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Journal SiliconJesus's Journal: Two hours down, ten to go 2

Working shifts again. Can't get to many sites where anything even vaguely bloggish except the dot and fark. Watching Cartoon Network on the provided TV Carded PC to keep boredom away.

New shift is monitoring security for a government agency (US) Thursday through Saturday and every other Wednesday, 6am to 6pm. The biggest enemy is boredom. I'm tired and looking forward to three days off before I need to start up again next Wednesday.

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Two hours down, ten to go

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  • Abject boredom is likely better than a crises in such a situation, yes?

    I read about how the whaling ship crews would deal with boredom back in the late nineteenth century. They would drift for days and days waiting to find whales. In one of the captain's logs he admitted to hoping that someone would fall overboard just so they would have something to do!

    Is working on side projects allowed, writing, coding, drawing, anything like that?

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