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Comment Re:Since when (Score 4, Interesting) 630

I have no idea if Sucralose is any safer ... but I know that I am one of the lucky few who gets to enjoy an adverse reaction to aspartame.  From a purely anecdotal view, if I drink diet drinks with aspartame regularly, after a few days to a week I start to lose my balance and just generally feel run down.  Sucralose has not produced any negative effects for me as yet.

Comment Re:if it doesnt work (Score 1) 464

I've hit the post-40 age where I'm having some difficulty with focus on near objects.  At my optometrist's suggestion I picked up some of the magnifier reading glasses.  These work great for reading, but are terrible for the computer.  My best guess is that they have some sort of focal distance which isn't working with my monitor distance.  I've looked around online for some computer specific glasses with a longer focal distance, but haven't had any luck.  :(

Comment 4 weeks notice (Score 1) 892

I gave 4 weeks notice to an employer I really liked.  (Reasons for leaving are too much to go in to now.)  I found that after about a week and a half, I had pretty much wrapped up hand offs for all my projects and no one was coming to my with any new stuff.  The final two weeks were complete and utter boredom.  Unless there is a compelling reason otherwise, I would say two weeks is probably sufficient notice.
XBox (Games)

Submission + - First Look: Left 4 Dead 2 (

iamacea writes: A street corner reminded me today (see below) that I’ve been waiting to beat a zombie to death with a frying pan for months now. Then, I remembered that the L4D2 Demo is out today! I quickly headed home, powered on the Xbox and started the download. After not too much time, I was knee-deep in zombie-goo. Luckily, the real zombie apocalypse does not come so easily.

Comment Re:Scalzi on Stross on ST (Score 1) 809

Yep, I definitely concur. I've received several freebie books at conventions which have invariably led to me following up with purchases by that same author. Another success story is the Baen free library.

It is sad that so many of these large media companies are unable to grasp the changing landscape of content delivery. It's almost like a mantra for corporate America, "Since it has always worked this way before, then it should always work this way hence."

Comment Re:Scalzi on Stross on ST (Score 1) 809

I actually just finished Android's Dream! I really enjoyed that book, though I went in to it thinking it was part of the Old Man's War books, so was a bit confused initially. The ending was spot on, though. :)

I'm currently reading Zoe's Tale. Not as strong of a start as Android's Dream but still seems promising to me. Once I'm done with this, and David Weber's By Heresies Distressed, I'll be sure to check out Agent to the Stars.

Comment Re:Scalzi on Stross on ST (Score 1) 809

Oh! I recently (this year) started reading Scalzi's Old Man's War books, and have thoroughly enjoyed them. I wasn't aware he is also a consultant on SG: Universe. Unfortunately I haven't been able to fully engage in any of the SG series. (Even when the Farscape folks crossed over.) But this might be the tipping point. I'll definitely have to check it out. :)

Comment Re:What happens when Steam fails? (Score 1) 731

I'm kind of partial to Steam, but I think that mostly has to do with the continued quality of their games. Oh, wait ... you mean if the developers make money they continue to make good games??? Someone call the press!! ;)

Also, BigJClark, that sig is hilarious. I laughed loud enough to attract unwanted coworker inquiry. :D

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