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Comment Re: Wrong summary (Score 3, Informative) 87

The onboard Ethernet is via a USB to Ethernet controller which also works as a USB hub. Limited to not just USB 2 speeds, but also controlled by the CPU in software to do the networking. Plug in a USB hard drive, if that's in use your Ethernet slows down. The CPU only has one USB I/O.

Comment Re: What's the loophole? (Score 2) 100

Why I dumped my TV license. Live TV is just so bad! Unfortunately the BBC are biased toward the Conservatives, they need them on side to negotiate new licensing laws. Meanwhile, I bet the Tories would love to privatise the BBC, putting themselves, the Tory peers, and their chums up for the first few rounds of share buying.

Comment Re:You are quite incorrect. (Score 3) 100

Yep. I have no license, but my TV in my bedroom is plugged in to the aerial so I can receive radio broadcasts. Alarm on my TV tuned to Radio 2 wakes me up every morning.

Quote from

Is a TV Licence required for listening to digital radio broadcasts?

A TV Licence is required to watch or record TV programmes as they are being shown on TV, regardless of the channel and device being used (e.g. TV, computer, laptop, tablet, mobile phone, game console, digital box or DVD/VHS recorder), and how it is received (terrestrial, satellite, cable, via the internet or any other way). You do not need a TV Licence if you only use this equipment to listen to digital radio broadcasts.

Comment Re:Oddly enough I use a VPN to *NOT* watch Netflix (Score 2) 172

Personally, I'm really into documentaries and the likes. The problem is Netflix US has all these utterly terrible american style docs which stop every five minutes to recap due to ad breaks which aren't there (in case you haven't seen them, the streamlined Mythbusters are a joy if you know where to get them because they chop out all this crap)

You'll enjoy this: That Mitchell and Webb Look - Gift Shop Sketch I'm looking for a gift for my aunt.

Comment Re:Please sir can I have more mass! (Score 1) 69

Never had a problem with carrying lithium batteries on an airplane. Carried v-mount and many others, as long as the terminals have tape over them or have a case so they do not short they allow them onboard. Also, you can buy batteries (alkaline or lithium AA's for example, even digital camera batteries) in duty free and carry them on-board, this is after check-in and security.

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