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Comment Re:Many examples, if you remember history (Score 1) 206

My point was that at the time, some people did consider plastic bags more environmentally friendly

Really? Did you meet one of those people? I certainly never did.
Also what is being argued here is not "some people" but a major motivation, which really makes zero sense IMHO. It smacks of pure revisionism and trying to blame the "other" for the very thing that the "other" warned people about, an oft used and somewhat pathetic trick used by political animals used to attempt to discredit a group they do not like. There's no point trying to take a calming middle view against such tricks - halfway to bullshit is still harmful.

how people would have known that plastic bags would be a trash nightmare

Plastic bottles already were a trash nightmare so it was kind of obvious. I spent days in the 1980s cleaning stuff off beaches.

Comment Re: Systemd! (Score 1) 341

systemd is resource control, which it does a hell of a lot better than any of the alternatives

I am not aware of an advantage there. In what way? It's not a challenge I just want to see what is so good that it's got you are advocating it so strongly.

Personally I've had some very bad experiences with people setting up machines that wouldn't boot and services that wouldn't run but as far as the logs indicated they were (so it's not just me to blame in a kneejerk reaction here). We keep on telling people that linux is reliable and having to go in an fix things that won't even start up is not a good look, I haven't seen so many problems like that since before 2000. Having to tell someone "unplug the mouse and plug it in after you see the login screen and it won't hang forever" sounds really unprofessional, so that machine was rolled back to an earlier OS.

Comment Re:El nino would cool Great Barrier (Score 1) 93

Indeed, and keep that system discovered over a century ago in mind when science deniers keep on telling you that climate science is "new".
However, the reef is in shallow water and blocks a lot of water flow so local air temperature drives the local water temperature more than currents, so other stuff matters more.

Comment Re:Finally (Score 1) 341

it is far superior to what was before otherwise it wouldn't have been adopted

You should be old enough to know about office politics. Office politics at RedHat is how this happened and not the superiority of the solution to the "problem" that all the init software was not under the control of a single person.

Comment Re:Now that is a ridiculous example (Score 1) 152

So you concede that your example is utterly ridiculous?
Then stop fucking using it to pretend that something is useless unless it meets that unrealistic benchmark or you will be taken to task for the doubt you are spreading by cranky old bastards like me.
If you can't push an agenda without deception then perhaps you should only push it on political sites where that sort of underhanded shit is expected.

Comment Finally - something real instead of fanboy shit (Score 1) 341

Thank you.
I don't actually agree that systemd actually improves on many of those points (and some of it is just bald opinion that I disagree with), a lot of it is really just a description of init systems in general, but it's good to get something other than insults and cheerleading.

Here's a few parts (but I could pick on a dozen):

The command-line interface is probably the best existing for service management

Considering how incredibly verbose the commands are - sorry - nothing close.

Systemd is introspectable and easy to debug:

Is that a joke or is it an aim for the future, because it's like a black box to work around now. Sure there are commands for that sort of thing but they don't seem to actually report anything when you need it.

After it became clear that rivers didn’t turn into blood,

Who wrote this incredibly unprofessional shit?

Come on kids - read it - and if you actually know something about the topic compare what is written with what you have observed instead of just blind cheering or ridiculous fanboy insults.

CentOS did the Systemd transition badly

Indeed, and RHEL before them. I have not had so many linux boxes hang and not tell me why since before 2000.

Comment Re:Finally (Score 1) 341

Oh no a bug quick burn the entire computer

Usually something is expected to be superior in some way to the thing that replaces it when the cost of keeping the old thing is negligible.
I'm just somewhat pissed off that it's been rushed out unfinished and we have to put up with beta software due to Lennart's ego. However it appears that for some reason expressing such an opinion is forbidden - why? What's with the mindless fanboy shit? What's wrong with you today?

Comment Re:Finally (Score 2) 341

I don't hate the idea, just the implementation leaves a bit to be desired and fucking stupid ideas growing out of an urge for total linux domination (like killing all of a users background processes) keep on cropping up due to inexperience in the project and an unwillingness to take advice.
There are still a lot of servers around the world stuck on RHEL6 and CentOS6 - the slow software vendor that is messing me about is not alone. People are having trouble with the change, you may dismiss them as idiots but there are aspects of this project that are causing real problems.

Comment Re:Finally (Score 1) 341

Something about actually being able to monitor the status of processes rather than blindly firing off one and never knowing if it continues to run

Isn't that the job of nagios or similar and not an init system?

Also, many of the problems I have personally had with systemd are about exactly what you say it should be doing - trying to find out why something is not running and the logs not telling me if it's running or not. That justification seems a little odd to me until more improvements have been made and it's better than what came before it for that feature. Are you just repeating something you read somewhere?

Comment Re:Finally (Score 2) 341

instead of making things up ... rather than rely on ignorant crap from trolls

I've got it on a few desktop systems, test machines and my home PC. I've seen it hang when it shouldn't (one USB mouse stopped it dead half way every time - so much for parallel init) and had all kinds of trouble trying to work out what is wrong on others due to the very poor logging behavior (which may get fixed some time, but not yet). I've been though plenty of documentation, bug reports and Lennart's smug blog about linux domination.
So I've got some reason to write what I've written even though you want to call me a liar after I've written something as mild as the post above. What's with the thin skinned fanboys?

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