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Comment Watches for Outdoor Activities (Score 1) 232

The last time I wore a watch was when I took my boy's Cub Scout pack camping a few years ago. Four days in the rural parts of Oklahoma, crappy Cell service (T-Mobile at the time). Dug out an old sports watch from the 90's and wore it the four days, and put the cell phone away. Was able to get the boys to all the scheduled activities on time, without messing with the cell phone.

Back in the 80's I had the Casio calculator watch. Lots of fun, miss that watch.

Comment Mageia 5 with KDE 4 (Score 1) 515

I got introduced to Linux back with Ubuntu 8.10 and shortly thereafter discovered Kubuntu with KDE. I've tried the others, but still always come back to KDE. When KDE 5 came out on Kubuntu, I gave it a try, but had issues with Dropbox working. Hopped around several distros, before finally settling on Mageia 5, which uses KDE 4.

So I've been using KDE 4 in one form or another since 2008 or so. It works for me, and I know how to use it. I like how familiar everything is eight years later.

I'm at the point in my life where I want it to "just work", and quit changing icons and programs around just for the sake of it. My Galaxy S5 just updated the icons yet again, and introduced new programs I don't want.

As the mainline distros switch to KDE 5 I'll probably be forced to upgrade, but in the time being, going to ride the KDE 4 train as long as I can.

Submission + - Windows 10 Anniversary Update Borks Dual-Boot Partitions (

An anonymous reader writes: It seems that the latest version of Microsoft’s OS has attention issues. Not content with forcing itself on users who didn’t want it, it may be taking even more drastic steps of hosing other operating systems entirely!

A handful of reports surfacing on social media suggest, anecdotally, that the Windows 10 anniversary may interfere with, affect and even delete other partitions on the same disk.

Submission + - LibreOffice 5.2 Officially Released 1

prisoninmate writes: LibreOffice 5.2 is finally here, after it has been in development for the past four months, during which the development team behind one of the best free office suites have managed to implement dozens of new features and improvements to most of the application's components. Key features include more UI (User Interface) refinements to make it flexible for anyone, standards-based document classification, forecasting functions in Calc, the spreadsheet editor, as well as lots of Writer and Impress enhancements. A series of videos are provided to see what landed in the LibreOffice 5.2 office suite, which is now available for download for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Comment Re:Fathom Events (Score 2) 331

Back in the early 90's when Back to the Future 3 was about to be released, a theater in Denver played the first two movies in the trilogy, then played #3 before it was released. Cost about $10 or so to see all three of the Back to the Future movies. Crowd was a lot of fun, would cheer whenever Lea Thompson's name appeared. Management allowed people to bring in food from outside. Even scored a T-Shirt since I was one of the first 100 to line up.

Comment Re:OK - 2 theater experiences recently (Score 1) 331

Minnesota Nice - Agreed.

The only time I was the only patron in the movie was when I went to see "Red" at the theater in Waconia, MN. It was a weekday afternoon showing, and I had the entire theater to myself. Lots of fun.

The Docks in Excelsior was another fun place to see movies.

In Moore, Oklahoma they have the Warren Theater, which is the theater the family prefers to go. Separate 21 and over section that has a full bar and restaurant. Also the directors room with the full reclining seats. The tickets cost more, but it's worth it. Let the riff raff go to the dollar theater.

Submission + - Interview With a Craigslist Scammer

snydeq writes: Ever wonder what motivates people who swindle others on Craigslist? Roger Grimes did, so he set up a fake Harley Davidson ad on Craigslist, and requested an interview with each scammer who replied to the ad. One agreed, and the man's answers shed light on the inner world of Craiglist scamming: 'If you mean how often I make money from Craigslist, it depends on the day or week. Many weeks I make nothing. Some weeks I can get five people sending me money. But I respond to a lot of ads to get one email back. I’m not only doing Craigslist — there are many similar places. I haven’t counted, but many. It takes many emails to get paid. That’s what I mean. Some weeks I lose money. It’s harder than most people think. But I don’t have to go into a place at a certain time and deal with bosses and customers. I can make my own time.'

Submission + - New Clues Suggest Pluto Really Does Have an Ocean (

astroengine writes: Numerical simulations of Pluto's geology have provided new evidence that the dwarf planet is sporting its very own subsurface ocean. "Thanks to the incredible data returned by New Horizons, we were able to observe tectonic features on Pluto's surface, update our thermal evolution model with new data and infer that Pluto most likely has a subsurface ocean today," said lead author and graduate student Noah Hammond, of Brown University. "What New Horizons showed was that there are extensional tectonic features, which indicate that Pluto underwent a period of global expansion. A subsurface ocean that was slowly freezing over would cause this kind of expansion."

Comment Sticking With Windows 7 (Score 1) 665

Windows 7 is working perfectly fine on the computer I use to play Civilization, and the computers the kids use for school work. I have ZERO interest in Windows 10. What part of "Fuck off and die" does Microsoft not understand?

Glad my Linux machine doesn't try to automatically upgrade me to the next distro version.

Comment end DST (Score 1) 252

Would prefer to be done with the whole DST event anyway. Having four kids makes is really exciting, they don't automatically adjust, so now they are up even earlier than usual.

Here in Oklahoma the sun didn't rise until almost 8am Saturday. Isn't much fun being at work for an hour in the morning and it was still dark. Now that we're back to "normal" we can get stuff done in the morning, when our workers are most productive.

Comment Oklahoma? (Score 1) 187

"If the FAA had been either farsighted or fast moving, at the first sign of drones it might've outlawed them or confined them to someplace like Oklahoma where they can't get in the way of anything too important"

Hey, I live in Oklahoma, you insensitive clod!

On a serious note, the Panhandle is the perfect place to test drones, absolutely nothing out there.

Comment Re:"The Gamers", Dead Gentlemen / Zombie Orpheus (Score 1) 167

Recently the Wife and I watched "Dorkness Rising". Overall she enjoyed it, even though she still doesn't understand the overall appeal of RPG's. But at least she got a fun look into the world in which I enjoy, and had some laughs at the movie along the way. It's a good movie to get non players moving towards gaming.

Comment Local Airport (Score 1) 458

I'm eight miles away from our airport, so I've named mine "#NAME-OF-Airport-GUEST" Then locked it down.

Amusing to hear friends and guest comment that they can see the Airport's wifi way out in the suburbs...

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