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Comment Re:You youngsters and your cloud (Score 1) 294

I am concerned about the lubrication and circuit boards (electrolytic caps, mostly) associated with hard disks over long term storage. I have found a high failure rate on my own old hard drives - old MFM drives were kind of crappily engineered, however, so the fact that an ST-251 drive from 1990 doesn't work today shouldn't necessarily be indicative of the lifespan of say, a WD Black 1TB manufactured in 2010.

Comment Re:That's bullshit (Score 0) 241

In my world, we rely on practical tests of functionality *with the actual users* rather than theoretical measures of effectiveness. It seems the CDC agrees with me on this one.

As to one of your other points:

"The bottom line is that a single act of intercourse between a young couple has on average a one in 20 chance of pregnancy – this assumes the opportunity presented itself on a random day, as these things tend do when you are young."


So the answer is based on how often you fuck. The CDC numbers do not map precisely to data of this sort, however.

Last point: "measuring the effectiveness of encouraging people not to fuck" sounds like the craptastic questionnaire-based research I saw at (not to pick on them) the Lehigh psych department in the early 2000s. People lie, and they can't simulate the paths not taken effectively. There would literally be no way to know if someone decided to not have sexual intercourse based on an abstinence campaign.

Besides, my kind of abstinence campaign would be "Blowjobs for Everyone" or "Real lovers wank each other".

Comment That's bullshit (Score -1, Flamebait) 241

Actual effectiveness ratios for birth control:

US CDC document on actual effectiveness


Condoms are about as effective as the withdrawal method, sponges, or the rhythm method. 20% or so failure rates.
Spermicides are worse (!) (28%)
9% annual failure on the pill.

The only truly effective contraception methods are *just* the methods they won't allow young kids to get. I had to get a signoff from my wife at age 29 for a vasectomy. I was told they wouldn't do it if i were single or if I had been married with no children. Reason: ex post facto lawsuits by women aggrieved by the urologist denying them children within their marriage. Similarly, just try walking in and asking for your tubes tied at 16 or an IUD implant.

The bottom line is that the "conservatives" advocating abstinence training are actually right. The only actual way to reduce teen pregnancy is to encourage them to stop fucking so much. The birth control available to them _does not work_. They should all just screw bareback from what I can see.

Comment Re:Pierson's Puppeteers (Score 1) 656

It's interesting to note that you, and the rest of the people posting about how much they care about warming and people that they don't know, or even future generations, still bothered to reply to this message instead of junking their computers, selling their houses and cars and living in a tent in the woods with appropriate technology. Or even killing yourselves - after all, as long as you exist, you're fueling resource extraction, pollution and warming.

So I guess you all don't care as much as you think you do.

Comment Re:Crowd source the egress (Score 1) 146

This probably varies by country or state, but I think in many places in the US, residential houses' addresses are determined by which road the driveway enters from. I lived in a house like that

I think you are creating generalities from your specific situation. There are many places where the "driveway" enters from an alleyway in the back.

Um, the default? Almost everything is WGS-84 AFAIK.

AFAYK. But it's not that way in real life. There is no "default". You have to know. For example, I'm looking at the USGS topo map for a nearby area and it is NAD27. The map lists an almost 100m difference between it and NAD83 for east/west measurements.

According to the Wikipedia article for WGS-84, it is the datum used by the GPS system itself,

That's funny, because I can get my location in any number of datums using GPS. Wikipedia isn't always right.

Comment Re:Crowd source the egress (Score 1) 146

I've seen this system mentioned before. It is yet another example of "we'll teach everyone in the world a new system so that we can make programming AVs easier." A side-effect is that you make use of a computer mandatory to encode and decode locations into something usable, like lat/lon.

Your computer doesn't tell you the right answer, but this will solve the location identification issue for everyone else?

Your "location services" almost certainly works in lat/lon from GPS (when it actually works), or some other standard GIS coordinate system, so you still have the issue of different datums leading to different three word phrases.

Comment Re:Crowd source the egress (Score 1) 146

Ahh, this same stupid, arrogant, insulting response when problems are mentioned.

So, pray tell, what exactly is the solution to the problem of someone giving a Google AV a coordinate in NAD27 when Google expects WGS-84? How does Google differentiate? Do these over-smart all-knowing Google engineers think they'll teach everyone about datums and to always always use WGS-84?

Comment Re:Pierson's Puppeteers (Score 2, Insightful) 656

Why the hell should anyone care about abstract "people"? Humanity isn't wired that way, we care about those we know, not about the distant future and people we don't know. No one really does, anyway. It's always some self-interest, really, when you dig down into people's true motives. Perhaps to appear better than others by some arbitrary standard.

Anyway, your comment comes off as naive, immature raving. Yes, it's true we don't care, collectively. But expecting us to is idiotic.

Comment Re:Crowd source the egress (Score 1) 146

If the address of your door is a "wildly different address", then why isn't that just your actual address?

Wildly different than what?

I live on a corner. My "address" is on one street, but if I walk out the side door I'm on the wrong street from what my address says. And I've seen buildings that are ells, having faces on two streets with addresses that wouldn't logically be contiguous.

How do you fix that? Isn't this a situation where "address" is NOT the same as "location", and AV need to know "location" instead of "address"? Coordinates, right?

How do you fix the "coordinate" problem of having ten different coordinate systems in use just in one place? I'm looking at a GPS app on my phone (where I might get coordinates to tell someone where I am) and I see half a dozen applicable datums. Which one does my phone use when I call 911? I think WGS-84 but don't know for sure. Will people know which one they should use? Were you aware that there is a separate datum for Cape Canaveral?

I know about this problem because I deal with search and rescue, and I've seen the result of telling someone a coordinate for something and they wind up in the wrong place. I've had people tell me that there is a "target" at certain coordinates and there isn't anything there -- but there is when I change the datum on my GPS to what they are using.

It's easy to say "just fix it", but actually fixing it isn't that simple, and it may break other things. (Here's one I really love. I order something online and the vendor tells me that my address doesn't exist. I've lived here for 20 years, I get mail and packages here all the time. Unfortunately, the shipping program he's using has "fixed" my address and it doesn't appear in his database, so my address doesn't exist.)

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