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Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 411

Can you recommend a good hat manufacturer?
And do you think I should go with tin-foil or aluminum?
Are there substantial gains from using both in the same hat?
If so which format and orientation makes it harder for the liberal-media-communist-big brother-alien-welfare recipients to control my mind?

Comment Re:Capitalism (Score 1) 370

Well yes, yes you are.
1. The budget wasn't slashed a program was canceled. Total expenditures on NASA are up in the proposed budget.
2. Ares I wasn't sending a person into space until 2017 at the earliest, meaning this price increase was preordained when Bush decided to stop production on the SSLV.
3. The current contract structure encourages slow and wastefully spending by contractors. Complete 80% by targeted completion date and then ask the government for the necessary money to finish the work. The new contracts approach would play for product delivery, saving money in the long run.

So on behalf of those who will still need jobs in 20 years, I see this change as a wonderful improvement.

Comment Re:Money (Score 4, Informative) 317

Actually, the reason the Japanese did not rapidly surrender immediately after Hiroshima is more complex. Bureaucratic inertia insured a pretty slow response. (The leaders did not even meet for two days following the attack, and debated the issue for half the day) The Emperor himself had been pushing for peace for some time following the Japanese defeat at Okinawa, but the Allied insistence on unconditional surrender, as well as political subterfuge by Stalin (who played on Japanese hopes of Soviet assistance while preparing his own attack against Japan), fed fire to an already heated debate among Japanese leaders. In an all-too-familiar story, political infighting prevented the country from taking prompt, sensible action.

Comment Re:Adult Content Island and verification. (Score 1) 209

You detect the non-objective viewpoint just from the word "pro-US". Apparently you can't be peace loving, anti-war, or liberal and like the US.

Though I have to object to the word "conservative" being used here. These aren't conservatives and they aren't really following conservative principles. Even neo-conservative doesn't really apply. "Jingoist" or "populist" would be more accurate.

Comment Re:Android sales since 2007 are up ERROR%! (Score 1) 445

> For a brand new product vs an iconic powerhouse, that is little short of amazing.

I look at it the other way: a brand new product SHOULD be doing well compared to a similar product that is three years old and is largely unchanged.* "Iconic powerhouse" or not, a new product should be doing SOMETHING other than just sitting there getting crushed.

* Other than GPS, videorecording, and 3rd-party apps--which OTHER smartphones had BEFORE the iPhone was even out (so their introduction, while nice, wasn't earth-shattering)--little new of substance has been added to the iPhone since its introduction in January 2007. (Plus faster networking and a better camera and more storage, but that's just "it gets incrementally faster/better over time" like ANY technology.)

Comment Re:Cue the pissing contest (Score 1) 110

Again, the Flyer was powered with a gasoline engine IIRC. A powered heavier-than-air machine is an "airplane", not a "glider". It doesn't matter if it requires ground-based infrastructure to launch. So yes, they invented the first airplane that could do figures of eight.

As for Joe Sixpack, he's a moron who probably also believes the Earth is 6500 years old and that Sarah Palin would be a good President even though she thinks Africa is a country (or, he's a moron who thinks Barack Obama is a great President who's going to keep his union job secure). What he thinks about who invented the first airplane is irrelevant to anyone with an education.

Comment Re:Thread != Process (Score 1) 278

There are many approaches that are MOSTLY the same effect, but not quite. The nice thing about using actual separate processes is that a nasty memory corruption bug only kills the one process. With threads, one scribbling on memory can easily take them all out. The drawback is that it's a bit harder to share a lot of state (though there are many options for that).

Comment Re:Classic Super Villain Birth (Score 1) 425

The Liam Hoekstra article makes it pretty clear that the kid has a very high metabolism. From an evolutionary stand point there is no reason that this would have evolved before these days of plenty. In the past any kid that needed this many calories would have died from starvation long before he got old enough to procreate. We're optimized for performance per calorie, but the calorie restriction has become a lot easier to meet recently.

Submission + - NASA to Team with China; Rumors of 10% Budget Cut (

eldavojohn writes: 2009 has been an interesting year for NASA--from a new strategy to even closer ties with an old enemy. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that they have publicly stated that they are ready to team up with China. NASA Chief Charles Bolden said, 'I am perfectly willing, if that's the direction that comes to me, to engage the Chinese in trying to make them a partner in any space endeavor. I think they're a very capable nation. They have demonstrated their capability to do something that only two other nations that have done — that is, to put humans in space. And I think that is an achievement you cannot ignore. They are a nation that is trying to really lead. If we could cooperate we would probably be better off than if we would not.' While the budget of the China National Space Administration is a fraction of NASA's, partnering with them has been considered since 2008. In related news, rumors are circulating of the Obama administration cutting NASA's budget by ten percent for fiscal year 2011 despite the success of Monday's Atlantis launch. Some speculate this would halt US human space flight for a decade.

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