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Comment Illegal Age-ism Admitted in the Press! (Score 5, Interesting) 242

FTA: “The enthusiasm and lack of fear is important,” Dyson says. “Not taking notice of experts and plowing on because you believe in something is important. It’s much easier to do when you’re young.”

I work, effectively, in this very area of materials science. I publish in journals like Nature. I have written many patents, and own several myself.

Oh, but gosh, I am not 25 years old. I am, in Dyson's "We love to fail" world, useless. Expertise, knowledge, actual experience, quick hands in the lab, and so on are of no value to them. I doubt that they'd even look at my CV. At least, in its current form... Hmmn.

Why don't I apply? I'll omit dates from my degrees, and only include the last 5 years' experience, patents, and publications. At the interview, they'll see that I'm not 25 (I look 35, but am older). They'll ask for transcripts or photocopies of degrees at some point – HR's method of engaging in age discrimination without asking "what year were you born in?". At the in-person interview, they will learn my real age. They will drop me immediately.

Then, I will sue them for age discrimination. The owner and CEO has already publicly admitted it. I don't want a job at their shitty Edison-esque "try everything" R&D facility, but rather the salary and options that I could have made had they not engaged in their already admitted age discrimination.

Sound like a good plan?

Comment Deeply Disturbung (Score 1) 132

This is deeply disturbing.

A private company is divining which of its users are in some way expressing opinions that it thinks might be divergent with that of the government of the country in which t operates?

This is far beyond an act of fascism. Twitter did this of its own accord, not at the request of government. Twitter per-emptively bowed in obeisance due to its fear of a government demand,

If you do not find this disturbing, then you have not read enough history.

Comment Not Viable (Score 1) 102

Laser communication between distant satellites is fraught with difficulties.

Lasers have a divergence greater than zero. Over huge distances, this results in a very weak signal at the receiving end.

Lasers exit through an aperture. Diffraction occurs. That spreads the beam, too.

Lasers have speckle, even if the ends of the chamber (gas or solid state) are polished to be atomically smooth. The lasing cavity, you see, is not one-dimensional, resulting in path-length variation for the lasing photons. So, aside from the minor wavelength spread that this induces, it also produces speckle. No one has devised a solution for speckle, nor will they for the next 20 years or so.

Comment Re:riiiiiight (Score 4, Funny) 88

"No US hacker would be retarded enough to attempt to hack the NSA."

The NSA is not God. Its just a collection of people. People who make mistakes.

With 360,000,000 people as the population, you would be surprised at what kind of stupidity you can find.

Oh, BTW, I have all of the NSA's secret sploits, both past and current. They are for sale. Drop a few hundred bucks and they're yours – all contained on a single 3.5" floppy disk. I ran the leak through the ZIP encoder 30 times – that is why the file is so small.

This isn't some mamby-pamby bitcoin auction, but a listing on ebay. (I believe in equal access for everyone.) Come bid on the auction. There is no "Buy it Now" price (ebay sets those limits low). There is only an open auction with a reserve price of $0.99. So, if it's countries bidding against countries, whatev's, I couldn't care less.

Oh, and BTW, I am hiding behind five proxies, so there is no way to find me...

Comment NIST is now stuck grasping at straws (Score 3, Interesting) 55

FTS: ... "current and future challenges" involving critical infrastructure cybersecurity ...

You secretly colluded with the NSA on back-dooring elliptical-curve cryptography (in effect, by not disclosing weaknesses).

Now you want us to offer you FREE suggestions on the current frontiers of mathematical cryptography?!?

Eat my shit. If I (or anyone else with a brain) had a body of work designed to out-smart quantum (annealing) computers, we would keep it very, very secret. We would not even disclose to USPTO or via a PCT disclosure.* Nuh-uh! It would be for sale to the highest bidder – a private transaction. NIST's recorded willingness to bend over and take it in the ass for the NSA has squandered the entire institution's integrity.

* It really does happen. An invention disclosure can be ruled by the USPTO to be so significant to National Security that they basically 'take it black,' usually at DOD behest. "Thanks for all of your hard work on that thing..."

Comment Pure Propaganda (Score 1) 90

The credulous piece by Popular Mechanics just relays the Chinese government's propaganda.

Nobody can get SCRAM-jot to work for than a few minutes. RAM-jets are hard enough. You need to be up to at least Mach 3 for a RAM-jet to even ignite.

TFA describes a multi-type jet + RAM-jet + SCRAM-jet engine that adjusts the intake cowling to "transition" from jet-powered supersonic flight to RAM-jet powered supersonic flight, and so on.

The biggest point that the article missed is that a SCRAM-jet relies on oxygen in the atmosphere to supply to the oxidant. So how in the hell is that thing going to use a SCRAM-jet to get into LEO, where there is basically no air?

The article is almost as bad as that Iranian press release showing 15+ missiles all launching at the same time, that people on the internet immediately noticed was a bad Photoshop of a single launch, just cloned several times in the image.

Dear /. editors: Please stop being so credulous.

Comment Re:sharp edge (Score 1) 304

There's also something to be said for a proper typing posture

Hmmn. I wish there was such a thing.

Coding in bed with a laptop... They did not teach me that in the high-school typing class (which I didn't take, BTW; I took 'computers' instead, and learned to program. 35 years later, I have yet to ever suffer anything like carpal tunnel syndrome).

Proper typing posture is for secretaries, sitting at desks, and using a mechanical typewriter. That requires hovering your wrists. Modern laptops have wrist-rests, so that – when you are not actively typing – you can relax your entire fore-arms. And as a bonus, if you have the sk1llz, you can mouse and type without ever needing to engage a muscle in your fore-arm, much less beyond your elbow.

Good keyboarding is finger dexterity alone.

Comment Here we go again (Score 2) 160

So, here we go again.

Just like with the establishment of telephone service lines.

Just like with privately held public transit systems.

Just like with privately owned bridges goin into and out of major cities, where monopolies were created.

Just like with the railroads.

Look at history. This will not be a short fight. But, internet service is a UTILITY.

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