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Comment Re:Slackware (Score 1) 443

Back in 1989, I spent 3 days installing AT&T UNIX on an AT&T 3B2 from 8" floppies. Installing Sun O/S 4.x was done from tape in those days and it would take the greater part of a day to do the full install, which was about 100 MB of data at the time. The first CD-ROM drives, which came out around 1992, were 1X speed drives and cost $1100. We thought they were soooo cool. Much better than tape!

I moved from Solaris to Fedora back around 2001 or so. I remember trying to install Audacity. It took me 3 days to fiddle fart with all the damn dependencies. Then a buddy introduced me to Ubuntu and Synaptic. Ahhhhhh!!!! I've been running straight Ubuntu ever since.

The only real difference I've seen between Ubuntu and Mint is the interface. I don't use Unity. I'm a Windowmaker guy. Been using Windowmaker since 2001, back when I had to compile it to run under Solaris. I still use it today and find it does all the things I want and is lightweight. Each to his own.

One place I make a lot of use is a 10 year old HP laptop I have running Ubuntu 14.04 as a music and audio server for my hi-end audio system. I run a USB feed to a PeachTree DAC. I use the Banshee music player and it just works. Very sweet. In the insane world of hi-end audio, you see music servers running many thousands of dollars and they won't be anywhere as easy to work with or sound any better.

Comment Re:Sucked out of an airplane? Not likely (Score -1, Interesting) 264

Mythbusters does less science than the catholic church.

They couldn't have possibly tested what happens unless they were moving the aircraft at several hundred miles of air and openned a hole in the side which, due to the forward movement of the aircraft and the wind passing this new opening at a higher rate of speed than the surrounding air ... would have created a low pressure situations with strong winds that will 'suck' things right out of the aircraft. (Actually, they're blown out, vacuum doesn't pull anything, pressure on the other side pushes it).

Bernoulli described the physical processes doing this about 300 years ago now ... but hey, you're right, Jamie knows all about real science!

Also, don't let several confirmed cases of it happening in real aircraft incidents sway you either.

Oh and by the way, the sun is purple because Mythbusters said so.

Comment Re:Discount != paying you. (Score -1) 90

FedEx is not paying anyone to install flash. Instead, they are offering a $5 discount. There is a huge difference.

On top of that, its offered as compensation for making you deal with the fact that you have to install flash. It seems a lot more like them saying:

'yea, this sucks that we have to ask you to do this, so heres a discount to kinda make up for it, we're really sorry :('

Which also sounds like they recognize that flash isn't what they should be doing and likely have at least a few people who are trying to remedy the problem.

But hey, the headline is WAY more clickbait-ready than if they had used "discount" instead of "pay you"

Comment Re:Contempt of the court... (Score 1) 519

I guess, police might accuse the owner of Destruction of Evidence [] — perhaps, even a conspiracy to do so, if he used somebody's help to implement it.

I see, for example if there would be conspiring human third party (in different country), with instructions to unlock the machine remotely only as long some canary signal didnt happen (box being offline suddenly and unexpectedly..).

The accusations should be easy to fight, because such security measures may have a number of perfectly valid and legal uses.

You're indeed right about legitimate uses - I'm asking about commercial system actually in use (heavy duty FIPS 140) - chassis intrusion, tripping it will nuke TPM state. Disarming it physically is very difficult (akin to disarming a sophisticated bomb).

As for destruction of evidence, I'm assuming the typical DC procedure where imaging/seizure attempt is made without prior notification to the owner (normally sensible thing, to prevent tipoffs). But if the owner is present during the raid, would he have to mention presence of the tripwire, or keeping the mouth shut is ok?

A particularly dirty prosecutor may resort to locking the accused up anyway and let it be known (unofficially), what the accusations are — counting on the rest of the prison population to "pressure" the innocent victim of his zeal.

Care to elaborate? You mean as means of torture to make sure there indeed are no backups somewhere (making a TPM key backups somewhere and simply omitting to mention it exists to anyone is indeed the sensible thing to do with canary/DMS setups).

Comment Re:Contempt of the court... (Score 1) 519

Compared to rest of neckbeard libertarian drivel in here, you seem to argue well the "common sense" side typically used by law (no mod points, bummers). So let me ask you something instead, any idea what would happen in case of a dead man switch?

Ie the moment somebody attempts to manipulate with the hardware without knowing a secret disengagement procedure, they would irrevocably destroy the data.
Obviously, there would be substantial proof that such a mechanism indeed existed (and it's not all made up), and that it indeed triggered.

Comment Re:Trying to draw the specification for this or no (Score -1) 151

Yea, all that is great ... But I'm just going to compromise one of the poorly written apps that access the data . . . Or shove bamboo springs under your finger and toe nails until you log me in and show me the data I want.

You've neither prevented state sponsored activity or script kiddie automated scans ... But your system is now really complex and likely to fail more often! Yay!

Comment Re:Veteran technology columnist? (Score 1) 74

Rather than saying "things will be different" (duh), try to extrapolate how from past cycles. The wild west internet era is gone - as was the early 8bit PC era of the 80s, replaced by MS monopoly of the 90s, same happens with internet now. Open computing platforms progress towards closed gardens because consolidation is more efficient before it implodes into actual monopolies. The question is, what will surpass todays computing and internet to usher new wild west era, and open opportunities for the small guy yet again.

I'm personally extremely pessimistic - either large scale conflict, or drastically different technology from todays (quantum computing, down to networking level). Those won't happen for next 20 years at least. The opporunity window of silicon dawn is over for the moment.

Comment Re:Pray I don't change it again (Score -1) 149

In this particular case, this 'rule' is not new, its been part of the rules since the app store was created, so before you spew some bullshit about 'change', keep in mind the people doing this have ALWAYS been violating the app store agreement.

The only difference here is that Apple now has a method to detect it, so they can enforce the rule easier.

Why bother knowing what the rules are when you can just do whatever you want and have a free-for-all like the Windows world, because thats AWESOME!

I do it because it makes me money hand over fist and because the rules aren't really that bad and do a lot of good to protect my grandma and grandpa from themselves.

Not getting rejected or yanked from the app store is trivial, the rules are well known, the only time this shit makes it in the news is when some dumbfuck like you goes off and rants about how apple is horrible for changing the rules or some other bullshit that is completely untrue and just shows your ignorance of the subject being discussed.

Comment It already does. (Score -1) 383

Do you ask retarded questions like 'what if everyone could drive the same car for everything, we could use my car for shipping goods from china to my house as well as driving to work and racing the Daytona 500 and drag racing championships while at the same time setting a new record for efficiency and distance.'

The universal computing platform is already there and in use, its called physics. Its the universal platform. We use it differently for different tasks because its more efficient and easier.

Why can't your CAD program run on your phone? Because thats a stupid fucking idea, thats why. If you can't begin to fathom why its a stupid idea it really would be a waste of time to try and explain it to you.

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