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Submission + - Number 6 Finally Escapes from the Village (

SethJohnson writes: "Actor Patrick McGoohan became bored playing the lead spy in a successful 1960s television show called "Danger Man" and quit to create a much more interesting spy series with a dystopian, counter-culture bend. The Prisoner aired only 17 episodes from 1967-1968, but became a cult hit in the 40 years since. For those who miss watching Number 6 vex Number 2 and vice versa, the show is currently being remade for AMC, with James Caviezel in McGoohan's role as Number 6 and Sir Ian McKellen as Number 2. To promote the 2009 release of the remake, AMC is hosting every episode of the original series for free online viewing.

Patrick McGoohan died Tuesday in Los Angeles at the age of 80. Be Seeing You."


Submission + - Half-petaflop supercomputer deployed in Austin ( 1

SethJohnson writes: "Thanks to a $59 million National Science Foundation grant, there's likely to be a new king of the High Performance Computing Top 500 list. The contender is Ranger, a 15,744 Quad-Core AMD Opteron behemoth built by Sun and hosted at the University of Texas. It's peak 504 teraflops processing power will be shared among over 500 researchers working across the even larger TeraGrid system. Although its expected lifespan is just four years, Ranger will provide 500 million processor hours to projects attempting to address societal grand challenges such as global climate change, water resource management, new energy sources, natural disasters, new materials and manufacturing processes, tissue and organ engineering, patient-specific medical therapies, and drug design."
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - DIY Aerial Photography Helps Sell High-rise Condos (

SethJohnson writes: "An article in the Austin-American Statesman describes how Gary Lockhart has pushed DIY aerial photography into the professional big leagues. With 16 years of testing and over $125,000 in prototypes, he's chosen tethered blimps over wind-dependent kites to give him a stable vantage point up to 1,000 feet high. But it's his nearness to the ground that gives his aerial photography business a competitive edge over traditional helicopter and plane-based platforms. Lockhart's specialized 130 panoramic camera captures 3.2 gigabyte images from intimate perspectives where motorized aircraft can't fly.

The recent credit collapse puts developers under increasing pressure to pre-sell their condos before they can build these high rises. That's where Lockhart's blimp photography comes in- his photos give prospective buyers a sample of the view specific to the height and angle of each unit in a building before it's even built. Ground-floor sales rooms have panoramic murals mounted in window frames so it looks like you're on the 24th floor of a building that hasn't begun construction."

Classic Games (Games)

Submission + - Lord British fundraising for video game museum (

SethJohnson writes: "In order to raise funds to develop the University of Texas' upcoming Video Game Archive at the Center for American History, Richard Garriott is throwing a party at his Austin estate. Festivities will include Segway scooter polo, classic arcade games, a replica of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and the chance to win a zero-gravity flight 32,000 feet above Earth. Garriott is best known as the creator of the Ultima series of computer RPGs and is working to support the video game archive so that early works in the field will be preserved for future reflection. Tickets for the fundraiser start at $75 per person and escalate to $5,000."

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