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Comment Re:WHAT THE FUCK IS CORTANA ? (Score 0) 107

Thank you. I'm really sick of this petty manipulative technique used by /. and more and more news sites.

As if it weren't obvious what they're constantly trying to do: create "buzz" and searches and clicks through lack of explanation. I'm sure they think they're so clever.

You know what, I unsubscribed from the /. RSS feed just now. Fuck them, really.

Comment Re:Never trust them again (Score 5, Interesting) 127

Whenever making that kind of statement towards any sort of business you're telling them that there's no point to try to correct whatever upset you, as all resources spent to that end are going to be in vain anyway.

At the very least, heads should have rolled. And one of them had better be the CEO's. Better yet, the whole chain of command that made and approved the decision to install the malware.

Since this hasn't happened, we can safely conclude that Lenovo is in bad faith and unwilling to do what is right.

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