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Comment Re:O RLY? (Score 1) 602

It makes me sad that the username "Lil Omar" is too sex-ambiguous for Slashdotters. :/

Well, to be fair there is no hyphen or other spacing to indicate that it should be read that way. i personally read the post, then the username as 'lilo-mar'. seemed a bit female to me, though the 'The creator of this post (Jacob Smith) hereby releases it, and all of his other posts, into the public domain.' in their signature made me think it was quite possibly a guy. that and lol nerd-dudes on /.

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 496

to be honest, sir, my gaming rig is about 5 or 6 years old, and to this date remains useful for playing rather modern games. in this time, i have installed and reinstalled windows xp and countless versions of linux, for various (mostly 'i fucked something up') reasons. i have added more hard drive space, as that became cheaper and i needed more of it, doubled my ram from the original build spec, and added a more modern graphics card. all in all, i still play games and it still does its job without really showing its age too badly. finally, all those extra upgrade parts? they were bought used, either from craigslist of friends who no longer wanted their 'old' hardware. i laugh in the face of the traditional 'obsolescence' argument.

Comment Re:A cool abstract open-source game: Cultivation (Score 1) 121

You need to grow a garden, mate, and have children to win the game.

It took me a few goes before I realised that was a verb. I was reading it in an Australian accent for some reason.

oh shit, you are right. i didn't realise my mistake until you pointed it out. damn internet, bringing international language usage to the US!

Comment reasonable comments (Score 2, Interesting) 179

you know, i really found this article to be educational also, because i've seen it before where someone will post a leak of some sort, a leaked build, or leaked screen shots, something leaked, and they will say 'wow look it's so rough man this will be the worst most horrible experience ever' or 'look they cut this essential feature out it will be horrible' or 'look how sloppy everything is!'. from what i read of this dev's statements, he sounds like me when i'm working on anything, from my car to my computer. if an outsider peeked in and looked at it all while i'm in the middle it may look really sloppy. dirt all over, parts strew right and left, half of it doesn't even work, and i myself am just sloppy and dirty. dust on my nose, smudges on my glasses, grease on my hands. it really presents the idea that i am just a slob and also that the finished product will be horribly broken.

of course, that is the not the case. i just need to get dirty and make a mess to get anywhere sometimes. i may wind up taking whole sections of my computer or car out and botching something together just to test something. it doesn't look good at all, but it's just part of the process. when i'm done, it will be functional. it will work. it will in fact even look nice, but i have my process to work in and if you step into that while i'm busy and you don't know what is going on in my head, you won't be impressed.

so please, save the hating on this dev for someone else. i'm glad he said something. it helps put these negative reviews of various Windows leaked builds (or WIP builds of anything really) in perspective. important things to realise i figure.

thanks, anonymous dev.

Comment Re:It depends. (Score 1) 763

I don't disagree with you. I feel that if you purchase a game, you should be able to play it right when you get home.

But if you didn't want to eat pizza until Friday night but your roommates ate it all Wednesday night, who do you blame? The fridge because it doesn't have a lock?

It's the vendor's fault for offering the company's product before the company requested it, not the company's fault for not calling each vendor to ensure that their product isn't on the shelf.

Comment Re:You're doing WHAT with the wire? (Score 0) 412

Just a short "Spelling Nazi" break: It's spelled "baling" wire, not "bailing" wire.

Baling wire is wire used for strapping bales of hay together. I'm not entirely how one would use wire for bailing out a sinking boat, but if you can figure it out then you can call it "bailing" wire. Until then, please spell correctly.

/Spelling Nazi

I affirm your "Spelling Nazi" correction, but would like to encourage you to proofread carefully when being pedantic. In a spirit of helpfulness, I'd like to provide the "sure" that I think you dropped between "entirely" and "how." You're welcome.

Comment Re:yes, they do! (Score 1) 1104

It's not just a need for teachers, but also a need for resources.

Just a simple compiler, some sample code, and some documentation to tell them what's what.

I wish I had had that when i was a little guy. I never had internet or any programing tools whatsoever. now, as i am entering school to learn to be a programmer, i can see that having those resources would have greatly benefitted me.

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