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Comment Re:I think the difference is (Score 1) 838

your odds of surviving a knife attack are orders of magnitude better than surviving a shooting.

That is only tue in theory ... as in: does he really shoot? Yes most likely. Does he really stab, no most likely not.

If you get stabbed, your chance of survival is much lower than if you get shot ...

So, if one draws a knife: run ... run as fast as you can. If you can not run: fight to kill him, not to maim or disarm him.

Comment Re:"Police found Purinton 80 miles away at Applebe (Score 1) 838

Here is the thing foreigners don't understand about guns in America.
Foreigners understand quite well.

We have 2017 now, not 1760 ... or 1780 ... the one who is not understanding is america. (not only regarding guns. But also drugs, parenthood, alcohol etc. )

But thanx for the informative post, probably some did not know about the distinction between "people" and "militia".

Comment Re:I wouldn't touch Google Chrome on Linux (Score 1) 83

The software belongs to the one who is installing it.
And that is in 99& of the cases: not 'root'.

There is a reason why you have /usr/bin ...

And we where talking about Chrome, not Chromium, or do I miss anything?
Anyway: I'm on a mac and don't "install" software. I drag&drop it from the installation medium to my Applications folder: hence it has no S bit, is running with my rights and not with anyone else rights.

Sorry, if that applications needs s-bit as root to run: delete it.

Comment Re:What the heck is "BCE"? What's wrong with "BC"? (Score 1) 118

Erm, what point do you want to make?

Again: except for history freaks! no one is using those terms. And then again: it is only americans, probably on a 'social justice political correctness' trip.

Just read wikipedia about random events in history, people as in actual people say BC and AC (not AD as most people are not christians or simply don't remember that english/americsns prefer AD over AC)

In other words: it might be correct english to say BCE, but 90% of the english speakers on the planet don't speak 'correct english'. They use their own words. I'm german, e.g. And no one says in german 'before common aera' so every german will simply say 'before christ' as that is how it is called in german, or italian, or spanish or chinese.

Comment Re:What the heck is "BCE"? What's wrong with "BC"? (Score 1) 118

I would suggest to simply read stuff about historical events ..
Everyone is saying BC if it is before 0 and AC if it is after, in rarer cases AD.

It is only americans and hyper critical /. readers that use CE and BCE.

I'm 50 and had english in schools. This CE and BCE stuff occured in my life a few years ago. Before that everyone understood what BC is ...

Comment RTFA. They DID try it on people. (Score 1) 149

RTFA. Then follow the link to the paper. They DID try it on humans. Worked reasonably well (though the sample was small so it was more "does this maybe work on people, too? Is it worth a big study to check?" rather than "do all the results reproduce in people just like mice or are they quantitatively different in THIS way?").

Interestingly, they used a proprietary commercial boxed Fasting Mimicing Diet - L-Nutra's ProLon (Developed by a team including a USC Davis professor specializing in gerontology and life-extension) - on the human experimental subjects.

Comment Re:I blame Trump. (Score 4, Insightful) 838

That man opened the door for lunatics like this. His followers are gleefully jumping through the door and this is what we get as a nation. I also blame the GOP for this because of their desire for power in Washington. They let this happen unchecked.

Trump may be aggravating it, but this isn't new. Some idiot attacked Sikhs a few years ago because he thought their turbans meant they were Muslims.

Racism doesn't always attract the brightest bulbs.

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