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Comment Re:Be careful how hard you squeeze (Score 1) 82

So much crying and so little understanding of systems theory.

Sure, americans want more money than chinese children. However, what does it cost to support all the unemployed people and to fight the higher crime and other problems that come with unemployment?

Also, money goes in circles. The american worker paid well will spend a large part of his salary on some other american business (say, the fast food store near work, the gas station on his way to work, etc.) while the chinese child spends his money somewhere in China.

Ford was the first to understand that paying his workers well would actually give him an advantage - if they can afford to buy one of his cars, they will. The same is true of this. Maybe the price of iPhones will rise - or maybe more people will buy them and the price stay the same. Or something inbetween.

It's too easy to just cry that prices will rise. In fact, that's usually a strawman.

Comment Re:*** INFINITE FACEPALM *** (Score 1) 74

This is what they call a "solution looking for a problem".

I normally use information to decide if I need an umbrella - I don't randomly go around the house touching things and waiting for an LED to flash.
What next? The "am I thirsty" waterbottle? Oh wait we already made that.

Seriously, this is like autonomy-inversion.

Ah, but this way the umbrella catches fire. How many flaming umbrellas do we get your way, eh?

Comment Re:China's Trump is named Xi (Score 2) 377

China has 1,448 naturalised Chinese in total. Almost no foreigners are able to become citizens (source).

Even Japan, better known for hostility to immigration, naturalises around 10,000 new citizens each year; in America the figure is some 700,000.

If you aren't Han, you are in trouble in China.

Comment Re:cheap chinese crap (Score 1) 73

How loud it is in the headphones depends on the output of the amplifier

If you are sneaky, you could have a circuit that limits the voltage amplitude coming into the headphones. This could be stupid dumb (a diode limiter) or something more complex like an active gain control.

However I suspect most kid headphones are assuming the input maxes out at 2 VRMS, and use resistor dividers to reduce the voltage into the speakers. This dumb solution means that sometimes kids might not be able to hear overly quiet videos (such as on Kids Youtube) where audio loudness is not well managed.

Comment Re:This works for me (Score 1) 377

Heh, Italy just rejected the attempt to create a new Mussolini, signalling that an Ixit is likely on the Horizon - a move that's been called "Trump-aligned" as well as "Brexit-aligned".

Rejecting the power of a central government to impose unwanted immigration on the people is an anti-authoritarian move.

Comment Re:This works for me (Score 0) 377

I'm old enough to remember how Regan was Hitler. We all remember how Bush was Hitler. But, hey, I'm sure there's a wolf this time.

Also, your characterization of people* who say "let's have less immigration while the economy sucks" as "supremacists" is cute. They must be racists, right? It's also the reason Trump won. Keep it up.

(*) About 1/3rd of America, ditto Brexit voters and the coming Ixit voters.

Comment Re:Fake news? (Score 1) 377

"One thing it's not any more is a truly communist country."

Really, you're going to use the 'no true Scotsman" fallacy?

To be fair, the majority of the Chinese economy is now owned by private individuals, not the state. So, in that sense, it's a capitalist economy with a strong communist presence, as opposed to a communist economy.

It's still totalitarian, though, which is enough of a problem.

Comment Re:This works for me (Score -1, Flamebait) 377

C'mon man, just come out and say it: "Trump is literally Hitler". You know you want to. The stormtroopers with their Pepe insignia will be carting off all the gay mexican muslims to the Trump-branded death camps by the end of January, right? Refer to this documentary proof:

Comment Re:This works for me (Score 1) 377

Those are for top tier talent, possibly white americans to basically export their knowledge and kickstart their startups

Western-appearing people are a real prestige thing for Chinese companies. To the point where they'll hire non-technical people who are good at public speaking to give power-point presentations, and pretend the speaker is the chief architect (jobs like this are known as "white monkey jobs"). I expect they'd be willing to pay a hefty premium for actual skilled talent from the West.

Being a fashion thing, it could vanish any year, but for once there's a situation where "White guy form America" is actually a plus in the tech labor market.

Comment Re:Slashdot headline wrong (Score 1) 134

Interesting, this was baked into Tivo back in the day.

You could pick a show, and pick "only new episodes" or "all episodes", the all episodes would pick-up syndication, only new would do the prime-time spot when it was new episodes season (occasionally capturing a rerun).

It would also auto scoop up with super low priority (would delete them for space, and scheduled recordings would over ride), shows you may like and all episodes of shows you liked.

I used to make a high priority for "new episodes" and a low for "all" of shows I watched.

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