were the users randomized? (Score 1) 501

Depends what you call IT.

I do software architectures and hence have a close contact to IT. And for my work I do not need to know what a domain controller is.

As you where not able to give a three sentence explanation, I strongly suspect: you don't know either.

No, Macs and Linux machines don't need to be plugged to a "DC" ... perhaps you mean an LDAP server for user and rights management?

Comment Re:Were the users randomized? (Score 1) 501

On a Mac thee is no "walled garden", you mix up iPhons/iPads with Computers.

And what actually do you lose "in the real world" is beyond me.

I'm lucky I have not to cope with computers that "don't work" ...

It is pretty dumb that people consider themselves superior because they get computer working "that don't work" ... I expect my computer to work and not to change "behaviour" unless I change some settings.

When I change settings, I know how to change them back. On a linux/unix box all settings are in git anyway ... no way to do that on Windows.

So good luck with your ignorance.

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