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Comment Re:Actually Very Comparable (Score 2) 315

Both have 16GB RAM, the nVidia 965m is rated as approximately the same as the Radeon Pro 455 (which is the fastest one available for the MacBook) and with the performance base is claimed to have a 16 hour battery life. I can't find the CPU specs for the surface book but the chips are the same generation. While the MacBook has a touch bar the Surface has a touch screen plus a pen and can function as a tablet as well but only a 13.5 inch screen. In Canada it also costs ~$500 less than the 15" MacBook Pro with maxed out GPU. It also has a USB-A port.

The new Surface Book uses the i5-6300U and i7-6600U CPUs, they are the U series so have 15W TDP. Apple have gone for the i7-6820HQ and i7-6920HQ HQ over Iris Pro versions as the HQ allows all four cores to go in to Turbo Boost at the same time whereas the Iris model only alllows one core to be in Turbo mode at a time, to keep the TDP at 45W. GPU is impressive in advertising but it is a 'variant' and we're yet to know how it really performs.

They're different tools. MacBook Pro as limited it seems to be, is a powerful machine and the 4 Thunderbolt ports opens it up. Just those freaking dongles!

I'm struggling to get a Lenovo P50/P70 or Dell Precision 7000 series to cost similar to a MacBook Pro. Massive and bulky, cost more for a similar spec, or you can go overboard and get Xeon CPUs and spec a laptop for £13k!

Comment Re:Monitor or TV at 120 hz? (Score 1) 105

UHD TV standard that is coming to broadcast has to support 120 and 100 fps. This is the second screen to be revealed that will be compatible with the new standards that are coming. Current TVs on the market will not be compatible with what is coming, they may fudge it by giving yo a downgraded image however. Blame TV makers for rushing to the market before the EBU, ATSC etc have ratified their standards, DCI have pushed something through the door with UHD Bluray but misses a lot of good features.

Comment Re: Wrong summary (Score 3, Informative) 87

The onboard Ethernet is via a USB to Ethernet controller which also works as a USB hub. Limited to not just USB 2 speeds, but also controlled by the CPU in software to do the networking. Plug in a USB hard drive, if that's in use your Ethernet slows down. The CPU only has one USB I/O.

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