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Comment Re:Who cares (Score 1) 312

Civil suits and the word "crime" don't go together. If he committed a criminal offense, he'd be prosecuted, not sued. As it stands, he's being sued for damages. The verdict is, of course, unfair .. horribly so, but, as I'm not the judge on the case opening up brand new briefcases full crisp new bills and a card of "thanks for your help judge, your friend always, RIAA", there's nothing I can do about it.

Comment Re:It's called "Get A Grip!" (Score 1) 1127

So, I guess the moral of the story here is that gays are bad and if you want to keep your job and not get hit with lawsuits, don't hire them? Yea, I know. That was just a flame asking for trouble. Disregard. However, I believe that if he had an issue, he should have spoken up to begin with instead of playing a game like that. I have a feeling that such a course may have been his plan all along; the moment he walked into the job on day one and saw the globally renowned magazine he probably thought "score".

Comment Re:No, it'll just be an OPTION (Score 1) 650

Well, hoping that there will be some open source systems with the ability to make some changes via a legally accessed API with access to some features without compromising safety, perhaps a system could be built that will allow for faster travel and scan for cops ahead and slow down when one is detected. Yea, wishful thinking on my part, for sure, but I like to pretend we live in a less controlled society. Another thought is that by the time we have self driving cars as the norm, all of them will be equipped with fairly precise GPS modules mandated by law and constantly recording our speeds and our bank accounts will just be auto deducted whenever we violate speed laws and we'd have to go to court and fight it to get our money returned. Those days are coming!

Comment Re:easy answer. (Score 1) 394

No, they should write it in VB. It may give distant peoples a headache when they see it and cause the to bicker among each other of why it even exists but at least they'll be able to decipher it without actually knowing the language or even knowing how to read at all.

Comment Re:but handling uncertainty isn't easy (Score 1) 242

Honestly, based on Google's recent patents for self driving cars and the fact that they're making such a statement makes me seriously wonder if they haven't figured something out that we just aren't aware of yet. It's as if they're giving the world clues that something huge is coming and they know it. The first set of patents made me raise an eyebrow but now, with this following, I'm really starting to go beyond speculation and into a wonderment of how I'm going to be able to somehow capitalize on what may be coming.

Comment Re:O RLY? (Score 1) 1201

How about a new federal "Hire only Legal American Citizenry" act. Get rid of all the HX visas. This would at least help our own people in the states. I don't really care if some Indian from Mumbai can't come over here and take an American's job from them. I do care if they can, however. It's time we start taking care of our own by making it happen, one way or another. It would appear the only way is to force it down bis biz's throats. They can afford it so let's make 'em. Perhaps, at the same time, we need a company executive compensation cap act as well. That way, all those millions upon millions of dollars can then be used to hire American's at decent livable wages instead of putting all the money into one family's (or one Wo/Man's) pocket.

Comment Re:That's *it* for me and Blizzard, man!! (Score 1) 540

Here Here. Still haven't bought SC2 and no plans to purchase DIII. I was invited to the DIII beta test and didn't. I will refuse to support such models in any way I can, including the withholding of my money. I was just playing Diablo (the original) yesterday and am still content with sticking to it. It's funny to go online though and find I'm the only one there. Am I the only D1 player left?

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