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Comment Re:What OS? (Score 1) 152

It says nothing of the sort in the linked article. The linked article is only about botnets and has nothing regarding your quoted text.

But to contend that Windows has no such mechanism is either being dishonest or really to not know what you are talking about.

I didn't say Windows didn't have any such mechanisms. Windows does have plenty of features to protect the machine, but no one is using them because they don't know about them.

That's what I said, meaning Windows does have those capabilities.

In short: you lied about the contents of the article. You lied about what I said. You're just messing with me. I don't mind - it was kind of fun.

Cheers! And have a merry Christmas.

Comment Re:Not a new idea (Score 4, Insightful) 315

The guy did a great job with the special effects, but story wise - meh.

So... what's your point?

It has no story. Aliens or robots kill humans is not a story and it's been done to death.

It's a very pretty video of a special effects demo.

I'm impressed by the special effects and not impressed by his story telling ability.

I can't think of any other way to put it.

Comment Not a new idea (Score 5, Funny) 315

Further proof that Hollywood is running out of good ideas, and must turn to new sources.

It's not even new - it's "War of the Worlds" and "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" mixed together.

The guy did a great job with the special effects, but story wise - meh.

Golloywierd will throw in some hot chick in short shorts and lots of cleavage and it'll make a few hundred million.

Comment Re:What OS? (Score 1) 152

Whoa! Microsoft should create something to make people jump through hoops to get Admin privileges? Great idea! Maybe they could call it something like User Account Control. Man, if only those dudes in Redmond read /.

Yeah, good one. But the User account control isn't adequate - obviously. How many typical Windows users who get their machines that start up right with the Admin account even know about the User Account Control? Windows does have plenty of features to protect the machine, but no one is using them because they don't know about them.

With Linux, you must create a user account and if you try to login as root - which isn't an obvious choice put in front of the user, btw, you get warning boxes stating that you will be taking on quite a bit of risk. Or stated another way, with Linux, admin account access isn't as easy or obvious as it is with Windows. Windows is capable of that but it's not being implemented. With most Windows installs the Admin account is the default logon and most users don't know what risks they're taking because of it.

Now, considering that the typical PC owner uses their computer as an appliance and are not interested or (mistakenly) concerned with user rights, I think at the very least, the OEMs should put a default user account in Windows systems with at least one hoop to jump through for admin access.

Comment Ah! (Score 0) 419

"It's unlikely that ad blockers will get to the level where they imperil the advertising market, because if advertising is so annoying that a large segment of the population wants to block it, then advertising needs to get less annoying.

Ah! A Koan for my AM meditation.

Comment Re:What OS? (Score 4, Interesting) 152

It wouldn't be such a problem if MS would have something like Linux where you have to jump through a hoop to run the box as 'root' AKA 'Admin' and if the OEMs would put a user account on their machines by default.

Speaking as my family's IT support guy, everyone insists running as Admin - just the way their box was set up by the OEM - and they constantly are getting viruses and trojans. My brother-in-law gets Koobface every other month it seems, I set him up with a user account with Firefox and told him to use that account for everything except installing software. Does he listen? Nope. He had this idea that Firefox was all he needed to be safe.

I hope he learned his lesson. He got Koobface again and his father wiped his machine and re-installed Windows - he lost a bunch of photos and stuff he wanted to keep - oh well.

Comment Appearantly, not much (Score 1, Interesting) 534

In the summer 2009 incident, the military found "days and days and hours and hours of proof" that the feeds were being intercepted and shared with multiple extremist groups, the person said. "It is part of their kit now."

It's either pretty cheap or very easily stolen. I would thing they are using something off the shelf.

Comment Re:Soviet Union (Score 1) 124

"fueled and ready to be launched toward the Soviet Union on a few minutes notice."

So what if the Limeys decided to get some revenge for 1776? Or those goddam sneaky cheese-eating rat-bastard French?

Considering our current economic state and budget train wreck, I think the English are thinking "Bloody hell! We sure dodged that one!"

Anyway, why would anyone want to attacks us? We're on a road to self destruction - we're doing it to ourselves.

Comment Water (Score 5, Funny) 124

. Jets at the bottom of the silo spray water at the exhaust flames during a launch to create steam, which dampens the massive sound and vibration created by the engines, preventing damage to the missile surface as it leaves the silo

So, all we'd have to do is turn off the valve from the pond that says "DON'T TURN OFF!" and the missile will ruin itself on launch.


Comment Re:Thank goodness for the free market! (Score 1) 235

And the patent system that will allow them to have a monopoly so that they'll make (hopefully) plenty of money as incentive and financing to keep researching for other things, show others that they can make money by helping people, the best and brightest will see that they don't have to go into law or medicine or finance to make it "big" or just make enough to pay off their student loans - which will be very important in the near future as college tuition continues its double digit inflation.

Comment Ubuntu sucks for development (Score 2, Informative) 496

Their support of development tools stinks compared to fedora and on Ubuntu (9.10), the Qt environment has compatibility issues with the Ubuntu "supported" packages. I had issues getting headers files and assorted build environments to work.

I went back to fedora because it was easier and much quicker than fixing Ubuntu's mistakes.

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