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Comment Re:OK, so he doesn't bank online.. (Score 1) 360

A six year old (!!) girl (!)

Err...why does the age or gender surprise you? Most kids in elementary school were regularly using computers when I was in elementary school. I'm sure it's even more common nowadays than it was for me 10 years ago. If you're still shocked by females using computers, then I'm afraid you're still stuck in the very early 90's.

It's also insanely common place for older members of society to be confused by newer technology. This leads to the old people who are legally the only people allowed to run government being complete morons about the new technology while the youngest members of society have at least more than passing knowledge of it.

Comment re-boycott Sony! (Score 1) 438

I boycotted Sony for several years after the rootkit incident. Then, I started buying Sony products again (I bought my first PS2, brand new, this last December). Now I see an article like this and I believe it's time to stop buying all Sony products for another couple of years. Business practices like this are just unacceptable and a class action lawsuit is never proper punishment for actions such as these. Will everyone just get a $5 off coupon for their next console purchase? No, I think everyone should just stop buying Sony products until the company requires a Japanese gov 'save our ass because we're a horrible company, please' payout.

Comment Re:Kid won't know what to do when an adult (Score 1) 607

Indeed. It is like Pascal's Wager.

The downside of wearing are:
1) The child receives early training on how to be an electronically emprisoned parolee
2) The child grows up as a prisoner
3) The child grows up without trust
4) The child learns that activities with no pay-off but that costs a lot of energy end effort are good, perpetuating the faulty logic of Pascal's Wager that made a prisoner of people like you.

Comment Re:artificial price point (Score 1) 536

>They probably don't really need to.

Of course "they need to." But you're looking at it wrong. They *can't* because of a number of reasons, mostly related to competition in the marketplace.

True; poorly phrased on my part. I meant: they're able to make an increased profit on the same price, based strictly on volume.

Comment Metric: like the rest of the World! (Score 1, Informative) 1233

I do admit that I would prefer the Americans used Celsius, and speaking of which, they should take the time to learn SI


I wish we'd convert everything to Metric. I hate the fact that I have to have 2 sets of wrenches and sockets for things around the house.

Plumbing - usually American/British

Auto - Metric. Of course there's the overlap at 3/4" - 19mm.

Metric. by the way, is actually American. It was Ben Franklin who came up with the system. It is much more intuitive, calculations are much easier: quick, in the english/American system how much does a pint of water weigh?!

In Metric, how much does 500ml of water weigh?

Calculate the densities of both now.


Comment Re:Looks like a nice device (Score 0) 175

And I'm suprised to say this but compared to Apple's tablet this will probably be more open (in the not-restricted-to-apples-store way) and have a Windows platform. I hope they reveal more details soon.

What an interesting conclusion especially since it is completely contrary to the current state. In the hand held computer market Apple encourages anyone and everyone to write applications for the iPod Touch and iPhone. Their only restrictions are related to digital signing (a reasonable restriction) and the use of the App store (a less reasonable restriction). By contrast Microsoft won't allow any 3rd party applications for their new Zune (their iPod Touch competitor) except from a few select partners.

In the personal computer market both Apple and Microsoft encourage any and all developers to write applications for their respective platforms. Apple's platform includes far more open source pieces than Microsoft's. For example, Mac OS X is built on BSD and Safari on Webkit and Apple makes considerable contributions to the open source community. Microsoft, not so much.

So what evidence led you to your conclusion?

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