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Comment Re:Commercial Access (Score 2) 80

Twitter have multiple APIs. The Gnip API is probably what's meant here; it's a paid API that provides a filtered feed of the entire stream of tweets.

The regular Twitter REST API is more limited, but it's available to anyone with a working Twitter account, so it's basically impossible for Twitter to block access by technical means.

Comment Re:Space Patrol Unsatisfactory (Score 1) 180

Suppose you want to go to a concert, in person, rather than watching it in your personal holodeck or whatever. There are a limited number of seats. Who gets those seats? That's easy: tickets cost money.

That exact situation is a major plot thread in Iain M Banks' Look to Windward. Banks' "Culture" is a galactic post-scarcity civilisation (and far more technologically advanced than the Federation in Star Trek), but that doesn't mean that they don't need money.

Comment Re:This probably means... (Score 1, Troll) 1080

If it were capitalism, government would be largely irrelevant. If the government has no power, corruption doesn't matter.

If it's the government's fault, you're looking at something closer to socialism than capitalism.

Capitalism is about self-interest. That's why it works - it expects people to act for themselves.

Comment Re:Why does it need to be political at all? (Score 1) 702

If the "regime" to which I refer were purely a democratic state, ideally with many unproductive committees, that's be a good start to a right-wing tale, but it's far more likely to be an oligarchy or dictatorship where a very limited number of people abused their individual liberty to get more power for themselves.

So, communism.

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