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Submission + - Facebook snags top btrfs hackers.

Slartibartfast writes: Facebook, in a somewhat surprising move, has snatched up the creator and lead developer of next-gen filesystem Btrfs, Chris Mason, and one of his lieutenants, Josef Bacik, who had previously both worked at Fusion-io. Mason wrote, 'I'm leaving for Facebook, where I'll continue to focus on Linux kernel development. Facebook is also very interested in helping to improve Btrfs.'

Submission + - Segway and GM introduce two-wheeled electric car.

Slartibartfast writes: It looks like Segway and GM have teamed up to produce a two-wheeled electric car (Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility, or "PUMA"). This is just a prototype, so don't get your credit card out just yet, but if it sees the light of day, look for it to cost between 1/4 and 1/3 of a traditional car's price. Looks like it runs at 35 MPH for up to an hour, with lithium-ion batteries.

Submission + - Asterisk 1.6.0 released!

Slartibartfast writes: "Asterisk 1.6, the long-awaited update of everyone's favorite Open Source PBX, has been released. New features include AEL updates for more capable extensions parsing, additional improvements to the "old" extension language, built-in HTTP for a new default GUI, a long-anticipated bridge feature to bridge live calls, and many other additions and improvements. Download it now and start dialing!"
The Internet

Submission + - 47-year-old Internet stalker causes suicide 1

Slartibartfast writes: "Perhaps others had heard about this story, but I hadn't noticed it until it hit The Times today. A 47-year-old woman — pretending to be a teenage boy — played with the emotions of a neighboring teenage girl, eventually causing her to commit suicide. Her penalty? Nothing. I admit to being of two minds on this one: should someone be culpable for, by way of the written word, causing mental anguish leading to someone's death? The Free Speech part of me says no; the humane part of me says yes."

Submission + - Political affiliation

Slartibartfast writes: "(Well, I didn't want to choose "Democrats" as my sub-category, but "Politics" isn't there.) What with the impending election, I suggest a poll as follows:

With which political entity do you feel most closely aligned?

- Democrats
- Republicans
- Liberals
- Conservatives
- Centrists
- Libertarians
- Communists
- CowboyNeal

[Feel free to add, subtract, or modify political entities as you see fit.]"

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