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Comment Fsck 'em. (Score 1) 184

This is the IT version of sending manufacturing jobs overseas. While I was not a "rah rah buy 'Murican" I agree that certain things must be built here. Or in their country of origin. Seeing my projector from Panasonic say "Made in China" is as sad as seeing a "Made in China" on the back of my iphone, my monitor, and some of my speakers - Klipsch - which USED to be built in Hope, Arkansas. Some models still are, but not the affordable stuff.

So no... I will not shed a tear for these Indian companies, nor for the asshats who hire them.

Wow. I've become an Angry Old Man!

Comment I, for one, don't want this s@$t in my gasoline. (Score 1) 351

Why are these people further polluting my gasoline with this crap? Today's cars are designed for 10% ethanol in the gasoline. What's going to happen when they keep polluting the fuel? Broken seals? Broken fuel pumps? Outright degradation of the metals used in the engine?

Fuck congress. Electing Trump was throwing an (figurative) (ethanol-polluted) Molotov Cocktail at the white house, now Congress must be cleansed as well.

Comment Maybe this is model-dependent? (Score 1) 91

My 5S exhibited this battery problem once - went from 30% to about 5% in maybe 5 minutes.

The curious thing is, this was with 10.1.0. With 10.1.1 it has been just fine... and I'm one who uses this phone to make actual phone calls (not facetime, not sms, not imessage) that last 3, 4 hours. I also watch video on it, listen to music, stream to apple tv.. so yeah, this old phone gets used.

So, maybe this is model dependent? TFS says "older hardware" but my "old" 5S doesn't do this.

Comment Amazon's iphone app (Score 1) 102

I do the bulk of amazon shopping on my 5S, with a screen some allege it way too small in this era of surfboard-sized phones.

I find the app quite useful, I don't have to pinch zoom, I can read the reviews and product info just fine.. even with eyes that can't see clearly without glasses except at precisely 3.5 inches away. I can read this app with my progressives no problem.

Maybe everyone else's mobile app sucks?

Comment RIP, AKG, JBL (Score 1) 38

So long, AKG, JBL.. it was nice knowing you and owning some of your products over the years.. and enjoying some behind-the-movie-screen* without ever seeing them.

I fear for the future of these two brands. They still offer genuine pro-quality performance and worry that Samsung won't respect the heritage of both names and encourage growth and R&D for improving the breed.

Both are the real deal, not audiophile voodoo. And for the record, plenty of audiophiles use AKG and JBL (And Klipsch, and old Altec speakers) instead of exotic boutique brands sprinkled with pixie dust backed up by dubious pseudo-science.

Comment Oh man do I miss it. (Score 1) 181

I dearly miss the BBS experience, both as a user and sysop.

A guy in Biloxi, MS got me into the sysop side of things, he ran QuickBBS, I ended up with RemoteAccess Pro with FrontDoor handling the mail. Two nodes, one on a built-from-spare-parts 386, one on a Packard Bell 486 that had been demoted from desktop use. One 28.8 line, one 14.4. The 14.4 handled ZMH.

The menus always evolved, first garish, then I toned it all back down to something simple, elegant and quick. I did admire ACiD and their crazy ansi stuff.

Was a member of FidoNet, carried quite a bit of echos and moved a fair bit of netmail, and was an avid reader of Mindless Chatter and Drivel, and of course the echos dedicated to RA and FD.

Had TW2000, Yankees and Rednecks, LORD and some others I can't even remember, this was 20 years ago!

I did had a fairly sizable file collection, and a real neat piece of gear to serve up a lot of files on CDs: A NEC SCSI 5-CD-ROM changer. It was a trip to be in the room, hear the whirr-click-clack-shhk-shhk of the changer loading a given disk, then seeking to where the file was. "There goes another one!"

It was all strictly hobby, no fee, no membership. Send me a check if you want, or buy me a beer at a BBS pizza night.

Ah.. those were the days. Then in 1998 I unplugged it, and never put it up again.

I long ago lost the diskettes for RemoteAccess Pro, but I still have the Front Door disks, in the envelope they shipped in, with the original invoice still intact.

Comment Payback. (Score 1) 2837

This is payback for the Powell Memo and the implementation of policy built on its recommendations, which gave rise to many a pro-large-industry thinktanks and universities and the corruption of existing universities. Ultimately, these policies led us to where we are today.

Both sides share the blame. Enjoy the hangover, USA.. but this was a drink we desperately needed.

Comment Headphone leakage is my #1 pet peeve (Score 1) 290

What grinds my gears? People with headphones that leak sound. "Waaah I have headphones, why do you bother me?" "Because they're open.. because you play way too loud."

Open radios are even worse. The one guy that just has to force his music on the entire group of workers.

The antidote? Absolutely nerdy AKG K271S headphones. Sealed, I don't hear them, they don't hear me, and they look like something a WWII tank commander would wear. I bought them for the sound quality and isolation. Ruler-flat response and ruthlessly honest.

I've not worked in an open office since 1999, but I have no love for them. I'm actually a bit confused by their re-emergence. There's a happy medium and some companies have found it. I wish more did.

I got those AKGs a decade ago. Best office well-being purchase I ever made. Back then they were Made in Austria.. today they're Made in China... after Harman Kardon bought AGK. I have a MIC pair.. they sound just as nice. I have them at home, so I don't have to listen to the neighbor across the street blast his music while I'm trying to enjoy a book, a cigar, and a whisky.

Comment Screen Brightness has much blame (Score 1) 331

White background hurting your eyes? Maybe your monitor's too bright. Easy to fix. Set ambient light to where you use your monitor the most. Take a piece of white paper, set it on your desk. Now put a white background site on your browser.. say.. slashdot, as an example.

Now turn the brightness up or down on your monitor until the intensity of the white background matches the intensity of the white paper. Problem fixed! Does your ambient light vary? Get intimate with your Brightness control!

Some monitors do this automatically, as do most phones and pads. I'm frankly amazed by how many people have the brightness setting on their monitors at or near full intensity in a place with low-to-moderate ambient light.

If you have a crap monitor with crap defaults, you can use Huey or something like it to correct your crap color gamma, etc. Like my desktop's monitor: I have an ancient Acer 24 inch with horrible defaults. It's so much work to tweak that I just use Huey. My Dell E6420 laptop, in comparison, has a glorious screen that requires no color or gamma adjustment to look awesome. I just vary the brightness according to environment. (yes, I know there was an option for auto adjust on the 6420, but alas, I bought mine used and then retrofitted the backlit keyboard and "hd" screen, I don't see a way to retrofit auto brightness)

As to text / widgets with low contrast relative to the background.. yeah.. that's a bone-headed design and will only be cured by time, when something worse replaces it.

Comment Re:Why not use what's good enough for pilots? (Score 2) 236

It's all about $$$, is Apple willing to shell $400m for such privilege?

Nah, Apple will build a (walled) garden around the NFL, and make the NFL pay for it.

Oblig. wall jokes aside, it's all about the $$$ until the client decides the product is bunk and demands the vendor deliver on promises, backed by a team of legal sharks.

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