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Comment I don't think that's what he did. (Score 1) 767

So you don't think the Republican candidate for the Presidency of the US inviting a foreign power, one that is at the best of times in a rather tense relationship with the United States, to hack into US systems just to gain dirt on the other party's nominee is reasonable?

It's obvious to a native speaker of English (who isn't astroturfing the Democrats' talking points) that Trump was NOT inviting the Russians to initiate a new crack on his opponent's servers.

He was ribbing his opponents, and keeping their lax security (and their "The Russians are aiding him!" attempt at distraction) in the public eye, by pointing out that the Russians probably ALREADY have the emails that Clinton's people "can't find", and inviting them to dig them out of their own archives and provide them to investigators and/or the press.

People claiming he is inviting new espionage don't just look foolish. They also play into his hands, by keeping the issue in the face of prospective voters.

But feel free to continue. B-)

Comment Re:I get disks in the mail (Score 1) 189

I said the figures are public. Netflix does not lose money on streaming overall, only overseas. Netflix does not make more money from DVD rentals than it does from streaming. Even the article you linked does not say streaming is not profitable for Netflix, which was your own assertion.

Maybe these are recent developments; I leave that research to you.

Comment Re:Fuck off and die already (Score 2) 206

Here's a little piece I wrote back in 2000...

An Excerpt from NBC's Olympic coverage

BC: Hi! I'm Bob Costas, and welcome to NBC's incredibly wonderful coverage of the Olympics(tm). In fact, our coverage is so wonderful that we want you to enjoy the anticipation so much, that we wait till tomorrow! Now let's go to the events.

Cut to the 10000 meter run

Announcer1: Look! There's an American running in this race. He hasn't got a snowball's chance in hell of winning, but we're going to keep the camera trained on him, because we know you don't care about who wins if it's some foreigner.

Announcer2: That's right! Hey, look, the American guy just got lapped by some foreign dude. They should change the rules so that the Americans always come in first.

Cut to 20 minutes of commercials for Nike, IBM, and Coca-Cola

BC: Hi! I'm back. And weren't those commercials thrilling? Oh yes, here are the results of the 10,000 meter race. It was actually held yesterday, but we know you didn't want to know about them today. Some foreign guys won, so you don't care. But now we'll cut to a clip from four days ago at the pool, because we know you love to watch Americans accept their gold medals!

Cut to a clip of some US swimmer accepting their gold medal with the Star Spangled Banner playing in the background.

BC: Doesn't that just bring a tear to your eye? He managed to win a gold meal, even after he suffered a hangnail last year that almost ended his career. And we'll be showing you that clip every day!

Looks off camera for a minute...

What? Oh, I'm sorry. It appears that that athlete has been banned from the Games, and had her medal stripped because she said that she believes that Nike(tm) uses sweatshop labor. Darn. Now we'll have to find another heartwarming clip of an American accepting a medal. Meanwhile, it's off to the fencing competition.

Cut to yet another 20 minutes of commercials.

BC (showing bruises on his face): Sorry, I lost my head there for a minute. Management has "reminded" me that Americans don't care about fencing coverage, so we'll go to something else. Here's Rhythmic Gymnastic coverage...

Cut to the Rhythmic Gymnastic coverage...

Announcer1: Hi. We're just down to the part where some pre-teen girl runs around the floor holding a huge ball, and we pretend it's a sport. We know you love this coverage.

Announcer2: Oh! She dropped the ball! Darn it, and she was an American, too! Now we'll probably have to broadcast some pictures of a foreigner. They should change the rules!

Cut to 20 more minutes of commercials.

BC: Well, that wraps it up for our Olympic coverage for tonight. After your local news, we'll rerun this entire show, instead of showing other sports that WE know you don't want to watch.

Cut to 20 more minutes of commercials

Closing Credits. Includes the line: This is the property of NBC and the IOC. If you even talk to your friends about who won before we broadcast it, we'll sue your asses off!

Comment This is capitalism killing you... (Score 1) 102

The story here, is that cellular providers are leaving you to die alone...

The feds have been pushing for more advanced cellular locator technology for many years now. That would include things like altimeters/pressure sensors in all new cell phones, so that in a high rise building they can at least tell which floor you are on. Or U-TDOA high-accuracy triangulating receivers on cell towers. Or even an E-911 location for cell phones on file, so emergency services will at least know your exact home address.

The big-4 cellular service providers pushed back hard against any such requirements, refusing on the grounds of making cell service slightly more expensive. Their excuses being that things like this WiFi location service will be an adequate alternative, and so FCC rules continue to get watered down. "T-Mobile said, is that the FCC should not require wireless carriers to meet the proposed guidelines, and that the agency should instead seek other ways to locate indoor 911 callers."

There are innumerable stories of people who died because emergency services couldn't get an accurate enough location to reach the victim in time. Numerous wrenching horror stories where operators listed to someone die over the phone while they waited around several minutes for an accurate enough GPS location to even find the right building. Never-mind locating the correct floor, let alone the exact apartment/condo/office/car/etc.

"an>estimated 10,000 Americans who will die this year because wireless companies donâ(TM)t transmit precise enough location data to 9-1-1 operators"

God help you if you are incapacitated by an emergency in such a location, and there doesn't happen to be any WiFi APs around to help Google and the first-responders locate you. Thanks to your service provider, the paramedics have much lower odds of finding you.

Comment Re:I get disks in the mail (Score 1) 189

The surprising part, though, is not just that many people think disks by mail is old fashioned, but that people think that despite the fact that Netflix makes their profit from DVDs in the mail, not from streaming.

That's not true. Netflix loses money on streaming internationally, but in its most recent quarter its profits from domestic streaming were double its profits from DVD rentals. It also had five times as many domestic streaming subscribers than DVD plan subscribers. These figures are public.

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