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Comment Re:You're either with us or you're a Russian! (Score 1) 140

The Clinton campaign /is/ criticizing Trump on the racism thing.

There are a few problems with that:

1. The people who are voting for him don't care. "He's racist? Yes? And? I'm racist too. Why *wouldn't* I want to vote for him?"

2. People with memories longer than a gnat's remember the whole "superpredators" bullshit. Calling Trump a racist is a bit kettle/pot.

3. The Clintons haven't been exactly minority friendly except when it's politically expedient. LGBTQI rights? Only in the past few years.

"You can't shake the Devil's hand and say you're only kidding" TMBG "Your Racist Friend"

The only one really qualified to call out Trump on racism and "othering" was given the finger by the DNC.

Trump is a bigot. He wears it on his sleeve. Hillary's bigotry is more covert. Hillary is only marginally better, and that's not saying much.


Comment What TypeScript is (Score 1) 80

I wasn't sure what TypeScript is so I looked it up.

It's a language similar to JavaScript that allows you to optionally use types on variables. It "transcompiles" to JavaScript, so you can write programs in TypeScript and then they will run in standard web browsers that only support JavaScript.

It's possible to use standard JavaScript libraries with TypeScript, and further is it possible to write a header file that documents type information for those libraries. So it is possible to use TypeScript and take advantage of its type checking without needing to re-implement all the libraries.

Comment Mobile Data and WiFI (Score 1) 218

Verizon and the rest assume that nobody needs that much data because the phone companies make you pay out the ass for any kind of reasonable mobile data. So I never use it unless in an emergency or trying to get a bus schedule ( works quite well) in Boston. I'm halfway into my data plan and I've used 249MB for the month. I'll use WiFi or go without.

It doesn't matter what service - vzn, t-mobile, sprint, whatever. I'll only use their mobile data under duress.

4G is useless.


Comment Re:Honestly it's not bad (Score 2) 120

What I liked about GNOME 2.x, and still like about MATE today, is that out-of-the-box it works like I expect. I tweak a few things, but if I boot up from a USB drive with a live image, I'm still comfortable and I still get work done.

With GNOME 3.x all the defaults are alien and uncomfortable for me. Yeah, with enough work I could make it do what I want... there's a project for that and it's called Cinnamon.

I think that the GNOME 3.x developers made a lot of decisions, early on, without usability studies... and those decisions are baked in and hard to change now. If I'm wrong and there are usability studies, and the studies prove that GNOME 3.x tests very well with ordinary users, then I'd like to see those studies and read them for myself.

Comment Re:Auto-extracting of archives (Score 1) 120

User research showed that people actually don't want an other app, they just want to access the content of the archive.

Can you please give me a pointer to where the results of the user research were published? I would like to read up on the research that the GNOME team uses to make their decisions.

Frankly, I didn't think the GNOME team did any research anymore. I read about the reason why the "minimize" button was removed for the GNOME 3.x release and it was one developer making a decision after talking to like two people, no actual usability studies run by usability experts. (In contrast, back in the day, Sun Microsystems ran usability studies on GNOME 2.x and the results were used to improve GNOME.)

If GNOME is having usability research done, and making decisions based on that, then good for them. And I'm not being sarcastic, I do want to look at it.

P.S. I just Googled and I didn't find whatever study you are talking about. I found a couple of cases where someone did a usability study on their own, but nothing about the GNOME project officially doing usability studies.

Comment Auto-extracting of archives (Score 2) 120

I watched the video showing new features, and one of the new features is: you double-click on an archive and it automatically extracts the contents in the same directory as the archive.

I don't want that. I want it to not work that way. In fact I want it to work exactly like it works in my MATE desktop: I can double-click an archive and it opens in an archive manager app, and there is an "Extract" button in that app.

I could see putting a right-click menu option "Extract..." if it's so freaking important to extract an archive with minimal steps. But making the default for double-clicking be to extract in place? No no no.

Comment Re:Today vs Yesterday (Score 5, Insightful) 374

>Manning isn't disappeared

Just because we know where he is doesn't mean he's not disappeared. When you are put into solitary confinement with no contact with the outside world with no day-night cycle (they keep the lights on all the time) you have been thrown in a hole to be forgotten about.

BTW, long term solitary confinement is torture. Not all torture is physical.

And no, he's not in "protective custody" to prevent other inmates harming him. You can request and get out of protective custody (which is a form of solitary confinement) and people often do to take their chances in general population because pc is so awful.

>Snowden can't be pardoned because he hasn't been convicted.

You don't need to be convicted to get a pardon. Ford pardoned Nixon before any conviction happened. Your argument is invalid.

>The US doesn't want Assange evidenced by the fact that Greenwald is free

Greenwald is an old-school journalist and thus protected in the court of public opinion as well as by precedent. Assange isn't. Assange has been bad-mouthed enough that the general public doesn't give a shit about him and probably thinks he "deserves whatever happens to him." Going after Greenwald is a non-starter. Going after Assange will get someone promoted.

>Contrary to popular belief the US Foreign Intelligence services are not required to work within the Constitution or Bill of Rights

US foreign intelligence isn't supposed to spy on US citizens. That's a violation of my rights as a citizen. Fuck you for defending this.

How do those boots taste?


Comment Today vs Yesterday (Score 2, Insightful) 374

Back when Ellsberg released the Pentagon Papers, there was an actual chance at fairness if you went to court, which is why Ellsberg is not in jail for the rest of his life.

Today? The possibility that anyone would get a fair shake in a courtroom is laughable.

Assange would do well to stay where he is, even if it feels confining. Because he would be disappeared like Chelsea They would bury him so deep in the system that death would be preferable.


Comment Re:The real issue (Score 1) 195

> I would say that the addition of democratic-like elements aren't enough to justify suspension of basic property rights

I would add that rights are those things that cannot be taken away by a simple majority vote. If it can be taken away, it wasn't a right in the first place. Either that, or it's an abuse of power of the kind you find in fascist societies.


Comment Re:Only the tip of the iceberg (Score 1) 42

In Casa BMO, we have gone through *two* S6s. The first one died and I was horrified by the amount of heat it was generating as it was dying. It really was frightening. And since the battery wasn't removable, it's not like you could yank the fucker out and let it burn in your driveway. So it sat in a Corelle bowl while we *watched* it die completely and cool off.

This problem did not start with the 7.

Our second S6 (warranty replacement) died the blue-light-of-death and simply wouldn't charge anymore.

We had an S3 that had horrible battery life until /that/ got replaced with the supposedly better S6.

We're done with Samsung. We went elsewhere, to a phones that don't overheat and eat batteries and talk unnecessarily to the network.


Comment Re:H1B minwage needs to be like 100k-150K (Score 4, Insightful) 618

H1B minwage needs to be like 100k-150K

I like that idea, actually. The theory is that H-1B workers are hired instead of US citizens because the H-1B workers bring crucially needed skills otherwise unavailable, and not because they can be paid less and/or treated like slave labor. If they are that crucial, pay them accordingly.

And if raising the prices on something means you get less of it... in this case, that means less of H-1B workers, leaving more room for US citizen workers.

Comment San Francisco minimum wage heading to $15 (Score 3, Informative) 618

This was likely a factor in the decision: the minimum wage is $13/hour and will be $15/hour by 2018.

When something is more expensive, less of it gets bought. When it costs more to hire people, jobs start to go away.

Comment Re:It's Sony - duh (Score 1) 467

30-50 hours until space stage? Are you sure you played the same game I did?

I'll grant that if you spent two or three hours designing your creature at each stage plus all the vehicles and buildings you could definitely rack up more than twenty hours by the Space stage, but that's at the far end of the spectrum. I never had the patience for it, so I usually went from speck to spaceship in the span of five or six hours of play.

The outrage over Spore that I recall was more about the fact that the Creature, Tribal, and Civilization stages were so brief and shallow. A lot of the hype for Spore before release was that you supposedly had a third person adventure, a tactical (read: micro heavy) RTS, Civ Lite, and Elite/Colony Management game all wrapped up in a pretty package. The novel gimmick was that you got to do all these Fun Awesome Things with the very species you guided from paramecium to Galactic Powerhouse. The concept was extremely cool.

Instead, the players got an arcade game, a brief third person walking simulator, exactly one match of Warcraft III, the easiest game of Civ possible, and an "epic" space stage that had the grindiest, most boring colony management game I've ever played. And the space combat wasn't any fun either. In fact, the Space section was probably the weakest part of the game, which is why Galactic Adventures brought back the third person adventuring thing with player-made dungeons, which was actually worthwhile.

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