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Comment Re:Ofc valve knew, it's why they killed custom ski (Score 1) 37

What? You've completely missed the point.

Everyone since the dawn of time has been able to go to websites like FPSBanana (which still loads slow because apparently it's 2004 or something) and download and install every custom skin/model/voice/particle effect they could possibly want. They can still do this. Thousands of people do. The problem is that such modifications are entirely client side, and thus can only ever be for personal satisfaction.

The point of microtransaction items like "cosmetics in TF2 and shitty mspaint reskins in CS:GO" is for other people to see your fancy hat/weapon. It's to show it off to people other than yourself. Some of it is conspicuous consumption to be sure, but a lot of people like customizing their digital avatars for everyone else to see. That appeal will never disappear. For good or for ill, microtransactions are the lifeblood of many games that millions of people play literally every day. The peak today for DOTA 2 was nearly a million players. League of Legends claims tens of millions of unique players monthly.

Of course valve shutting down these gambling sites is about money. It's also about gambling, but in reality gambling is about money anyways so... yeah. It's just not about mods like you erroneously seem to think it is.

Comment Re:Don't insult Hillary Clinton on Facebook (Score 1) 96

All the news of my friends is made available over Facebook. "I got a new job!" "I just ran a marathon!" "Got a new kitten!" "Broke up with my boyfriend." Whatever.

If your friends don't use Facebook, maybe you get the news of them the old-fashioned way. But I'm getting nonzero value out of reading my friends' news of themselves.

I share news that way too. I try to keep it interesting and non-political. I have friends who have different political views than I do, and Facebook isn't a place to convert anyone.

I really do wish that a decentralized friends network system could catch on and give us a Facebook-type experience without any one company being able to put a thumb onto the system. But it doesn't seem very likely now.

Comment Don't insult Hillary Clinton on Facebook (Score 1) 96

Liberty Memes ran a Hillary Clinton meme and Facebook took it down and suspended their account.

IMHO the meme was well within normal political satirical norms. I can imagine "memes" that I would agree should be taken down, but this seems like a case of lese-majeste enforcement by Facebook.

I think I could get away with posting a meme like that; I'm not famous or popular. It's only if something starts getting lots of likes and shares that it will get slapped down. You are free to do whatever you want as long as nobody notices. Facebook isn't absolutely chilling speech, but I do think they are managing which things are allowed to trend.

Sigh, I'm still using Facebook. Pretty much everyone I know is on it.

P.S. I just checked and the Liberty Memes account is back up, so the suspension must be over.

Comment Re:Headline is misleading and a little clickbaity (Score 1) 474

And yet did any of the executives cut their salaries, stock options and bonuses to help out?

Four executives had their salaries cut to $1 for the year 2012. As far as I can tell this was a gesture to make the workers happier since the plan was to cut worker salaries or else close down the company.

I'm not a real expert but I pulled together a whole bunch of supporting links for this post:

The supporting link for the $1 per year salary is now a dead link, so I Googled up one for you that still works:

How dare those greedy people in labor want living wages, that were probably 1/50th of what the CEO made, instead of being content living in poverty!

They can want whatever they want to want. However, the company was not profitable and after the second bankruptcy they were out of investors to pump in more money to keep running at a loss. Their one chance to keep the company alive was to cut their biggest expense: pay and benefits to the giant unionized staff. The BCTGM didn't yield (twice! they didn't yield twice!) and Hostess shut down.

Now instead of an unprofitable company employing around 19K workers, it's a profitable company employing 1170 workers. It's fewer workers than before, but those workers know the company isn't going to go bankrupt and lay them all off. And since the company is able to operate now with that number of workers, it makes no sense to wish they would hire 19K workers anyway when they don't need 94% of them. You might just as well wish that Apple Computer start hiring tens of thousands of people to use hand tools to carve MacBooks out of aluminum blocks rather than using computer-controlled milling machines to do it.

Comment I hope they standardize on an open file system (Score 1) 221

A UFS device is just a flash drive device so it will be possible to use any file system, but I'm wondering what the de-facto standard will be. If I buy a camera with a UFS slot, what file system(s) will the camera be able to use? If I buy a UFS card, what will it be pre-formatted to?

History suggests that they are most likely to license NTFS from Microsoft, since Windows is so hostile to open file systems. But I can dream and hope that they will standardize on something open, and just provide some sort of drivers or custom app for accessing the cards on Windows.

How about Samsung's own F2FS? (Already contributed to Linux!)

Comment But they did file charges against Saucier (Score 4, Interesting) 801

FBI Director Comey said that there was no evidence of any guilty intent, so "no reasonable prosecutor" would file charges. So why were charges filed against Kristian Saucier, who unwisely took photos of a classified area on a nuclear submarine? No intent was proven or needed to file charges against him; he had photos of classified stuff on his phone, charges filed.

I am disturbed that there is clearly one standard for ordinary people, and another standard for Hillary Clinton. I sincerely hope that Mr. Saucier appeals his verdict on the grounds that the FBI Director said "no reasonable prosecutor" should have filed the charges, and he clearly didn't get equal protection under the law as Hillary Clinton got.

Comment Re:Big Brother is back in town (Score 1) 160

"They have not up to this day demonstrated that these intrusive mass spying mechanisms and continuous and ever more severe invasion of privacy has brought any real results. It's as if they're just gathering information of every individual citizen for possible later use. "

It's about instant dossiers for people who become "problems" to the establishment. Proles don't have to worry. They're too busy trying to go along to get along. It's the people who shout words like "change" and "peace" and "corruption is bad" and "the rights of the people" and so on, who try to get a following, or just have a following whether they started it or not.

So they can be discredited/arrested/disappeared. Because terrorists/pedophiles/thinkofthechildrensomethingmustbedone.

It's "collect everything and sift through it with algorithms." Which means that it's not the police/feds/NSA *people* who are doing the surveillance, but a machine. And while a cop needs a warrant, a machine doesn't need one to say "hey, look over here."

I think I might be one of the lucky ones to leave this planet earlier than others (I'm 50). My (step) granddaughters on the other hand...

I am afraid for them.


Comment Re:Quit it already! (Score 1) 470

Whenever someone comes up with the frankenfood argument I always wind up explaining that there are enough problems with GMO food (the ones you listed - i.e., homogenity and IP insanity) that "you don't have to make up new ones out of thin air."

The frankenfood scaremongers are creating a situation where those of us on the sane side are being lumped in with the morons. And I'm tired of it.

*I* don't want to buy GMO food because I am offended by the IP (and associated one-sided contracts) angle /and/ the lack of diversity. I don't want to see what's happening to bananas (they're all clones - thus a single pathogen can wipe out an entire cultivar, which has been happening) happen to other food. I don't need any woo-woo, guys.


Comment AHEM (Score 5, Insightful) 117

Towns and cities have the absolute right to let "third parties use your poles" because your poles exist in the public right-of-ways like along roads, sidewalks, and the municipalities grant you easements over people's property, because they see poles as a public good.

This business of using the public for your private profit and then whining about it when you have to abide by rules made by the public, is poor judgement at best. It's whining. The briefs themselves are subterfuge because they ignore the right of the public to regulate pole use.

So stop lying, Frontier and AT&T and get with the fucking program and let competition on "your" (ours, really) poles.



Comment Here's the solution we've known about for years (Score 1) 213

End the war on drugs.
End for-profit prisons.
End "third strikes" legislation
End mandatory minimums
End "increasing sentencing by pi times"
Stop using prisons as mental hospitals and actually build mental hospitals and give the people the services they desperately need.
Imprison only the "real criminals" and make everyone else do restitution/fines/service work.

This business of making /not even half-hearted/ "reforms" that only actually increase prison populations is not fucking cutting it.

You had your chance to deal with this, Obama. You had 8 years of a potential bully-pulpit for ideas you said you believed in. You never used it. Fuck. You.


Comment Re:lol (Score 4, Informative) 443

The "cost of further litigation" includes what would happen if they appealed and the appeals court found in the plaintiff's favor. Then the generic argument becomes fairly bullet-proof - anyone going to court with that argument is going to win.

It would unleash thousands of cookie-cutter pro-se and cheap-lawyer lawsuits, which they seriously don't want.

They don't have to worry about me, though. I've been MickeySoft free for almost 20 years. I have nobody to sue.


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