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Comment Re:Talk about a subset of a subset (Score 1) 20

Computer power makes backwards compatibility just a matter of an additional layer between old and new and old software being more compact means no appreciable speed loss, with that compatibility layer. Everyone knows the big uppercut is coming, Android and of course the Linux distribution that underpins that. M$ huge failure of phones and desktops is creating a software ecology that will spread to the new desktops, without windows. M$ is rapidly becoming the company people love to hate and that is death for any company, how many billions have they spent on brand advertising, just to blow it all away by being privacy invasion control freak perves that make stupendously arrogant demands upon their customers rights.

Comment Re:Only Tech? (Score 2) 126

The major headlines in America today (Feb 23rd) are not about war, famine, or plague, but about whether school restroom usage policy should be decided by the federal government, or left up to locals. I don't mean to belittle the issue, but that is hardly an existential crisis for humanity.

Yet it appears to be a focus of the current government.

Comment Re:Shocking!!!! (Score 4, Insightful) 162

tech is a small world; make waves and you may not be working in your field again.

we have mostly killed unions and workers refuse to band together because... reasons. (shrug).

and so, there is no one to speak for the regular worker. not really, not anymore.

we need jobs to pay the bills. its pretty powerful to hold that over someone's head.

this is the unwritten rule. complain and you find yourself out of work and unable to GET work (in some extremes). now, if you are a white male and older than that magic number, you will try even HARDER to avoid being fired or making 'trouble' for managers at work.

until we get a proper balance of power, the worker will continue to be abused and have no real recourse. not in the US and CERTAINLY not in trump's US ;(

Comment Re:Apples for apples (Score 2) 62

You obviously have no understanding of how business tax deductions work. Companies can be generating huge profits and by some miracle of mathematics declare tax losses (the mathematics being the numbers surrounding campaign donations). Tax depreciation of capital assets is one of those vehicles of tax minimisation for some (the bulk of workers get zip). So before any claims of burning through money you have to look at EBITDA (from that you can tell how a company is really doing). Excluding of course funky stuff like offshore income shifting and grossly inflated executive salaries and even profitability weirdness versus profit (generating extra debt to make a company look more profitable whilst actually generating less profit).

Comment Re:Kowtowing (Score 1) 404

What you of course completely ignore is newspapers compete. Compared to print, the internet provides global competition for news. Why do they complain about RT because RT can target a global audience, well beyond the confines of one city or even extended delivery beyond that city.

The New York Times is dying a slow grim death. It's model of supporting it's advertisers above the value of truth has set it up to fail in the internet age or more specifically global delivery of news direct to the end user pretty much where ever they are in the world.

You have not even seen the real killer of all dead tree news, accurate auto translation services. Now that will really blow the whole news media front wide open. Even the most backwater third world news service will have access to a global market, not that they will be able to capture it, just that it opens up so much more competition. News organisations that favour advertisers over readers and truth are dying. What was really funny, the whole fake news scam that they conspired to create as a cartel, did them far more harm than it did those who they targeted. Accurate auto translation services are going to blow the internet and last millenniums media market wide open.

Comment Counter-example (Score 1) 223

Owning a Cat Does Not Lead To Mental Illness, Study Finds

The people who did this study never met the lady who lives on the end of my block. She's completely cuckoo and owns like a hundred cats. Sometimes they wander over to my yard just to get away from the old bat. I'll bet if I walk outside right now, there'll be one sitting on the cushion on one of my deck chairs. He likes to hang out with me when I sit outside at night and watch the basketball game. Wait, does that mean I own a cat? Holy shit. I better get myself checked out.

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