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Submission + - South Korea broadens censorship to innocuous music videos

An anonymous reader writes: If you're in South Korea, you now need to verify your age via cell phone to watch this Nomy video that's essentially anti-drugs, or this classic Wu Tang Clang video. It's a fucking embarrassment. If you can click these links and watch the videos without any problem, congratulations, you're not in South Korea.

It's hard to know who's to blame for this. The South Korean government has been championing a clampdown on access to explicit materials such as online porn (via proxy through Christian groups), but at the same time, it's hard to think that these same prudes have actually spent much time listening to early 90s American hip-hop or Swedish rock. More likely, Youtube (and by extension, Google) are now suggesting that perhaps certain songs are best heard by mature audiences, and whatever boolean switch got flipped there meant that if you're in Korea, you've now got to to prove you're old enough to hear such dangerous material.

This is the page you're sent to in order to verify your age for the Wu Tang video, although the TLD doesn't take you anywhere. Entering false information to circumvent this bullshit leads to an error message saying "Your phone information is mismatched." which suggests that Google is working with South Korean telecom companies to facilitate the censorship.

Submission + - SPAM: FUCK BETA 2

An anonymous reader writes: Please post this to new articles if it hasn't been posted yet. (Copy-paste the html from here so links don't get mangled!)

On February 5, 2014, Slashdot announced through a javascript popup that they are starting to "move in to" the new Slashdot Beta design. Slashdot Beta is a trend-following attempt to give Slashdot a fresh look, an approach that has led to less space for text and an abandonment of the traditional Slashdot look. Much worse than that, Slashdot Beta fundamentally breaks the classic Slashdot discussion and moderation system.

If you haven't seen Slashdot Beta already, open this in a new tab. After seeing that, click here to return to classic Slashdot.

We should boycott stories and only discuss the abomination that is Slashdot Beta until Dice abandons the project.
We should boycott slashdot entirely during the week of Feb 10 to Feb 17 as part of the wider slashcott

Moderators — only spend mod points on comments that discuss Beta
Commentors — only discuss Beta
[spam URL stripped] — Vote up the Fuck Beta stories

Keep this up for a few days and we may finally get the PHBs attention. -----=====##### LINKS #####=====-----

Discussion of Beta: [spam URL stripped]
Discussion of where to go if Beta goes live: [spam URL stripped]
Alternative Slashdot: [spam URL stripped] (thanks Okian Warrior (537106))

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Submission + - Fuck Beta

An anonymous reader writes: Fuck Beta. Fuck it right in the ear!

Comment Thanks for making this point (Score 1) 445

"There's an inverse relationship between income and charity. The more you make, the less you give, proportionally speaking."

Compounding this problem is the fact that we tolerate it.

A recent example of this is with the recent Philippines tsunami. The NBA players association decided to give 250,000 in relief aid, as mentioned in a PR statement that was apparently issued with some pride. In case it's not clear, we're talking about a group of crazy-rich athletes with an average salary of $5,000,000 donating about $600 each. To see just how terrible this, consider this. If you earn $50,000 a year, and you decided to forego a $25 pizza for the family for one week and donated that money to the disaster victims, mathematically you're FOUR TIMES as generous as an NBA player.

They recently decided to double it to $500,000. What a bunch of heroes.

And yeah, before you ask, I gave. I earn less than $30,000 a year, and I sent over $100. I'm not knocking anybody in my pay range for not sending as much. I'm talking about the superrich expecting accolades for doing jack shit, and the idiotic masses obliging them.

The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Pirate Bay and Sealand negotiating

Kawahee writes: "Coming off previous /. coverage of The Pirate Bay's intentions to purchase Sealand following it being put up for sale, The Pirate Bay has revealed on it's website that it has entered into negotiations with Sealand. From the post:
The Government of Sealand has initiated negotiation. Tomorrow, the ACFI and Government of Sealand will sit down in the SMTP chambers of the Internets to discuss the future of the micronation.
— We welcome the request and hopefully we can settle on a price. But knowing how hard non-kopimistic people can be to negotiate with, we will go with Plan B if they're not willing to meet our demands, press officer of ACFI says. is also now sporting a donation meter, and as of the 15th of January it stands at USD $13,714."

Submission + - CES 2007: Gaming roundup

jasoncart writes: "Traditionally, gaming's calendar year of expos, conventions, and trade shows doesn't generally kick off in earnest until March's fanfare arrival of the Game Developer's Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, which thus opens the floodgates for a host of industry platform events. However, before July's new-fangled E3 Media and Business Summit (the now scaled back, renamed, and invitation-only E3 of legend) shifts into view alongside August's Penny Arcade Expo (PAX), September's Tokyo Game Show (TGS), and the newly announced and ESA-endorsed Entertainment for All Expo in October (previously known as the Gamepro Expo), it falls to January's annual Consumer Electronics Show to whet our collective appetites-at least where related hardware is concerned."

Submission + - Woman dies from drinking water to win a Wii

An anonymous reader writes: CNN reports that a woman in Rancho Cordova, California, died of water intoxication after drinking a large amount of water in a contest held by radio station KDND 107.9 called "Hold Your Wee for a Wii". She was trying to win a Wii for her children.

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