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Submission + - First FreeBSD bounty/sponsorship websites launched 1

Slumdog writes: Two new FreeBSD websites have been launched allowing viewers/members to sponsor new features or offer funds for development. The Websites are: and

Hywel writes: > I decided to create a site where people can offer > bounties, others can lend their support, and developers can be sign up > to claim the bounties. > > At the moment it's still in the early stages, but hopefully it'll grow > and prove to be a valuable resource for the FreeBSD community. Matt writes: We've got a site in development called where sponsors can post a project, and other people can contribute financially towards the bounty. Multiple developers can then sign up for that project and contribute code that is viewable by all via web cvs or that remains private in case of closed bounties. A founding sponsor, team leader, or admin can then divvy the bounty up to the contributors based on effort or selected solution.

Submission + - Linux 2.68.5 released (

Slumdog writes: Greg k-h from the linux stable team just announced the release of Linux 2.68.5:

We (the -stable team) are announcing the release of the kernel. It contains a wide range of bugfixes, and all users of the 2.6.28 kernel series are strongly encouraged to upgrade.

The summary of changes can be found here:;a=summary

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