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Submission + - Amazon Patent Standard Photography Lighting Technique

SimonTheSoundMan writes: Photography Bay writes that the USPTO have granted a patent to Amazon as what can be described as a standard way of lighting a photography studio.

Amazon state:

Prior art solutions for achieving such a result for capturing images and/or video of objects set against a true white background include solutions that often involve some type of image retouching, post processing, “green screen” techniques, or other special effects and image and video manipulation to achieve the result of an object set against a true white background.

Accordingly, as will be described herein, embodiments of the present disclosure provide a studio arrangement in which an object can be photographed and/or filmed, and the images and/or video captured by the camera achieve the effect noted above without any image manipulation due to the particular arrangements of the subject, camera, lighting and background.

Just be careful where you place your lights to obtain a perfect white background, you could face serious litigation.


Submission + - Time to be scared of Facebook and privacy ( 1

SimonTheSoundMan writes: "Everyone should be seriously scared of the new Facebook. Why? Not just because they want to announce what services we are visiting on Facebook itself, but also with out permission or user intervention publicly announcing web site that you visit. There is no opt-out for this service, and logging out is not enough."

Submission + - Blackberry PlayBook to ship with no e-mail app (

SimonTheSoundMan writes: "Walter Mossberg at AllThingsD has had his hands on Blackberry PlayBook. What strikes odd is the device has no e-mail, contacts or calendar apps.

This first edition of the PlayBook has no built-in cellular data connection and lacks such basic built-in apps as an email program, a contacts program, a calendar, a memo pad and even RIM's popular BlackBerry Messenger chat system. To get these features with your $500 PlayBook, you must use it with a nearby BlackBerry phone connected to it wirelessly over a short-range Bluetooth connection. Once this link is made, these critical applications pop up on the PlayBook’s screen, via a system called Bridge.

7 inch PlayBook ships on April 19th for $499."


Submission + - Apple awarded patent for solar powered devices (

SimonTheSoundMan writes: TUAW reports that Apple have been awarded a patent for solar cell power management — When the voltage from solar cells is not enough to power the device, a voltage regulator adjusts the voltage to that of the operational voltage. Well, you can increase the voltage, but not the power, I guess this magical patent wont power my i-device in the dark.

Submission + - Apple challenges $625.5 million patent judgement (

SimonTheSoundMan writes: Bloomberg report that Apple is to challenge a patent jury verdict that was made last week that infringes Mirror Worlds LLC's patents that Apple uses in their Cover Flow, Spotlight, and Time Machine technologies. The jury were in favour of Mirror Worlds LLC, created in 1996 as a patent holing company by Yale professor David Gerlenterand, who filed the patents in 1999. $208.5 million for each infringement is to be awarded.

Submission + - Elgato offering vuvuzela filter to EyeTV users (

SimonTheSoundMan writes: Elgato have created a vuvzela filter so you can watch the football World Cup in peace. Elgato have produced a video to show the filer in action. It doesn't cut out the noise in full, but the annoying bee sound that drowns out the cheers and commentary can be heard at last!

Elgato writes:
"A special edition of EyeTV 3.4 software is available during the 2010 FIFA World Cup that offers a new feature called the "Vuvuzela Filter". This filter gives you the option to dampen the buzz of vuvuzela horns in the stadium during live TV broadcasts; it can be quickly switched on and off at any time during the game. To use the filter, control click to bring up the contextual menu in EyeTV."

Elgato are pushing this out as an update to current users. Update for EyeTV can be found here.

Submission + - Avatar banned in China ( 2

SimonTheSoundMan writes: Avatar has been banned in China for being too successful, according to Sky News. Instead, state funded 'Confucius' will take its place.

Sky News quote:

James Cameron's sci-fi blockbuster Avatar is to banned from cinemas in China — despite breaking box office records in the country. 2D versions of Avatar have been banned from Chinese cinemas. Non-3D versions of Avatar are to be pulled next week, in order to protect the nation's home grown films. The country's censors ruled that the epic had become too dominant and also worried about its effect on audiences, according to reports. "First, it has taken in too much money and has seized market share from domestic films," Hong Kong's Daily Apple said...


Submission + - Apple pulls Elgato EyeTV app over backdoor 3G stre (

SimonTheSoundMan writes: After a live TV streaming via 3G easter egg was discovered in Elagto’s EyeTV app for iPhone, Apple have requested that Elgato remove the app from the Apple App Store with a fix. Extract from Elgato’s statement:

"Some test code that enabled live TV streaming over the cellular network was accidentally left in the the EyeTV App. Apple requested that we remove the code since their agreement with AT&T does not allow redirecting TV signals over the cellular network."

"The code was removed and a 1.0.1 version of the EyeTV app was submitted. We expect EyeTV to return to the App Store when the 1.0.1 version is approved.”

AT&T’s grip on Apple is showing to be stronger than ever, holding back the platform, making the rest of the world suffer because their network is not up to speed with the likes of ones in Europe. Roll on the end of AT&T exclusivity in the USA.


Submission + - British News Papers T&C "Do not link to us (

Simon Howes writes: " has found not one, but seven of the largest news papers in the UK do not allow direct linking to their own web sites. Ironic when the Times own web site includes a 'share' button to bump them up the StumbleUpon league

The 'no links' clauses, found in several papers' sites' terms and conditions, provoked amazement on twitter. But it seems newspapers aren't alone — there are more sites with similar conditions such as these large companies and these public sector organisations."


Submission + - Youngest galactic supernova (not aliens) found (

Simon Howes writes: "After searching for decades, astronomers have found a supernova in our galaxy! So it wasn't little green men we were waiting for. It's located very near the center of the galaxy, about 28,000 light years away, and it's only at most about 140 years old.

Quote from Bad Astronomy: "If you're wondering what all the buzz has been about the past few days over a NASA discovery, then wait no longer. No, it's not aliens or an incoming asteroid. Instead, it's still very cool: astronomers have found the youngest supernova in the Milky Way.""

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