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Comment At last (Score 2) 70

The crucial, extremely illegal link: And it compiles on modern linux, whoa. Can we have opensource, non-webkit, non-gecko browser now? Seriously, the slowness and resource of post-opera browsers is getting ridiculous - explorer is the fastest explorer at this point (not by js benchmarks, but overall user experience is far snappier).

Comment Users: Win10 fails at common sw compat (Score 1) 493

Backward compatibility is what made microsoft originally great. I mean seriously MS, planned obsolescence? What the fuck happened to gratious phasing out?

You broke d3d9 in win10, horribly (much worse performance, different behavior leads to rendering artifacts). Reasoning that people would suddenly switch to UWP when everything runs like crap or something. Well thank you, if I wanted shoddy legacy API emulation, I can just run wine.

But the body of software using dx9 is still immense (to be xp compat, you need to use dx9). And this is just one of dozens of such examples. While w10 brings a lot of good innovation - it's generally leaner and faster than win7 - it also irrebarably broke key subsystems making a lot of software made before 2014 unusable on windows 10.

Comment Re:Short Sighted (Score 1) 482

Can you expand on this?

All modern VM solutions support snapshotting (let's disregard zones/jails/lxc/openvz containers which work a bit differently, but the fundamental problem is the same - host can do something without guest ever knowing).

Snapshots is exact replica, both disk, ram and system state of a live guest system, with that data it can be resumed - "forked" anew somewhere else, the guest never "reboots". When LEA writes a gag order for a VPS, they no longer ask for mere disk images, but for a live VM snapshot. Snapshots work atomically, without the guest system ever knowing. Normally it is used for live system migrations, load balancing and more.

Wrt encfs, same situation as dmcrypt - are you keeping it mounted, or not? If it is mounted, the raw encryption key ends up in the snapshot - OS has to be able to access the disk somehow.

As for ssh, it decrypts private keys with passphrase only momentarily during auth phase, but keeping keys on the server as such (even if passphrase protected) is really bad idea anyway (what if the box gets actively backdoored to snoop passphrases?). Just use agent forwarding where the server becomes literally a 'dumb pipe'.

Comment Re:Short Sighted (Score 1) 482

Good luck finding one that will allow you to encrypt your whole partition.

Pretty much all providers with KVM technically support this, whether they intend it or not.

The problem is more fundamental. With VPS (as apposed to physical box where one can be certain that RAM snapshots are not easily made) - encrypting a partition won't help, just waste the already constrained cpu cycles. The provider still can trivially make a snapshot of your running VM, including live keys in memory, so what's the point? This is why businesses are not particularly fond of cloud things, and tend to replicate that stuff in-house. There's a field of ZK utility computing, but it is still quite inefficient.

Comment Re:How does it sound? (Score 2) 128

Look at the codec diagram - if you ignore the entropy coder, it largely resembles input filters of voicerecog systems - before feeding the NN input terminals, signal is decimated to extremely low bandwidth vectors with only the psychoacoustic essentials of human voice - quantized to very few dominating tones and their attack/release values. The NN model does the final step of "compressing" the result only by factor of around 100 into text. It is popularly conjenctured that compression is, in fact, a ML problem.

Same is done with computer vision, before matching for features, the frequency space is filtered into a narrow band where the interesting stuff can be still observed.

Comment Re:Not Just Misinformation (Score 1) 119

It's interesting how the polarizing emergence of PC and neoreactionary extremes roughly correlates with the time fb started to bias post order according to personal bubbles (facebook started forcing "algorithmic feed" in 2010). Could be mere coincidence, then again, it may be not. In which case, censoring hoaxes would be merely cosmetic band aid, doing nothing to fix the spiral of ignorance facebook could be causing in the first place.

Comment Apple commitment to LLVM (Score 2) 338

Let's skip the boring technical details, and ask some juicier insider info.

Apple has done great things for LLVM/Clang. I believe you were the key conductor in this. Does it mean you leaving we can expect less in this regard in the future, or are you just passing the torch in there, keeping it capable hands (aka there's not much left for you to do)?

Or some other change of circumstances?

Comment Re:Does this mean Xamarin won? (Score 1) 338

There was never a competition, even though it compiles, swift does not abstract android APIs to any reasonable measure to this day so it is extremely inconvenient in practice.

Even xamarin is far from a silver bullet - it is extremely mobile specific, yet has many even more popular competitors (various js-based stuff, corona is very popular too).

Comment Re:Trump is Full of Shit! (Score 1) 732

No doubt about RNC it is severely tainted since the Bush era, especially hawks. However that's the thing about Trump - he did everything to *not* be seen in the same bed with RNC - meaning disclosing dirt on RNC would be just purposelessly burning political capital (plus, dems used to pride themselves to not "play dirty" like that), as Trump would come clean from such attacks.

The asymmetry lies elsewhere - not in disclosure, but existence of the compro as such - Trump was largely unrelated to big politics cliques aside from trivial stuff such as bribes to get building permits and such, he had no *chance* to keep dangerous political skeletons in the closet. The only dirt they could find on him is more or less the usual you could find on any celebrity of his caliber - which pales in comparison compared to people who had access to real power for years.

Comment Re:No evidence here (Score 1) 732

Indeed it's overdramatizing stating that DNC had their own people there directly - however, that D leaning media (ie CNN, NYT, The Hill..) gave Clinton preferential treatment at the expense of their journalist integrity is no secret, it was widely covered during the election even by neutral media such as politico. Interestingly, right after that those same media started pushing the narrative these emails are "planted documents" by Russia.

Comment Re: Race to the bottom (Score 1) 511

Yet you can't be bothered to explain this alleged complexity. My view is that it really is that simple.

Realistic conflict theory is much more than just "duh, ig/og". The complexity is of why competing cliques are formed in the first place - the explanations in terms of racial/gender (both left and right) theories appear indeed simple, but biased to the point those also completely contradict empirical research in social sciences.

But when you start picking and choosing which ethnic groups to protect while other ethnic groups aren't even recognized, it's quite clear that's the usual in-group/out-group dynamics going on.

I agree it's a problem. Right wingers are concerned about reverse racism while social left is concerned that protecting classes does not protect certain groups sufficiently (thus you get AA, which antagonizes right, in endless cycle).

You're correct that protected class is simply protection of attribute as such, regardless of value of that attribute. Can't discriminate based on sex or ethnicum, regardless of what actual gender or race one is.

Comment Re: Race to the bottom (Score 1) 511

Here you go with assumptions again. It's more complex than in-group/out-group. We're not talking targeted aggresion here, but mere caricature - a re-enactment of stereotype for comedic effect. For example some people took issue with this skit, despite the trope (90s TV advertising) being spot on - or a more recent one.

As long it's just bunch of people yapping I don't really care, but the moment there's a chilling effects because of this, it means a lot of people completely missed the point of having protected classes.

tl;dr car analogy: campaigning to ban driving because people die on roads is just plain overreacting. chill out, people.

Comment Re: Race to the bottom (Score 4, Insightful) 511

I assume the point is that caricaturing men is funny, while caricaturing women is berating. I never really quite understood why people obsess about it so much anyway, there are thousands such double standards in life. Rationalizations of unjust world such as "feminazis", "internalized patriarchy" and "microaggresions" sounds like hearing children who never learned to cope with being adults.

Comment Massively misinformative article (Score 2, Informative) 149

1) No botnet actually hijacked 900k CPEs of DT, at the moment there are rougly between 10k-40k zyxel ones across the world. The outages were caused by the increased 7547 scan traffic crashing routers of other vendors.

2) Zyxel SOAP RCE probes died down rapidly past 2 weeks. There is still some traffic (wget if you're curious, note that you need actual wget user-agent), but the botnet is relatively small at this point.

3) As for general IoT botnets using telnet, running a simple cowrie honeypot will tell you that C&C method of current largest botnet is not Tor based, but bittorrent DHT based. The codebase appears to be unrelated to mirai, too.

All of the above can be fact checked using pretty simple tools - for TR-069 exploit simply listen with netcat, for telnet/ssh bruteforce use cowrie. Botnet size can be gauged accurately by sampling scan probes (mirai codebase sends 160 probes/s).

Comment Re:a post cash society (Score 1) 216

Next should be currency that any of us are allowed to create

Already the case with most of keynesian currencies, aka elastic supply. While not really "anyone" can "print" the IOUs, when borrowing money, reserve banking "prints" those out of thin air.

The only way to make it even more fair would be simply scrap the IOUs and print naked (which is what "negative interest rate"s pretty much boil down to) - but as a basic income.

This basic income/QE infinity hybrid will coincide with immense deflationary pressure (already somewhat present) because of capital concentration and people being pissed that majority of cheap credit ("printing") currently ends up fueling illiquid ponzis such as housing bubbles and corporate buybacks, instead of consumer economy.

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