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Comment Re:Admin? (Score 1) 238

So herein lies the core of the issue, 2 actually.

1) social engineering. Under normal UAC, as part of the admins group you have to merely click-thru to elevate a process. As a non admin user, with a seperate privileged account you must provide credentials.This raise the bar of, in nothing else, user awareness, and prevents the sadly typical user behavior of just clicking on any button tat comes up without reading. Sudo still requires a password, so its not the same as the UAC standard setting.

2) escalation flaws. A user not in the admins group is not allowed to latest at all (probably). Thus if a malicious program does come along looking to exploit the a system component, or other program that has a flaw, the assumption that root access can be achieved will basically fail silently. For a non-windwos example of this see ShellShock on MacOS.

Comment Re:Only Fixed by Resigning (Score 1) 410

Which part of a CEO mentality is ok to go in and edit the DB? The excuse of 'well I'm the engineer' doesn't cut it. The shoot from the hip, 'cowboy' startup mentality is what will end up dooming Reddit; spez' actions are merely the consequence. Reddit should no longer be in the 'startup' mentality. It is this kind of "I'm gonna fuck with my detractors BS that is the hallmark of the egoist, not the high level otherwise detached management of the CEO. Perhaps he should just have a twitter spat, ya know like that other guy all over the news.

Comment Re: because Photoshop doesn't exist (Score 1) 317

Well I'm going to assume that the govt mandated speech part is self evident. So I'll elaborate on the second part. If you are voting, excerpting your right to vote, in essence your political speech, I am not keen on the idea that the govt would force you to keep your political speech secret, by statute.

Comment Re: Why even have elections? (Score 1) 437

"I don't think even the lowliest serf is ignorant anymore that every media outlet and talking head is campaigning for Hillary." I'm concerned you've missed the point. They are ignorant that this is happening. because they have been convinced by said media that its their own opinion. All media outlets that set out to sway the public do this. There are countless instances of people who complain about Fox News generating a skewed reality for their viewership. At the end of the day, taking apolitical position on a candidate is a matter of money. The more eyeballs you drive to your venue, them ore you can sell those views to advertisers. The more rabid the viewers are the more they will patron your venue. Its just the way it works. There can really only be one rule of caution : Be more cynical.

Comment Re:Does anybody ... (Score 3, Informative) 475

You are presuming that he's using the connection of the main Ecuadoran embassy (for which it may have more than one). And, yes doing so would likely cause a diplomatic issue, However I'd like to propose a couple of things : * It does not say which state. If the connection is a separate one facilitated by the Embassy, it does not say that Ecuador did not cut it. * If could be a separate connection not used for official business by the Embassy, but for visitors etc. but on contract facilitated by the Embassy that was then cut by a request to the provider by the UK. There are a number of ways this could be setup, and still be consistent with the published statement. Perhaps notching back on the histrionics would provide, overall, a better perspective on whats actually in play here.

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